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Found 36 results

  1. rmindel

    No audio

    Hi, I have no audio in the game, just got it. Tried changing the audio volume in the menu, didn't help. I tested audio in main screen and in the beginning of the tutorial (I do not want to play further with no audio) Thanks, Royi.
  2. So my friend and i were Playing and i was Out with our large rover in a cave system while he was at the base (he’s the host) he saved the game right before this happened and the game crashed. I came Back to the home base with our rover lost with unknowns and batteries in the cave system. Any advice or know of a way we can get our stuff back. Thanks
  3. B. Quinton

    Changing name on forums.

    Currently on this site, my name is B. Quinton, but I want to change it. I haven't been doing anything on there ever since I created this account back in 2017, so I'm still a newbie. Help.
  4. Can this game support ultrawide, thanks. I have a 21:9 aspect ratio and the UI goes off my screen. Be sweet if it didn't.
  5. Hoordad

    How to get oxygen

    Hey guys I just installed the game and paid for it, but Idk how to get oxygen, can you help me ? thanks
  6. 1 is above two is I have a old work that’s so laggy that I can barley move how do I fix it. I even play ark and it dose not do this!
  7. C0nkky

    Cannot craft

    I cannot make anything that doesn't include using compound like when i press the next button to see other stuff to make it won't do anything please help I cannot advance!
  8. ever since yesterday i keep saving and saving and every load i load to a point which is like nearly 1.5 days old now and have to restart from that position (lost in a valley no less making it worse) Help
  9. if you like to use vehicles with drill to gain resources, that topic will be interesting. So, when you dig with drill, you can notice that vehicle always moves away, and that makes digging uncomfortable and makes you to move vehicle closer all the times. And I offer the solution: add supports for vehicles with crane (as real vehicles with crane got, some sort of "legs" or "bipod", think you understood what I'm talking about). It can be realized as bonus improvement for crane setup in vehicle bane or like another type of vehicle in that module. Think that will be great improvement, that will bring in game more realism and make game more enjoyable.
  10. Im running Pre-Alpha build 0.2.10119.0 on xbox one and having troubles connecting to multiplayer with friends. The game never leaves the menu when accepting their invites or join game option. Please help. So far i love the game inspite of this bug.
  11. Hey everyone. Ive got alot of ideas for the devs and i hope maybe one will make it to the game. This is a mockup i made in blender for a possible Portable Storm Support Station or (PSSS). Basically you could build this, and if you got trapped out in a storm in a bad situation you could place this on the ground and it would keep you safe. Now i know you could just dig but this could be a nice addition for a storm that sneaks up on you out of nowhere.