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Found 15 results

  1. Summary: Steam - Core Pyramids Error Description: When I went looking for cores I found out that all the planets had the core symbols of sylva, this included Vesania, Desolo, and Atrox Platform: Steam
  2. SPOILERS Hey y'all, I was about to finish the game, and I'd placed a Shelter at the center of the Unidentified Satellite (US), and now I can't finish the game. Unfortunately, I didn't know that the center of the US was needed to prompt the end of the game. I'm not sure what I'd need to do, as the thing with the Shelter is that it isn't removable. Funny thing was I actually thought to put a Field Shelter there, but alas I didn't. Seeing as how this is a core feature of the game, I didn't find it necessary to list my build, but I can do so if it's found to be helpful. Played on
  3. I found the last satellite on Atrox and used the probe scanner on it. I then left the area. I watched the animation then left. I did not interact with it. I cannot for the life of my find that tiny probe again on this low-light, green dust-filled planet. This may be the worst planet for this to happen. I wish that the probe scanner would allow me to find it again (since it's not really completed). As it is now, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I gave up after about 4 straight hours of looking for it and getting totally lost 2 times. The thought of having to start a
  4. I was playing on xbox, controller, single player. You can go up these walls while moving next to them and constantly jumping. I have acquired power of lord zebra. Walls cannot contains me.
  5. Summary: Can no longer load save. Description: I had been playing the save since release of 1.0 and have managed to nearly complete everything in that file and was working toward unlocking all the gates to get the last achievement I can with out doing multiplayer. I played for a few hours yesterday, saved and quit, but the game did not fully close on its own and I had to shut it down using the task manager, that wasn't something new, I've had to shut the game down that way a few times and was still able to play fine. However this time when I try to load up my save, the gam
  6. I have seen some clues that lead me to believe the direction this amazing game is going. I do not know all the proper nomenclatures of the in-game features so please bear with me. Also I have never created a post like this so I hope the format is ok, but here we go: In the game ending cinematic, our Astroneer pulls out his computer and it shows the solar system: Noticed detail that the planet count and placement is wrong. (generic icon or missed detail by SES?) You can also see the cosmic elevation satellite in the above image as the little white dot to the right of the so
  7. Hello! My poor rover got stuck inside the terrain near the very center of the planet of Sylva, in the gateway engine. It's stuck at the end of one of those purple pesudopods that don't quite reach the spherical center. I was driving the rover around in an attempt to get it inside the sphere, and it stopped underneath the pesudopod "upside-down", that is, when standing on the sphere it was also lying on the sphere underneath the pseudopod with its bottom facing it. When I tried to flip the rover by pressing "F", the rover kind of bounced upwards but didn't flip. I tried to flip it several
  8. I have activated a surface node, the core, and a part of the purple platform near the sun. Still no suit. As you can see in the pictures I have included, I have the Terran suit, and I have unlocked a suit before. It was an awful lot of work trying to unlock this suit just for it to not work. Please help or fix soon.
  9. I will try not to spoil the ending here, but I have to mention... I am deeply disappointed in mysteries that end with mysteries and no answers While the ending unlocks the Skin and Colours, it does not unlock anything substantial for the player. Especially when you consider the long task of powering nodes, resourcing cores for all the planets. I gave that girl a diamond, I expect better I would therefore like to suggest items you unlock for completing such a monument task in game. Feel free to suggest your own... be it from silly to game changing. I just think it needs something m
  10. Playing with my bro on PC via steam, he activated the core while in my game, and I got the achievement, but he was the only one to get his suit unlocked.
  11. So when I went to the core of the moon planet, I got to the core and there were no pylons to get to it. I then accidentally fell down to it and went to part to put in the designated resource part. There was no icon to for a resource. I decided to load my last save and this happened again until now and I can see it. I'm unsure how to replicate it. I was told to send a save so Devs can check into it. SAVE_1$2019.02.08-15.10.25.savegame
  12. As I recently have watched more streams than playing. It seems that a lot of players have problems with how to research. With patch 125 some research items may have disappeared and have been replaced with new ones and couple of more. Pre 125 it was 19 different items, now it is 23. If I’m not missing something?
  13. I haven't jumped on for a week or so, but I thought I'd dump the Tech Progression Tree I've been working on, as well as all the stuff I've been writing down since I started playing Astroneer in early Dec. I'll start by adding this image of the Tech Tree... As you can see, there is an addition of a Space Station (many requests for this), the three starting items, and a somewhat crazy depiction of which research and resources unlock which progressive items. Still a work in progress, and I'm still adding a lot more things. Next is ... 5 pages of suggestions for UI
  14. Hi, I love this game played it trough, and started a new session with lessons learned. Think I found everything, zebra ball, dynamite, telescope with mini game, dynamite, used the large solar panel, astronium and the different organic cube. Not knowing what to find on a new planet, I tried to setup an ultimate packing list: Spaceship with large storage rack: - One seat or more correctly capsule - Habitat with small solar panel and generator Fill with small racks with: Resin 12x Makes 3 stations and 3 junction points (for solar, wind and battery) Comp
  15. I found something new while digging around on Barren. Thought I would share it A video of my discovery is up on our YouTube Channel Channel: Apo and Bean Gaming Video: What is this!?