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Found 92 results

  1. Kygar

    Leaving the planet!

    So I decided to go to the frontier! Takeoff! Barren Tundra planet discovered. Base installed. It is pretty stormy! Igloo! Whats this? Zebra Aliens confirmed!
  2. WhiSKeYAmiGO

    Idea - Space Station

    I would love to see something where it could make it easier for you to expand your locations and have multiple locations on multiple planets you can bounce back and forth from using a space station as your overall hub to transport to and from. I'm thinking the concept would work a lot like the base building in subnautica but in space instead and allow you to move around outside the base to enhance it (obviously thinking way future forward as it would require new mechanics but even just having it as a place to store resources would be super helpful to warp back and forth from initially). Would allow gamers to expand their experience and potentially open it up for resource diversity, alien lifeforms to be discovered, new and further base building, etc. Anyway, that's my thought...probably already on this forum somewhere but putting it down anyway.
  3. One of the modules "Habitat" was attached to the Spaceship when the game was saved. After loading the game it established by itself. Screenshot: Spaceship standing under "Habitat" is not available. Sorry for Google Translator.
  4. It would be nice if we have a way to move spaceship to another Vehicle platform on the same planet (without go to space and come back). And it also would be nice if we have better way to distinguish (when we are on space) all Vehicle platform before Landing (actualy They are almost superimposed). This request is link to (same problem when you landing on no-empty platform) :
  5. Loving this game as well as the forums, and looking forward to seeing it evolve. Just want to report I have had an issue with the spaceship in my last three games I have created. The first two issues involved the camera and the spaceship, after building it or attempting to use it, the camera angle for some reason was too tight and I was unable to see the launch icon normally above the ship. The first time was at my base in the vehicle bay, the second time I launched once and landed on a different planet but could not relaunch due to the camera angle again being too tight to the ship. No big deal, I wanted to start a new game anyway. After doing so and waiting to build my spaceship until I I developed a moon base I went back a couple of times to my Terran planet (using my shuttle) for some supplies only to return to the moon base to find my spaceship had somehow left the surface, but was still connected to the vehicle bay with a power conduit. Ugh!! (screen shot) Low gravity on the moon or a glitch....I am not sure why it was up there in orbit but I knew it was not coming down... its not all bad though, I had a solar panel on the spaceship so it still sends down power from up in orbit and the it gets sun up there longer than the base does, so its like a solar sail... actually kind of cool... would be useful if you wanted to build a base in valley surround by mountains so it would be in the shadows. Really could not rely on solar energy in that case unless you had a tethered solar sail?
  6. doublebingo

    Astroneer Spaceship Issue

    I have just made a spaceship and i have stuck two large storage spaces on it, however i have now realised i cant put any seats on it now and there is no way to remove the large storage, please help?!!!
  7. Landing was normal. But I think that this is not normal
  8. I'm not sure what I did. I'm afraid of what happens next when I add on to my new spaceship base
  9. jell96

    Spawn Placements

    Hi there, I ran into a bug on the PC version (keyboard) of your game. When I travelled to another planet and died without having a habitat placed there I spawned underneath my spaceship and inside the planet. I was lucky enough i could enter my spaceship from this weird spawnpoint. Maybe something you guys could have a little look at?! greeetz awesome space marine 40k
  10. Mainly I want a way to see where the planets are so I can do my waiting for a launch window time at home, rather than sitting in my spaceship. I also want to be able to track the bases that me and my friends know we've made. If there's a habitation dome somewhere, I want to see it on the space terminal. The terminal itself probably looks like it's the shape of the rest, but it doesn't have attachment points. Instead, the whole thing flips open when you click on it to activate it, at which point it produces a hologram of the planets and begins to slowly consume power. You see each base on each planet, and you see which planets are getting close to being within range of a spaceship trip. The window for each planet should indicate how long you have until the window expires, since it'll take you and your friends a minute or two to get your things together and get ready for the planetary transfer.
  11. I'm playing via steam, window mode (which is apparently was more stable by the way). keyboard + mouse, windows 7 Upon arriving on a new planet I extended my pipeline from my spaceship and built a new base. After leaving the planet again (without removing the pipeline), it remained connected even after I built yet another base on a different planet. It even charged my things on the new planet.
  12. I took off from my base on the planet in screenshot, my spaceship was tethered from being built at vehicle bay. I noticed as I was flying in to space from the planet the vehicle tether was still attached and remained attached when I arrived in space around the planet. Once I started to move away from the planet to another planet in the system it detached the tether and did what you see in the second screenshot lol This bug didn't affect gameplay or ruin anything for me but it was quite funny to watch
  13. Okay so my friend was taking a shuttle from earlier in the game and moved it to where our spaceship was located. This unfortunate event led to the two being "merged" together, thus when my friend tried to take off with the shuttle, it dragged the spaceship with it, and ended up getting stuck in the cloud above: Honestly kinda hilarious. We laughed for ages. Also, as you can see it's still connected to the base.
  14. I flew my spaceship to another planet and started a new base off of it but when i left to return to my home base the connection between the New base and the spaceship never broke so now i have this connection glitching all the way between planets causing me to drop around 30fps
  15. I built a spaceship and landed on another planet. Then I built some buildings from the spaceship. Everything worked fine at that point. When I lift off I found that the spaceship is still connected to the buildings and there is a visible cable extending from the ship all the way down to the surface of the planet. I think it is supposed to disconnect when lift off but somehow it didn't. Now I landed the spaceship back on my home planet, and there is still cable extended from my spaceship to some unknown location (probably another planet).
  16. So I finally researched the spaceship and decided to go to the moon, i made sure to bring plenty of supplies to start a new base, and i noticed, hey, the spaceship has a connection joint, lets build my base off of that and so i did: Then I started running low on supplies, and i returned to the main planet.... except i brought something with me for the entire trip: Yep, the power line, funny part is, it was even transfering power ALLLLL the way back to the moon through that cable, (now who says space elevators arent possible! xP) I'm not sure if i was suppose to disconnect that before leaving, lol, but i didn't, and when i flew back to the moon, i couldnt, so i was always attached to the moon base no matter where i flew
  17. What I did: Build spaceship Land on other planet with spaceship Build base on that planet starting from the spaceship Launch from that planet without detaching from the base Result: After taking off in my spaceship without detaching from the ground base, the cable is still connected. Technically I am still connected to the base on another planet which is hilarious, but what is not so hilarious is the fact that it seems impossible to detach. Hope this can be fixed. If I didn't have enough fuel to go back to the base where I'm connected, I think I would be screwed!