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Found 92 results

  1. After landing on the exotic planet I ran out of fuel and my spaceship will not let me build. (I brought plenty of resin to build but can't use it)
  2. So if you build a Shuttle first, and then separately (via a different bay) as Spaceship, then leave, and return via Spaceship, it returns on top of the shuttle, not the original bay where the spaceship took off. Now they are occupying same physical space in the game, overlaid on each other.
  3. Here is something that would be a nice addition to the game, from the old TV series "Space 1999" It could be used for moving around large base components, trucks, platforms, debris (solar panels, etc.). Flight could be limited to intra planetary; high enough to clear the mountain tops but not enough to enter orbit. I imagine they would be expensive to build, requiring lots of resources and unique parts from hard to find research modules scattered about the planets. Storage could be limited so they don't replace trucks for collecting resources and research. They would also require a large amount of hydrazine fuel to operate.
  4. Whenever I have someone into my world, they immediately go for the ship. This is understandable because a new player would like to see the rest of what the game has to offer, but what is supposed to happen once they take off without me? they just go somewhere and don't come back? it is especially annoying because they take my ship with me not in it just to try to make me mad. What I propose is that we have some ship permissions like: "can other players get in" or "can other players Pilot when in orbit" and things like that. Because the last thing I want is to have someone backseat piloting me into nowhere and us running out of fuel on an empty moon. This doesn't need to be added in ASAP, but I would like it to be added in the future. P.S. Great game! Sorry if it sounded like I was mad in the text, that's not at all what I wanted to sound like.
  5. An idea for the landing spheres as viewed from orbit: The landing spheres tend to pile up when you have multiple vehicle bays, habitat modules in addition to the original landing area, making it difficult to choose the correct one. Areas that already have a vehicle in the bay or landing area could be colored red indicating they are obstructed and one should not attempt to land or risk a collision. Colors could also be used to distinguish a vehicle bay from a standalone area (green perhaps). If you land on another vehicle, there can be a penalty like a damaged or destroyed truck/spaceship, hydrazine leaks out, etc.
  6. Trylobot

    Auto-Shuttle Re-fuel

    Here's an idea for the fuel condenser structure; being able to hook it up directly to a nearby shuttle or spaceship, to passively refuel over time, at the cost of energy (normal cost of hydrazine), making the process more automated.
  7. 1. Mouse/keyboard was used 2. Steam 3. I had just created a Spaceship on Barren and it had nothing on it (no seats etc.). I then ran to my Shuttle which was in it's normal landing spot (not at a Vehicle Factory) and launched out to Terran for supplies. 4. When I came back to Barren as soon as I landed I noticed my Spacehip was up in space orbiting Barren! It's like it launched it self when I launched in the Shuttle. It still orbits Barren days later haha. Screenshot:
  8. from now you cant fly and take over in spaceship using the 1sit chair ! you must use the spaceship chair or the Habitat. CuBeX.
  9. Computer stats: Keyboard/Mouse Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 i5-4690k CPU 3.5GHz 8GB Ram PNY GeForce GTX970 Yesterday I traveled to another planet, and when I touched down there was bedrock surrounding the base of my spaceship, and throughout my attempts to free it I accidentally dropped my habitat on that planet. I got frustrated and logged off for the night, but when I got back on today my spaceship was back at the homebase and it had brought the bedrock and habitat back with it. The habitat is unremovable, and I can actually build off of it making a mobile base (kind of cool, but the bedrock sucks). When I went to another planet, the bedrock flies with me (pictured below)
  10. I was playing on Xbox and went to the radiated planet. When exiting and re-entering the spaceship, my game crashed and did not save the game.
  11. On Xbox, whenever I create any type of spacecraft (either shuttle or spaceship) and mount a storage unit from the vehicle bay (triangular module), I then cannot launch. When I mount either the 1-seat or the capsule and enter it, (and fill with fuel) I see the red launch button but the craft is not highlighted as it normally does when you hover over the button, and when I click it nothing happens. I've replicated this a number of times and had it fail with both the shuttle (tried three times) and once with the spaceship. When I forego the storage unit and mount the storage containers made from the 3-D Printer, the ships launch without problems. This occurred on 12/23 - 12/26 on the first release version.
  12. So i was playing multiplayer with my friend and we went to a radioactive planet to build a base there. When i arrived, i tried to expand the Pod and i could but i did not see what was being built neither the thing i just did. So i thought i would go to the first planet (Since when i leave the server it justs resets my character and sends me to the first planet with no items, i think this is a known bug.) So, i got into the spaceship and went to the first planet, when i clicked on where to land it tried to go and just showed me in space with all planets far away and i couldnt do ANYTHING. He was the host and he saw everything being built on the radioactive planet, he didnt come with me into space with the spaceship. Edit: I'm currently playing on steam. Keyboard, no controller. Some screenshots to show me bugged in space.
  13. Playing on PC. I built a 2nd vehicle bay on my Barren base, along with a 2nd spaceship. I fueled it up completely and got into the Habitat to save, but when I exited, the spaceship was gone. Now there appear to be two of it up in the sky, not moving, and I'm unable to reach them. I'm unsure about the 2nd vehicle beacon, but I assume that's part of the bug. I shouldn't have any vehicles away from this base on this planet.
  14. I'm playing on Steam version with keyboard and mouse, and it happens on a second landing of a vehicle, either shuttle and spaceship. When I go from my home planet to the other one I can set up a base no problem but when I try to build a second base from the same vehicle (on the same and other planets) it won't even let me create the blueprint to put the resin in. It would be ok with the shuttle to be like single-use only, but i think the spaceship should be able to create multiple bases.
  15. empsm


    For somereason the spaceship can be flipped(standing near spaceship creation), when this happens the flipped spaceship can no longer travel to distant planets(despite having the launch sign "on" the ship is not functional). Help!
  16. So I made the mistake of landing at the same vehicle bay as the spaceship while I was in my shuttle, and this is the end result. Anyone have any suggestions? I can't seem to nudge either of them free.
  17. Alphasoldier

    Stranded on a Planet

    So I've had this save game I've had going for a while, and I have bases on 3 different planets, and I was eagerly expanding to the 4th. Sadly, when I landed with my space ship, I could build from the space ship. I tried going to another planet to try the same, but alas. Now the last patch hit, and I can't even lift off anymore to go back to my own base/planet. I'm currently stuck on a planet where I have no modules, and only one space ship that won't lift off. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that the seat is attached to the storage module, because I have plenty of fuel. I've also used it twice before to build a base, does the spaceship have a limit of new bases you can create?
  18. Xbox Game crashed when I tried to build a crane at a vehilce bay with a spaceship parked next to it.
  19. FearKnight

    SpaceShip building port

    i have built a base on the barren moon and the radiated planet. now i am on the tundra planet and i cant click on the port to put resin in and build up a base. hope this helps.
  20. After creating a spaceship, filling it with fuel, and sitting in the seat, the launch button never appeared. I tried getting out and back in, etc. Then I quit the game and reloaded the save -- loaded inside the spaceship, but still no launch button. Finally got out and back into the ship, and it appeared. This was on Xbox, so before patch.
  21. OK so i have a shuttle and a spaceship so i built two vehicle bays for each of them thinking that was the right thing to do, i also two other vehicle bays that have one crane and one storage truck as you can see in my first picture. in the second picture you are looking at what happened once i launched off in my shuttle and came back home. i landed directly on top of my spaceship instead of going back to the vehicle bay that i took off from. before this picture when i came back the first time i landed on my storage truck vehicle bay instead of the one launched from. i kept taking off and landing hoping i land at the one i took off from but it never happened it just completely destroyed my base. I am on windows 10/ Xbox One. here are the photos before and after.
  22. Mouse/keyboard Steam I was trying to go on another planet in co-op, my friend being the host So, my friend was hosting the game and was on another planet, not the starting one. I was on the starting one when I joined his game. I've builded a shuttle, filled up with fuel and some resources and tried to fly away on another planet. At that point, being in the air i could not do anything else, the button to see the orbit with the other planets was not there, i couldn't land on the same planet where i was at all. Stuck in air. That happend twice, with the shuttle and the spaceship.
  23. I am playing the PC version with the mouse and keyboard. I was prepping for setting up on another planet. I built a spaceship, put a large storage on it, then got 4 small storage units and filled each of them with 8 Resin, Compound, Copper, and Aluminum. Then I placed a habitat in the one open spot next to the pilot seat. I was ready to go, but I had some errands to run so I logged off to do my exploration later. Some time later, I log into this. The habitat considered itself placed and installed while on the spaceship, raising indestructible ground, blocking that vehicle bay as well as making the spaceship lay sideways, although stable and not jerking around madly like you would expect from normal terrain collisions/clipping. The spaceship was able to launch just fine, it passed through the ground and buildings blocking it like they weren't even there. Re-landing at my home base location resulted in this. I was unable to place a new habitat on the spaceship while it was landed like that. Landed in a nearby location, found that I am still unable to place the habitat on the open ports.
  24. When I first created the spaceship and then the 1-Seat the door was on the outside. Now logging in today, the 1-seat has moved over one spot and the vehicle bay wants to create a new 1-seat where the 1-seat was before I exited the game.