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  1. Thunderstorms always keep you on your toes. They're loud and eventful, whether rain accompanies them or not, they're a beautiful light show, but can also cause damage to things they hit. Lighting rods can create benefits from the thunderstorms, storing large amounts of power for later use. "Lightning has been confirmed through direct observation on Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. Other planets are rumored to have lightning, such as Uranus and Neptune" Solar Flares: "the brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface, associated with sunspots and causing electromagnetic disturbances on the earth, as with radio frequency communications and power line transmissions." Every 60 cycles (days/night) or so, when "event dice are rolled", a percent chance of a Solar Flare could occur, where tethers and anything outputting power, including your own gear, stops. Oxygen continues to flow, but nothing that requires power will work until the Solar Flare passes. Solar generators may or may not continue to store power into batteries during this time. Blizzards on colder planets? Sounds pretty cool! More plants, and awesome crystal formations! Auroras: Who wouldn't enjoy watching the breath-taking phenomenon portraying blankets of colours in the dark night sky? A little more "awe" alongside the stars to end a long day of hard work and exploration. New Worlds and M'ore! More variety of planets with various new ores, varying weather, and possibly even some extreme weather storms that you don't see on other planets! Planets that naturally cause "Burn" and "Frozen" status effects, that slowly (or quickly!) kill you if you're not prepared effectively! More 'biomes' and things to influence the urge to explore further out. More uncommon and extreme planets yield rare ores that you don't normally find on other planets, if you have even seen them on others at all! Planets that effect Oxygen Supply: -40% efficiency without a module to counter that problem Power Supply: -40% efficiency without more power supplies Overall Speed: + or - depending on the planets and its gravity level Note: Please don't add temperature meters to every planet, as watching oxygen and power levels is attention-occupying enough as it is, on top of exploring while watching out for poisonous plants and hurricane weather. Also, no one likes watching and stressing over temperature changes unless the temperature is actually a threat to your life. It'd be much nicer to just relax on neutral planets after surviving on some more extreme planets (perspective change!). A great link to get ideas from "Terrifying Planets You Don't Want to Visit" More Modules and Upgrades for your Suit and Backpack could benefit your travels, especially on more extreme planets that are not as easily survivable without this equipment! Expanded portable storage for those well-loved hoarders that tend to get lost in the fun, radiation protection for exploring abandoned civilizations, and poison or plague protection/resistance from those naughty, foreign organisms! Additional: Extreme heat/burn protection, anti-freeze upgrade to keep you from freezing into a popsicle on extremely cold planets and melting like one on those hotter planets! Simple status effects upon entering atmospheres of extreme planets, or upon taking damage from certain organisms, or weather Burn/ Heat exhaustion / Hyperthermia Frozen/ Hypothermia Infection/ Plague / Poisoned Paralysis/ Shock (like being hit by lightning) Oxygen deprivation/ Hypoxia (Something affects the oxygen supply in your suit, or in your body. Oxygen is depleted more quickly if not connected to a tether or oxygen source) Note: I personally HATE having to watch hunger bars, and constantly worrying about finding food before I can do anything else before I starve to death AGAIN and AGAIN, although, farming is actually quite fun and great long-term task if it benefits me enough. Food or consumable items that you farm could instead be used to cure infliction and status effects, or boost oxygen Randomly generated "Abandoned" or "Fallen Civilization" sites where sites on planets look at though some sort of civilization functioned there before something terrible wiped them out. Rare artifacts for research, extremely rare items or module upgrades, etc! The ultimate invitation of exploration! Behemoth Battery! A more efficient storage unit that can store 5-10 times the usually amount of energy that a battery could! Great for powering big bases, but not very portable and quite expensive to craft! Storage Boxes are also expensive to craft, but are worth it after you do! They store 10 times the space your storage units holds, and can be moved around the base, but cannot be placed on vehicles. A little bot companion ("EVE-bot" or some other short, nice name) to follow you around for some purpose *_* Everyone likes cute companions, especially when they think they're human too PS. I love the gravity you added on the moon, where the closer you get to the center, the more you float or stay suspended in the air. Genius! I'm so looking forward to what the team comes up with