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Found 6 results

  1. I would rely like to be able to place signs with (custom) texts and/or symbols. It would help with laying out routes and labeling storage locations for example.
  2. Id love to be able to make notes, so that whenever im exploring multiple caves, i can set up a sign, write something like "checked 2 first floors, lots of malachite on the last floor" Maybe you could be able to make notes on teathers, and maybe they would change color if they have a note on them….
  3. Can you add a kind of silo to store items? Can you add placable messages? Can you make some sort of teloport pad for long distance movement?
  4. Hello dear system era team, first of all I want to say, that astroneer is a beautiful game, also in its initially stadium with all the legs and glitches we had, at the moment on if my favorite games on my Xbox. While i was driving around on the exotic planet with my truck, searching for some rare materials, I placed some beacons on top of the rare material mines. I thought that it's easyer for me after ending the playing session and I will find the special mines faster at the next time. But when you putted more than one or two beacons around your headquarter, like around 10 or more, it is difficult for me to remember which one was for the coal and which for the titanium and so on... Now my idea: if I put a beacon for example straight on a titanium mine, the beacon sign at the heaven/horizon will show the name of the mine or a material symbol an not the one whit dot. This would be a maybe easy change and would have a great effect on your navigation and helps you after reconnecting to get a faster overview of your situation. Thanks from Germany, this game will become incredible!!!
  5. Need rails and rail cars for tunnels and caves. Need ladders to help going straight up at times. Need signs or arrows or breadcrumbs to help us in caves as its easy to get lost.
  6. They could have the same icon as the beacon and fit to terrain the same way as tethers. Would prefer different colors at least but they could also have different icons (!, ?, -->, <--) to help distinguish where you've been or need to go/danger, etc.