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Found 7 results

  1. I would rely like to be able to place signs with (custom) texts and/or symbols. It would help with laying out routes and labeling storage locations for example.
  2. i was traveling with my shuttle. I found a spaceship wreckage on the mountain so i climbed. but i forgot to bring tether and i died. although there is a death sign, i couldn't see that 'cause it was too far. what can i do??
  3. I would like something to address a couple issues: Some sort of sign to point back to your base. Some sort of tether net split-er. Internally powered sign-light. I envision a super-tether. It would be used at junctions of tether lines to break-up the huge networks of tethers that start getting huge pauses while the code recomputes the tether network. It would also be an glowing arrow-sign. You would spin it to point toward your base (or it could point itself based on the number of tethers to a safe object (that can be 'entered'). It would be like a beacon with color selection.
  4. To a better orientating, especially in big, multiple connectet caves, it would be fine when we can place signs, where we can write a text of our choice. This could be produced in our backback with compound, resin or another simple material. I think there can be on of two options: one sign for one material, or like with theters, a small number or them. It would be great when we can place this on ground and / or on walls, write a text inside, and more better, if we can choice which design it have (simply square or with an arrow to rigth, left, top or down) and much more better, which color, to make a difference between sections or something else, like on airports or hospitals. The text must not be readable in the normal walking mode, but when you hover your mouse over it.
  5. Hello System Era, I love how ASTRONEER is coming out and i got some new ideas to share with you guys. First Of all, Its navigation, Add signboard system. Suppose if we have Multiple Tether line connected to the main base and going in different directions And they are going pretty far that we cannot see the end. it would be difficult to know where they are going. So, i request you to add a SignBoard system so that we (player) can Place them down on the ground wherever they want and know where the tether line is going basically and not only for tether lines but for many other useful stuffs. I hope you guys found my idea useful and if you then please try to add it. Thank You! - TheSpaceGuy
  6. You know what ? this caves are a mess, and we need some signs, maybe a-la Kerbal were we are able to write on it, we when you're in a cave with a cross, you can place a Sign that tell: -> this way there is that resource. -> this way for another resource.
  7. I have been constantly playing but I always get lost and can't find my base, a map or signs would be great, with customizable text