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Found 38 results

  1. crsunlimited

    Stable parking area

    So I was going to suggest a garage, but see in the forums that the Dev's suggest to get creative with the terrain tool. So let me try to suggest this another way as I think the Dev's are missing the spirit of what we are asking for. We would like a safe place to park vehicles. It can be a garage, or maybe just a parking Pad of some kind. I've lost several vehicles, one of which was half buried when I returned to the planet, and wound up falling through the terrain. Creating a cave to park them in is not the answer, as I have had a couple of caves collapse so to speak, and the vehicles are gone. Suggestion: Would it be possible to make a Parking spot that would save your vehicle? Thinking about this from a game memory point of view, would it be easier on the game to not have to remember where vehicles are? I'm thinking something like Borderlands, where you have a pad, or garage and after you build a vehicle you can hit a button and your vehicle will roll out, and be ready. I do think in order for this to fit the game, that you would have to park the vehicle and not expect the game to generate new ones just because you didn't feel like driving it over. At least it might get rid of some of these vehicles that seem to disappear.
  2. Pretty self-explainatory, when the game is saving vehicles do not move. Seems intetional like a provisory workaround but in case is not it shoud not be that way. Steam, Keyboard and Mouse
  3. I just recently purchased Astroneer (and its far better than I could have imagined!) though playing the game has been fairly difficult since it seems there is some sort of issue where the game does not always save. At first, I thought I had simply messed up and not actually saved but now its happening much more often and I'm quite sure its a bug of some sort since it doesn't always occur. Basically, what happens is I've saved the game (sometimes more than once, at varying times throughout my play session or multiple times when I'm about to turn off the game because I'm afraid it didn't save properly the first time), quit to the main menu and, once there, shut off my console. Usually, but not always, the game doesn't save. Again, this is on Xbox One. I really hope there's some way I can either avoid this that you guys know of or an easy fix! Love the game but its a little sad when I do a lot just to find none of my progress mattered.
  4. Danardo


    I feel like the game needs to be able to name saves and deletes saves because I have so many worlds that I wish I could distinguish and delete crappy ones
  5. I personally feel that the "Saving Game" text box is too big. Maybe use a much smaller text box with 50% opacity. An option to toggle when the game saves (it's annoying seeing it every time a player hops in and out and in a vehicle) would also be appreciated. Also, this only shows up on the host's screen, not any other players' screens. I will create a thread in the bugs forum.
  6. Grand Galactic Inquisitor


    Windows 10, i7, 16GB ram, 700GB disk Nvidia 980M video card. -Game does not always save my progress, only seems to regularly save when I return to the main capsule. Saving by entering a vehicle is not trustworthy -I'm a hoarder so I built up a great deal of inventory only to have all of my inventory racks, and all of the items I painstakingly mined and placed on those racks disappear. They were not floating, stuck, or in the ground, they were GONE. I lost about 12 full racks worth of stuff. -My Rover, that I had parked for 2 days in a garage I dug out for it, disappeared without a trace along with all of the equipment I created for it after I returned from a long voyage. -Multiplayer mode with my brother and friends is unusable. We can't travel in any vehicles together without them getting lost, or sticking one of us in the ground or the vehicle floating off into the sky like so many others have already reported. -I made a second habitat capsule, that tipped over in a storm with me in it, and was unable to tab out of the capsule (seemingly because it was rolled door facing down towards the ground). Even when I had friends join my game they were unable to bring it right side up via digging or ramming it with various vehicles. -Research station sometimes does not show when it's finished. You have to click it when you think it's done and then it behaves properly. -If you Alt reverse fire the your Extractor gun it can burry you and actually trap you under ground in a state that does not allow you to dig yourself out ultimately suffocating you. Jump blocking dirt can do the very same thing... if you get your legs caught in it... you can be pulled under ground and suffocated. -Logging into a multiplayer mode spawns me under ground on my brother's computer and I have to walk around underground for a few minutes before it allows me to surface. Very cool concept, great game, good Alpha effort, but I'm not spending more time on it until you guys are in beta. :-) God bless
  7. I'm not sure if it's a feature or bug, but whenever anyone gets into a seat attached to a vehicle it auto-saves my game, this can get very frustrating and laggy when multiple people are getting in and out of cars. (Video is one case of the glitch)
  8. Vin The Butcher

    No Saves, Deleted

    No saves after starting the game. my two saved games were there last night, played one that had over 8+ hours logged, and when I started up my owned copy of Astroneer, just the four default pods are there. I'm logged into my account on Xbox One, also tried restarting the game and it did not correct the problem.
  9. Request: don't resave without exiting hab/seat Going through old saved games, in the main menu, to check which ones are which--the current interface makes it difficult to tell, other than date and time--by popping into the game. In doing this I'm not actually entering the game by tabbing out of the seat. But I'm trying to see the environment so I can tell which game it is. After figuring it out, I hit escape and return to the main menu, but the game resaves it from that timeline. The problem is now the main menu has changed the order of saved games, so I'm again unsure which is which (newest save to the front). Obviously, writing down the date and time would be the logical answer, but there's a lot of circumstances where that either isn't possible or if done, not accessible. For example, I save a game at home on my laptop, write it down, but then start the game somewhere else without the list with me. Request: freeze time. I realize time passed while sitting in the seat which affects the game, so it seems logical to resave it. However, because time doesn't pass while the game isn't being played (like, while I'm typing this) unless you actually enter the game I think time should cease in the saved game. Although this effectively rolls back time, the same applies to game saving anyway. Folks will undoubtedly find a way to take advantage of this but I think it has minimal impact (so what, someone moved a few things around, or smelted something?) Request: Include a hover_over thumbnail screencap in the main menu to avoid much of this Request: Allow mission notes added to the thumbnail Systemera, thanks for the the great interface and game. You've clearly put a lot of hci thought into it and I'm really impressed with your work. T
  10. xxsteven69xx

    An adjustable auto save

    I would like an auto save feature, say for every 5 mins or so. I would like to be able to adjust the timing my self if possible. This would help us all with game crashes
  11. Flumedoom2

    Xbox question on saving

    I have done alot of work and the next day I got back on and there was no saved data. Has anyone else experienced this heart breaking dilemma? (Created this from level ground, and now it's gone....) Feelsbadman
  12. Ok, re- the can not save game problem; I was not able to save my progress via the first home modul or via creating a new one or via sitting in a drivers seat. My solution, leave the game running over night so keep progress! Yet on my return the next day, I found that my Long trailer was no longer on the surface where I had left it, but underground in a cave! Any ideas guys? 1. PC 2. The game was left with me sitting in truck and with the Esc key pressed. 3. The game was left running over night. 4. Im using a 4K 40" on a GTX 1070 5. See screenshot. (the vehicles were in a circle when found) x4 attached with front as a truck. Have a great day
  13. Two ideas. First, options to name and delete save files. Names will help keep track of which game you want to play especially for multiple users using one copy. I didn't notice a way to delete saves that you don't want to play. The other idea I had was a power management platform. I'm not sure, but it seems like power is distributed by physical distance to a power source. If this is true then if you, for example, return in a truck that's almost out of power with a bunch of ore and want to smelt it and you plug the truck in closer to your power source than your smelter, you would have to wait for the truck to completely power up before your smelter would get any power. The power management platform would be a base building with a screen where you could set the priority of power going to the different modules. That way you can get power where you want it the most at the time.