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Found 166 results

  1. I saw a few topics skirting around this idea but none that actually said it outright. A way to name our saves would be a great way to organize our save games and prevent any confusion.
  2. Every time I try to load my save, the game crashes. I've tried hard resetting and reinstalling the game with no luck. The game also crashes when I try to join a friend in multiplayer. This is on Xbox One.
  3. I have been playing the game for hours. Save (via habitat) was working as the game crashed a few issue...right back at it. Then a friend and I started going between each others worlds. Went back to my game played for hours (saving a lot via truck and habitat). Game crashed and when I reloaded it took me back at least an hour (and I know I had saved multiple times since). Lets call that point Save A. OK its beta...did a few things to test it, saved via habitat, exit game, reload....again right back to Save A. Rinse repeat a few more times...same result back to Save A. Looked on the forums but found nothing. So there is the back story. Mouse/keyboard Steam - Win 10 64 What I did to fix it. 1. I took a look in the saved games folder C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames 2. I noticed there were several more save game files than I had "in game" (I had 3 random 1st day game saves and my main). The folder had something like 9-10 saves. 3. I deleted every save game file EXCEPT my most recent "main" game file and crossed my fingers - if it didn't work o well I was going to start over anyway 4. I verified the integrity of the game cache via steam/games/properties (since its less that 500MB) - Which resulted in no errors - everything was AOK 5. Rebooted the game, loaded the save (which brought me back to Save A) did a few things, popped in the habitat to save, exit to main menu, load save file - AND it saved. So i did a lil bit more, habitat save, exit to main menu, rinse repeat and it saved again so it appears it is working. I noticed there are some issues with co-op (at least my friends and I were having issues) and I may be wrong but it seemed as though the Save A point was right around the time my friend joined my game for the last time. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. Im not sure if this post is in the "right" spot being its technically not a bug (I don't know...I don't forum)...but I wanted to post this up in the event anyone has a similar issue...perhaps this will help and save a rage quit/bad review. Love the game...keep at it
  4. Hi again, if you build a car or a truck, after a save and a quit of the game : when you come back, vehicules dispawn. I search them everywhere, and when you take your space ship to the system solar, you will see you're beacon's car under the earth. ( When you save during an exchange with the platform ) Thank you again, bye !
  5. So, i just put 1 copper into the smelter slot on the left side and the game crashed. I dont really know what happend but now, everytime i load my save it crashes while loading. means i cant acces my save anymore. Hope someone has a fix or a tip how to fix . Thanks Have a great day !
  6. ScoobTheNoob

    Delete save PC (Steam)

    Dear team, fellow forum browsers. I would like to delete my current saves, I have searched forum, and only yielded X-Box requests, I am a PC user, and got the media via steam, I can not see an obvious way to delete saves. Any help appreciated. Sincerely Scoob.
  7. Game crashed right after I built the smelter and clicked on it. DxDiag.txt
  8. Moosig

    Cant load Savegame

    I did hide in the Pod during a Storm and while saving, the Game crashed. When i try to load the Save, the loading Screen appears and then the Game crashes again. Cant load anymore.
  9. Simple question, where to find the saved data and delete them as needed for the windows 10 store version of the game ? And are the steam saves compatible with the windows 10 store version ? (I already saw that the windows store version did not recognize the steam one, but may be only cause they stored in another place?)
  10. Unh0lyMa3l5tr0m92

    game wont save

    everytime i load the game i have to restart i'm now on my 4th time am i doing something wrong
  11. TheSwankySeal


    I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox
  12. After starting the game again and loading my save, all my tethers have been unlinked from the main grid. That is, before the game, they worked perfectly fine and were visaully connected with the platforms that you build printers/research/smelters/etc on, and were also transporting energy/oxygen. After loading the game, the tethers were still connected to eachother - but there was no visible connection with the platforms, nor were they transporting oxygen/energy. Here's a proper connection with a small platform: Here's a connection with the platform - as you can see, there's a visual connection with said platform. as long as i'm in the working distance from the previously pictured small platform. The fact that the line comes from the large platform is only a visual thing. The picture below showcases what happens when I'm still close to the large platform, but far enough from the small platform: Here are two tethers that worked previously, but, as you can see, aren't connected to the grid anymore How to repeat: Play the game, make tethers that are connected to the large platforms, but aren't in a working range to any other element of the grid (cables, smaller platforms). Save, quit, launch, load, suffocate far away from the base right next to a tether, be confused.
  13. In the process of setting up a spaceship, I made several parts that I planned to take with me, including a habitat. I casually threw the habitat to the side and continued to build stuff until I quit a few minutes later. Upon loading the save, I found that the habitat, (which I left on its side) had activated, which was inconvenient, to say the least.
  14. TheSwankySeal


    I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox
  15. TheSwankySeal


    I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox
  16. Hello. I own the Steam version of Astroneer and am enjoying my experience. However, I am experiencing a bug where when I load my save game, my astronaut will not be tethered to the line and will suffocate. I can place a new tether and it will continue the line, however I still will not be connected to it. The line is colored as if to indicate it is receiving power and oxygen, but it is in fact not. Running back to base, I find that some tethers have disappeared, breaking the line from the base. So I guess this is a couple of bugs: 1) tethers disappear near base, and 2) a broken tether line still shows colored despite not delivering power / electricity, and finally 3) astronaut will not connect to this tether, so I assume if there was a strong weather event I would be blown away. Thank you devs for reading and congratulations on the game launch. On the whole I am having a great time.