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Found 169 results

  1. Played entire night, 6 hours of true progress, every half hour entered into shuttle to save a game. In the end exited to main menu and switched off a console. Next day switched on console but no saved game exists. If I recall correctly, i don't remember if "game saved" messages appeared when entering into shuttle.
  2. Hi guys, I may be wrong but I think there was an update last night that has rendered my specific save that I had 30 hours on, a brick. Every time I press launch on this save, it loads for a few seconds and the the game crashes without an error log or anything from steam. I looked through the steam logs and found that it couldn't find shaders. However that might be unrelated because any other save works fine. I've tried re-installing and running as administrator. I've also tried switching to an experimental build. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. So I have this weird bug where my save games will randomly disappear and reappear whenever I start the game. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Controller Steam? Xbox? Xbox What were you doing leading up to this bug? Happens every time I start the game. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Happens every time I open the game. So to go into the problem in more detail I'll give an example. Yesterday I was playing the game around 1pm and saved the game. I went to work and upon returning home around 11pm started Astroneer and found the save game was gone. I don't mind starting over too much so I started over on a new world and made a BUNCH of progress. So then today (1pm as well) I opened up Astroneer again to find the new world that I made when I got home at 11pm was gone and the original save game from 1pm yesterday showed up again. This happened twice prior to this latest occasion, ever since I bought the game preview. Like I said this is by no means game breaking but it is pretty annoying staggering progress between to different save games when I can only play a couple hours a day. And for all of those who are wondering, yes I know how to save games, and yes I know where save games are located in the main menu.
  4. Matthew Young

    XboxOne (Saving issue)

    I have recently bought the game on Xbox one and have had a few different worlds but I’m having to create a new one each time I want to play. when I get into the little starter pod is says saving game but when I leave I can’t find the saved game can someone please help me. Is this happening to everyone or is it just me?
  5. Kirito

    Save file locaitons

    save files don't move down after deleting ones in the middle which creates problems for later when you have more saves and you delete ones made earlier. which makes it seem like you don't have more if you don't come back after awhile and you forget if you had any more.
  6. So I've been playing this game for about a week or so. Made some good progress and recently established a base on the arid planet. After the recent Xbox update earlier today (June 20), I went to start my game. The game loads fine to the menu, and I go to load my save. The game crashes. Have not been able to successfully load, and have tried 10+ times. I'm able to start a new game no problem from the menu. However after I exit the game (saves just fine) im unable to load the new save. I've tried reinstalling the game, no luck. Hopefully this is fixed, because at the moment I've paid $20 for a game I cannot play.
  7. FelixColo

    My save is gone

    When i was going to choose wich save i wanted to play on, i realized that my fourth save was selected, something i havent done. So i was going to find the first save, but it was gone. So please, what is going on?! PS. I want my save back
  8. Summary: 200- XB1- Save didn't and not in same location Description: I was on irradiated. Frame rate was so bad I couldn't play. So I got back to my base and left. Landed on moon (barren). Tinkered a bit and couldn't play due to framerate. Entered habatat as usual and exited to menu. Then last night I loaded the game and I was back on irradiated planet. Only this time I spawned inside a hill. Here is a video showing the game load (used Record That so the video starts in the loading screen). I know for a FACT that I had entered and left the rover MANY times between where this put me and the base as I had used the flatten tool to iron out some terrain as I headed back to base. And it should have saved every time I got in the rover. And it should have saved when I got in the shuttle. And it should have saved several times on barren as I went out searching for more artifacts and entered/left MANY more times on that planet. It didn't save ANY of those times. Apparently. And to be honest, I don't recall ever parking at this spot when playing here either. In fact I had to get out and climb a hill just to figure out where I was in relation to my base/beacons. Platform: XB1 Version / Build Number: 200
  9. CodeIsBroken

    Which build is my save

    I know people have suggested that you always should start a new game with a new build to get the best/latest features and fixes. However I bet some don't as they've invested time in a current save. It could therefore be a couple of builds before a new game is started. Suggest that the detail of which build a save was started against is made available. That way, if I'm a few behind I may then choose to catch up especially if there has been enough new content delivered.
  10. Description: After loading the game power items are visually empty. They populate back if connected to use. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 265 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1707 | Build 15063.540 CPU: Intel i3 4130 @ 3.4 Ghz GPU: GTX750Ti RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
  11. frederick vivier

    save issue

    Hi guys, I bought the game on XBO some days ago. I have already loose my save (disappear) and now the new one make the game crash (Ok with the slot 2 no crash). This game ask for craft and then save is mandatory. i really need fix to enjoy the game because 1H game loop is not 25$ value. Thanks for your support.
  12. X box one user here with the 197 hotfix... The game still crashes when saving a game every once in a while. It seems to get worse the more stuff I have. Is this something other people are experiencing???
  13. Okay, so the bug happens the same every time I accidentally do it. Basically, Once you're in orbit of a planet and have chosen a spot to land, the animation to land starts. however, the icon above the shuttle still exists. this is where the bug comes in. if you hit the icon above the shuttle again. you get stuck either viewing the orbit of the planet even though you are on the planet landing. or you end up on the planet unable to interact with anything, craft anything or take off again. you are locked out of it all and the landing locations are still viewable from the ground. if you try to reload the save it lets you but is still locked out of everything, since the shuttle saves when it lands. Anyways, that's all, time to start a new save, hopefully, I don't do this again, third time lucky? these saves have the bug listed above. AUTOSAVE_2_2017.07.21-17.45.01.sav AUTOSAVE_7_2017.07.06-15.26.08.sav
  14. kiefac

    Saves: how do they work?

    Just a few questions about saves... I already know the location (C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/SaveGames) but I want to know more specifics. 1) What is inside a save file? 2) Is there any way to decrypt the pseudo-random crap in it to turn it into human-readable or otherwise useful data? 3) Why are saves so small? I would expect the full worlds to be in a save, but I guess I haven't really explored much of Terran and barely any of Barren, and only really have the low-poly, far-away-LOD models of the other once. Still, it seems like they just have the seed for the random generation and the world is built up on-the-fly as the player explores. 4) If I did decrypt a save file, would I be able to see the locations/id numbers of buildings, dropped items, etc.... and then delete them to remove buildings in a very complicated manner, or add new ones in to "hack" in free resources? 5) Why do I have 2 saves in my save folder? Is one a backup/fallback that I can use if my previous save gets corrupted or something? 6) If I cut'n'paste the files into a backup folder, could I have multiple saves that I just could flip through by switching them out? (This is one of my bigger concerns, along with 4, because I built a ridiculous amount of connectors trying to get a stuck [as in immovable object that couldn't be moved by an unstoppable force] large solar panel hooked up to my base that was miles away. I'd rather not start a whole new save but its better than having 7 FPS) and finally 7) Isn't there an issue with using the .sav file format? It has the Portal 2 icon on my system which makes me think that maybe Valve has a trademark/patent on the format. I understand if some of these can't be answered because its a trade secret or something, I was just wondering.
  15. Samski

    Game not saving.

    Hey, I am playing on the windows app version of the game (wouldn't usually but is so i can play with a friend(if we were actually able to play together withought dropping out :-P)). Have windows 10 pro, Intel i7 processor and 16gb of ram. Anyway, I ended up playing the game all the way through the night, and through the morning, building a massive tunnel, underground base, and such. I was saving throughout, as using vehicles, and checking into bases occasionally. Then the game eventually started to get really laggy, so i headed back to a base to save, and then closed the game through the menu, left the computer for a bit, then have just returned. When i then loaded the game up, the save file was dated yesterday, but i thought this may be due to when i started the game, so i loaded it up, and it was at a point i had saved the game last night, since which i had done allot. So i checked the save file location, and it shows that the save files have not been modified since 1830 last night. Have i lost everything i did? Also how do i find out how this happened, so i can play again knowing the game will save my progress... Cheers, Sam. x x
  16. Circlecat113

    Save bug

    In use on xbox one Span of 3 days What happened is 3 days ago i deleted my world for the new update and i played with my friend for 2 days and now i load up the world and i am now on the map i was on 3 days ago.
  17. This game really has me bugged. I can load a save file, play for many hours, jump into a habitat, truck, spaceship, etc and let it save. Then quit like normal. When I go back to play apparently the what ever amount of hours I played are lost because it's still showing the same load file. Example, I started this morning on a Load file that had May 23 10:02am. I played for an hour and saved in my habitat and spaceship. I quit and went to the main menu. It should have had a load file May 23 at 11:06am, but instead it showed me the save file for May 23 at 10:02am. It doesn't mater what I do, how many times I save, or how long I wait before I quit, this game won't save my progress when I want it to. I've counted and so far I've lost 14 or 16 hours because of this save problem. Until it gets fixed I'm just going to have to quit playing. I don't have any other choice and apparently it's not a big problem because I've asked help before and got no where. Oh well, there goes $$$ down the drain.
  18. Love the game so far! I have found a rather hilarious bug though, I saw one post that was similar: I was standing in the area where the research vessel would spawn upon being built, and therefore it built itself around me and trapped me inside. This happened as soon as I put the resin into the extension, and the research building spawned (the research vessel still took compound, and spawned and functioned normally as far as I could test) Lots of moving and jumping and still no escape. All for a good laugh, hope this helps!
  19. BottomsUpBleach

    Load File Teleport

    I was spelunking on the Barren 'planet' and I had to go do something so I exited out of the game to the main menu. After reopening the game, my character loaded hundreds of feet above the ground directly over where I was underground. Another weird thing is that I also didn't die from the fall either.
  20. Ohmanohman

    Lost save

    Lost maybe 10 hours of work on a save. Yes I entered the pod to save before exiting, and many times entered the rover which supposedly saves as well. I was on the second planet (possibly moon) when I lost it and am back on first one where my rover is half built. Xbox one
  21. Brandon Lockhart

    Loss of vehicle and resources

    Was driving around with three research items and one storage full on the truck. Having frame rate issues trying to find my way back to base when I exited the vehicle to deploy a beacon and turned around to see my vehicle had disappeared. I then had 2 instant deaths when reloading the save file and deleted that file.
  22. Brandon Lockhart

    Vehicle save/lag/crash

    Repetitive crashes when entering a vehicle. Driving "truck" entering pauses game play for a few seconds and it skips forward while saving. Accidental repetitive entry causes a crash and it seems prone to crash regardless. Like that it saves so often but maybe there should be a limit around ten to thirty seconds to where it won't attempt another save and cause lag. It's not like much could be done in that small amount of time.
  23. Alexander Riggs

    Not saving?

    How come it's not saving? All my hard work!! I actually bought the game so it would have in case it was because of the trial..
  24. Hey I have been trying to pull out of the save files what different parts represent, but for some reason I have 2 saves every time I save. So I am wondering if the save is altered and then stored in 2 parts for some reason. It also appears to have been encrypted which makes reading it impossible for someone as new to hex as I am. If anyone has any tips/tricks it'd be much appreciated. I want to hack in 2 resin so I can get off the tundra planet. I used the habitat trick to land and then used no way back home. Since then i want to try some things out and see what the game can produce....but stuck with the hex.
  25. Summary: 131 - Steam – After a save returned to game and resources and loose printed items missing Description: I had saved my game [mounted truck] and left to desktop. When I came back to the game I was still in my truck but when I went back to my home base all of my stockpiled resources and loose printed items were no longer in their bins [storage caves made near my smelter and printer]. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.2.10131.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: AMD A10-7850K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 3.70 GHz GPU: Radeon R7 RAM: 8GB Drive: Western Digital WD10 EXEX-00BN5A0 SATA 1TB