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Found 177 results

  1. TheSwankySeal


    I would like to know of any ways to delete 1 specific save file on Xbox
  2. Hello. I own the Steam version of Astroneer and am enjoying my experience. However, I am experiencing a bug where when I load my save game, my astronaut will not be tethered to the line and will suffocate. I can place a new tether and it will continue the line, however I still will not be connected to it. The line is colored as if to indicate it is receiving power and oxygen, but it is in fact not. Running back to base, I find that some tethers have disappeared, breaking the line from the base. So I guess this is a couple of bugs: 1) tethers disappear near base, and 2) a broken tether line still shows colored despite not delivering power / electricity, and finally 3) astronaut will not connect to this tether, so I assume if there was a strong weather event I would be blown away. Thank you devs for reading and congratulations on the game launch. On the whole I am having a great time.