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Found 177 results

  1. You-Go

    Saved games

    Naming saved games, deleting saved games and overall management with cool animations. Having player for 20+ hours Om stating to have trouble with figuring out which save is which. The only identifier is the last played date, and sometime the newest save is not the one im looking for. I am sure this is om tour list, and meny of my posts propobly are. However, mentioning them and putting the ideas in the spotlight also gives you perspective that you are right about your ideas ^.^ Best regards
  2. i wanna delete some of the shit planet that i stay before
  3. I played Astroneer on Xbox One with no clue what to do, now I know what I am doing and I don't like the saves that I had when I first started. I have looked for a way to delete them, but I can't seem to find anyway, or maybe there is a way and I don't know how to. If not, please make a way for you to delete the old saves you don't want so it's not a clutter of blue pods that I will probably not use again, lol. Thanks!
  4. coolguy

    spawn points

    the place you save at should be the place you spawn at when you die or join the map agian. In multiplayer if you go to another planet you will spawn on the start planet if you logout. pls fix thx
  5. I'm playing on pc (steam), and my issue is that my game saves disappear/ are deleted, so that every time I start up my game I have to start a new game. Can anyone tell me why that is, or if I'm doing something wrong, or missing something?
  6. kiefac

    Saves: how do they work?

    Just a few questions about saves... I already know the location (C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/SaveGames) but I want to know more specifics. 1) What is inside a save file? 2) Is there any way to decrypt the pseudo-random crap in it to turn it into human-readable or otherwise useful data? 3) Why are saves so small? I would expect the full worlds to be in a save, but I guess I haven't really explored much of Terran and barely any of Barren, and only really have the low-poly, far-away-LOD models of the other once. Still, it seems like they just have the seed for the random generation and the world is built up on-the-fly as the player explores. 4) If I did decrypt a save file, would I be able to see the locations/id numbers of buildings, dropped items, etc.... and then delete them to remove buildings in a very complicated manner, or add new ones in to "hack" in free resources? 5) Why do I have 2 saves in my save folder? Is one a backup/fallback that I can use if my previous save gets corrupted or something? 6) If I cut'n'paste the files into a backup folder, could I have multiple saves that I just could flip through by switching them out? (This is one of my bigger concerns, along with 4, because I built a ridiculous amount of connectors trying to get a stuck [as in immovable object that couldn't be moved by an unstoppable force] large solar panel hooked up to my base that was miles away. I'd rather not start a whole new save but its better than having 7 FPS) and finally 7) Isn't there an issue with using the .sav file format? It has the Portal 2 icon on my system which makes me think that maybe Valve has a trademark/patent on the format. I understand if some of these can't be answered because its a trade secret or something, I was just wondering.
  7. Bluegreenash

    game loading issue

    had this issue the other day, after selecting a save game from the space station screen and it switches to the disclaimer loading screen i found that if you press the "start/menu" button it invokes the pause menu (before the game loads) this means you start the game with it on the screen but are then unable to dismiss the pause menu. you are unable to press the "start/menu" button and are unable to navigate to return to the main menu, or select any option on the pause menu. I hope i made this clear enough.
  8. (sr for my English skill) after i had lanned my ship, i try to put on my habit which was laying on the floor. then i accidently press the orange button active the habit. offcourse i was exit right away without going to sleep, but when i logged in the habit still active and i was standing stand outside :v so did the game save continuously when i play the game, and the "saving game" box is just for fun ?!?
  9. When exiting the game in single player, using the "Exit to menu" or "Exit to desktop" options, a save game is not prompted. This results in loss of game progress. (I lost about 8 hours of spelunking.) Entering and exiting a vehicle or habitat will not always be the last thing a person does, so saving only on those action initiations is problematic. When selecting the two "Exit To..." commands from the menu, I recommend either automatically saving the game progress or prompting a "Save Game? (Y/N)" dialogue.
  10. home

    residence bugs

    This bug is about saves. I'm in steam and I play with mouse and keybord I can't go out from habitat what I make and did't push the orange icon I can't do anything now My base ........ Please fix this bug
  11. Hairy_Clownhole

    Research Glitch

    No screenshot or videos. I've noticed on my worlds and even friend's worlds, after saving worlds, I cant research anything new, only find titanium/lithium/etc. If i dont research everything before I save and logout, I wont be able to research it next time im on that world.
  12. This has been happening for the last two days. Whenever I try to load my save game with the most progress on it, the game will show the loading screen for about a second and then crash. If anybody knows how to fix this it would be extremely helpful and much appreciated (Oh yeah, and this pops up after it crashes)
  13. My husband and I have been playing on my save file together and we thought it would be nice if when he plays on my saved game his progress/resources are saved. It's frustrating that he loses everything and has to gather/build things every time he comes back, especially since there are still issues with the game that cause crashes or issues that require restarting the game.
  14. 1. Type of controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. What led up to it: Loaded a prior saved game. 4. Reproduce Bug: Go underground with a truck, into a cave housing flora with research attached. Save & quit the game. Upon loading the game some of the flora will not have regenerated within the cave system. However, all research items will spawn. Some research items will fall down, if previously attached to branches. I believe it spawns some research that was previously underground within the root system of the flora, and places it on the nearest surface.
  15. If you extend platforms then reload the save file then use 2 resin to make a bench the bench is cut off from the rest of your grid. Example, a newly placed bench after a reload of the game will not gain power from a solar panel on the platform behind it.
  16. So I finally figured how to make a buggy. Charged it up real nice and drove off to the sunset. You can save at your buggy and I did that on normal bases, not at the normal based though;) at the buggy. Then for some unbelievable reason I died .. and then I spawned at the Base...far from my lost buggy:(
  17. Anytime the game crashes i have to start from scratch. The save games can't be reloaded. Everytime you try to load them up it just takes you back to the Xbox dashboard. So far I have 4 saved game slots. Non of which can be played or deleted. Quite a big problem.
  18. Please name the save games.
  19. After I loaded up my save, the level is missing a bunch of objects and any object/plant life that I discovered prior to my save has lost its colors.
  20. You can delete saves by going to C:\Users\dylan\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames and deleting the desired saves. You can also use this to back up saves as well.
  21. Hi ,i am playing on various computer and i am looking for the files/directories wich contain "saves" to copy/paste those to another computer ? Any kind of idea ? thanks p.s: sorry for my aproximative english ,i am french
  22. I think it is useful that this possibility in the future to appoint the bailouts is very important.
  23. I've spent 12 hours playing the game on Xbox One and I absolutely LOVE it, but I have a major problem. My initial save file corrupted after 7 hours (instantly crashes on load) and then I had the same issue again after playing a new save for 5 hours. It'd be great if there were multiple save states for each save file, just incase one of them corrupts.
  24. enginaut616

    PC Shutdown upon save

    I figured this was an overheating issue, so I tried to get my PC a bit more air. But three times now while playing Astroneer, twice upon hitting the tab key near the habitat, my PC has shut down. I reboot and start my game back up and all of my progress is lost. Is anyone else having this issue? Like I said, I first assumed it was due to overheating or maybe a hardware issue in my PC. But now that it has happened twice at the exact second I hit the tab key I can't help but wonder why. Thanks all!
  25. Hello! I'm on Xbox One, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to load old saved games. I can see them, and I know you have to "arrow over" to select them but I cannot figure out how to do that. I press left trigger to pull up my cursor, then put my cursor over the arrow, and I've tried pressing "A" and I think I've tried pressing "Right Trigger" on the arrow, and all it does is launch a new game...