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About Me

  1. Anyone else experience every type of rover getting stuck on seemingly nothing on the Exotic planet? I think I have narrowed it down to the tiny purple plants that litter a lot of the ground. I have repeatedly had to stop my rover medium or large and dig and then level out the ground to get the rover moving again =( This is on PC with Steam.
  2. I cannot emphasize enough how much it sucks to be limited to 4-rovers connected together. If not Unlimited, at least push the Limit to 8-Rovers. Usually, when I'm off mining, I may not even come to base for 2-3 days and it doesn't help not being able to carry everything (like it was possible earlier). Many Thanks.
  3. What about forges, where u can store metals as liquids and require constant power to keep it melted? that would be fun. that would make automation possible with obtaining and refining metals. Vehicles are too easy to make. can we have a LOT more modularity? It would be so cool, fun, and challenging if I had to obtain a motor, a battery, a vehicle frame, and a seat before i could drive. | Copper + Space ship part --> motor | 2 aluminum --> vehicle frame | lithium + compound --> battery | what if you could build ur vehicles with parts like these as if they were legos?? SO COOL!! I wana design my own space rover! I would play this game forever if i could build my own things with more basic parts! To me it feels like this game is missing something, and i feel like adding this would really fill in that gap! and finally, sorry for grammar.
  4. Hey! Is is normal, that the big rover drains energy even when standing alone, not in use... It's more than a big wind turbine can support. BR, Jan
  5. One of my large rovers and small rovers have both recently been falling through the ground and all in all has lost me 5 titanium, 3 lithium, 4 aluminum and 6 copper. Any ideas?
  6. the FPS. The same situation applies to a larger number of working buildings. I am asking for performance on the xbox One console. Best wishes Every time during the upcoming storm, there is a big drop in the FPS. The same situation applies to a larger number of working buildings. I am asking for performance on the xbox One console (fat version). In addition, after each load of the game, a small, medium, and large car collapses in the ground on the height of the wheels, or falls into the cave below (hooks on the upper part of the lower cave) Best wishes
  7. Why about having the possibility to produce the little rover frame on the ground (like the others ) and/or under a box form? because this vehicle is smaller than the standard big platform which is created as a box (so it's makes sense) and it could be an interesting add-on for exploring on other planets and so on (you're landing, you're taking your little rover and lets go!) .This possibility could let the little rover more usable, at least when it's not about a big exploration operation (I'm not saying "lets put the Monster Rover Frame in a box"). The Cabin could stay like it is. In order to have the Little Rover quickly ready after the landing on the other planet, it request some space on the shuttle (4 slots?) so it's not a big change to the exploration system. So, a rover in kit form! ;)
  8. The seat is in a position other than forwards, this can cause problems as the light from the astroneer cannot illuminate the terrain in front of me, i have driven into a few cave entrances during the night and have had to flip the rover over many times, this is a really annoying "bug", but i am not sure i can call it a bug. Thanks for being good dev's!
  9. I noticed that when the rover runs out of power it will coast to a stop, which is fine. However pressing back (brakes) should still apply the brakes to allow stopping early and not force you to otherwise plow into something
  10. Making changes to WASD are not all carried over to driving the Small Rover (possibly other rovers, not yet tested) My WASD is remapped (respectively) to ESDF On the Small Rover with my keys remapped (as above) I get: W = Forward (old mapping?) S = Left (correct) F = Right (correct) ? = No key for backward It is my assumption that the remapping of S = Left has something to do with no reverse W-10 V
  11. So, I have to admit that the small rover is a great improvement and doesn't seem like creating any bugs, but the medium rover(which I spent a lot of time with lately for experimental purposes) is still creating a lot of problems. Trying to flip it is almost 70% of the times useless 'cause it just lands in the same position and you have to try it around 10-11 times to get it right. Also I recently experienced a bug which didn't let me take any item off the rover without putting me in the driver seat. I had to restart the game to make it behave normally again. I didn't see any issue with the large rover yet but I'm pretty sure something has to occur. Update 7.0 brought a lot of bug fixes and new content and I'm thankful for that but please keep an eye on this issue 'cause the rover is one of the most used items in the game by far. Thank you for your attention and support:).
  12. I was testing my newly made Rover on the Windows 10 Edition, and i left of the game to play later tomorrow, i entered in my save, and i found this: it stopped 5 seconds later, but its strange...
  13. Hi I was just playing astroneer in the rover update. And then this happened.. I mean WTF!! (sorry) Soooo weird.. and also the rover is still a bit broken, when I was driving the small rover I went trough the ground and got stuck in a cave. Help me fix all of this! pls! -Nikko Ps: I have a twitter : and the update is awesome, bye. 816206086_Screenshot(36).png.64222d1bbac585717534702983c30383.png.html
  14. Hi, Thank you for the improved steering/camera but.... The camera drifts back into the forward facing position when driving a rover. If you're not moving, the camera will remain pointed where you're looking, which is good. However, as soon as you're moving forward again, the camera will slowly face forward again. This, to me, is a bug. Please remove any relation there still is between steering and looking around!
  15. First, let me say that I'm very happy with the improvements made in the rover driving dynamics. So much better with absolute steering in my opinion. Not sure if this is better off as a suggestion or a bug... While steering, the medium rover uses power even if you aren't moving. It takes power to move wheels, I get that. The part that I don't get is that under full-lock any further steering input uses power, even though the steering gear can't go any further. If the vehicle steering gear is full-lock left or right, any further input in those directions should not use any more power. Because no work is being done.
  16. I am playing Astroneer on Steam with a mouse/keyboard (windows 10) with a GTX 980 SLI configuration. This was a load of a save created prior to the rover update. When I had a rover full of stuff to smelt and research I nearly made it to base when the ground disappeared in from of the rover and I fell down for a long time until the rover began to just hover there. I had to leave the rover which caused my guy to float to the nearest cave and when I made it to the surface I was on the wrong side of the planet as I didn't see the marker for my base in the sky anywhere. Kind of out of luck at this point I'll probably die and I'd be surprised if I ever see my rover again. Also just a recommendation there should be a way to better find your base (if there is a shortcut to make these show up apologies I am not aware of it) when far away the marker is often hidden due to the curvature of the planet which causes me some problems in normal game play. Thank you, Charles
  17. I'm running this game on a pc, win10 8GB ram with NVIDIA Geforce 940MX. Graphics set to low. My rover just started flying through the air on the arid planet.
  18. My rover decided to fly away after I landed on Exotica. As you can see in the image the rover flew away and is continually spinning and bouncing across the landscape. I managed to separate in the rover into its two separate sections but it did not stop the movement. When a storm rolls by both sections fly way up and come crashing back down. Basically right now rovers are not usable on Exotica.
  19. I really enjoy the new Rover physics (at least for the new small rover, not tested others yet). And I like being able to change the camera without changing the rover direction, but on PC once you are used to the old controls, I find the old one better (keyboard vs mouse precision). So I am back with the previous mode (thank for letting the option). The only think I didn't liked in the previous version, was when the Rover changed from foreward to backward when you moved to fast. I think it shouldn't change the direction if you did not release the right button but that's another story... What I suggest here is to have both worlds at the same time! If I'm right, the left button is not used when you are in a Rover. So I'll keep the previous mode for the right button (keep it pushed to controll the rover) and be able to move the camera with the left button to see what's behind you without changing you direction. (Not sure what it should do when both are pushed, maybe keep the camera position as a reference to move the car but from that position... we can always consider left or right to have the priority over the other one in last resort)
  20. Platform: Steam Alpha Build: System Specifications - - OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home - CPU: Intel i7 - GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 960M Was having issues with the rover rolling downhill on an incline while deconstructing a mountain for dirt. Returned to rover to find smaller attached rover blowing about in the light wind. I don't think the suspension really enjoyed the breeze, though.
  21. Hello! Once again, thanks for such a great game! It has brought me and my friends many hours of silliness and enjoyment! Having said that, the rover needs some love. Here are my ideas: Create a rover mod or attachment that could flatten the ground, so it could make roads. Give the single seat the capability to rotate and swivel to face forward when attached to the front/back of the rovers, so we don't have to drive or sit sideways. Allow the triple seat to detach and be placed on the front/back of the large rover, again, with the capability to swivel so we sit parallel to the ground and not facing down. Allow the storage attachments to detach from rovers and be placed on platforms or other rovers. When chaining multiple rovers, allow all rovers to contribute to the train's movement, not just rely on the power from the leading rover, for better traction/speed/flow. Add floodlights to the top bars of the rover seats by default, or give us the option to unlock/craft/place them (besides the currently-existing work lights).
  22. Sometimes, when I hover over the sing seat on my rover and hold down 'e', I can't get in. Instead, I take out my terrain tool. To actually get in the seat, I have to pick it up and put it back down. ASTRONEER (Version Single Seat bug .mp4
  23. Hi. Love the game by the way. But it can be very frustrating sometimes, but that's ok because it's in alpha stage so that's going to happen. I have a question though as pertains to the rovers. A few times now, I've been thrown into the sky with my rover and subsequently ejected, while the rover stays in the sky with its wheels stretched out for crazy long distances. My question is I was wondering if there is going to be a patch for this sometime in the near future, and if anyone else has reported this issue? Anyways, thanks for your time, and keep it up. This game is awesome and I guarantee it is going to get better and better
  24. Summary: - Steam - New (for me) and very interesting bug Description: Whenever I found this black creature with lights and that long rope with a blinking light at the end: I killed it and several times it left me a resource, or a small battery or anchors, but ... this time I wanted to try to pass very close with my Rover, to see if something befall, and the worst happened !! That thing caught one of my wheels and raised it, then the whole Rover was raised, but the walls of the cave disappeared, and you could see the resource groups, etc., and this way I ended up, as I show in these three screenshots : I was very confused and did not know what to do, then I hold the letter E with the hope of at least being able to get off, and then I was violently ejected out of the cave, quite high, and I almost died because of the fall from that height, but outside I did not find how to come back and I ran out of oxygen, now I came back and found the black creature, but no trace of my long Rover with three bodies This was my beloved Rover, companion of many adventures: I never imagined that this would happen, otherwise I tried with a medium Rover and not with my great Rover, now I understand the purpose of that long rope, but surely this is a big bug (disappear the walls, my ejection, etc) I do not know if the purpose of this unpleasant creature is to make our vehicles disappear. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 (64 bits) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 RAM: 4048 Mb Drive: WDC WD5000AAKK-001CA0 500GB OpenGL version: 4.6
  25. Getting in and out of the rover or anything that requires E doesn't work unless i do it 100 times or wait like 15 seconds and sometimes not even than this is the steam version. anything requiring Q works fine. this is a brand new saved file.