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Found 32 results

  1. bambam625


    I believe being able to research , builld, and customize different types of planes would add some cool gameplay options. have small transport planes, larger cargo planes, one seaters, two seaters, etc etc. Although. the only thing that comes to mind when i think of this is: If theres no air to breath, how would the plane fly? Two ways past this: Either say screw it, its a game , (there already ARE plants growing everywhere, unless they thrive off of an element that is similar to oxygen, however toxic to humans, which could provide lift to the planes) OR simply take traditional plane designs and replace wings and propellors with small thrusters.
  2. Просьба добавить новые режимы работы инструмента для изменения поверхности. 1 - Такой режим как "выравнивание" чтобы включив этот режим можно было создать ровную поверхность, или же просто сгладить текущую, к примеру мы создали пищеру и хотим в ней выровнять пол, для этого мы включаем "Режим выравнивания" который нам срезает все бугры, и заполняет все ямы примерно до одного уровня. 2 - Изменить выбор режимов, сделать так чтобы нам не приходилось удерживать клавишу режима инструмента с клавишей мышки, назначит к примеру режим углубления на клавишу "ALT", нажали один раз "ALT" включился режим углубления, хотим режим добавления рельефа, нажали "CTRL" Навигация. Добавить метки "Дом" "Луноход" "Шатл" "Маяк" и т.п на компос, чтобы нам было известно в каком направление находится тот или иной объект. А теперь все тоже самое только на ломанном английском Please add new modes to change the tool surface. 1 - This mode is a "leveling" to enable this feature, you can create a flat surface, or simply to smooth the current, for example, we have created pischeru and we want it to align the floor, so we include "Alignment mode" which we cut all the bumps, and fills the pit to approximately the same level. 2 - Change the selection mode, make sure that we do not have to hold the instrument mode button with the mouse button, designate for example mode of deepening on "ALT" key and click once "ALT" including in-depth mode, want regime adding relief, press "CTRL" Navigation. Add Tags "House" "Lunokhod" "Shuttle", "Lighthouse" and so on aggregate, so we knew in what direction is this or that object.
  3. Just make the like button visible, it took me three days to find it. It's this tiny little white square almost invisible with the background. It's on the bottom right, there should be a faint outlining of it. Like it ain't hard, it's a small and effective positive for the forums.
  4. I play Astroneer on the xbox and I crash very frequently because of this I lose all my progress. This is very annoying and would be easily solved using a autosave feature. Thank you, Joseph
  5. Hello! Loving the game so far and looking forward to see it evolve! I've been playing Subnautica for a long time and I think it's an excellent example of early-access done right. One of the things I like is how easy they made bug reporting and feedback for players with their In-game feedback system where you describe the feedback, check a box for if it's a bug, just feedback and so on and choose how annoying the problem is. I really think this would be a great addition that would result in more feedback since most people don't want to go to a separate forum to say what they think. I attached an image of the feedback system. Cheers!
  6. Secret Squirrel

    Trashcan Feature

    A 'Trashcan' feature/the option to delete stuff would be nice. My gamer OCD is kicking in. Example: I have placed multiple beacons, after they served said purpose I have excess beacons. Would like to just trash them instead of keeping track of them/hauling them to a storage rack.
  7. the smelters should put the items back into the slots they took them out of to prevent the refinery deletion problem when i put 5 aluminium ore in it deleted the other 4 and gave me one which im a little bit annoyed about, this is all.