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Found 9 results

  1. OpaqueAmanita

    Break stuff down?

    Is there a way to break things down after we build them?
  2. First off well talk about the Recycling center/station. Essentially its a means to get rid of any unwanted platforms vehicles and modules (as well as their permanent attachments) The way it would work would be similar to how the vehicle bay "detects" an empty vehicle slot in front of it. When a large item (such as a platform, vehicle, or module) is in front of the station, it will allow you to do one of two things: Recycle - This will destroy the item and return half of the materials (a minimum of 1 per item recycled) used to create the item(s). This will recycle and return at least one material per item recycled, but cannot recycle materials (so be sure to remove them before recycling). Ex: if you place a single "Large platform D" you will receive two Aluminum for it. But if there are other items attached to it, for example a single medium solar panel, then you will also receive materials from that. Granting you two aluminum and one copper. you also cannot recycle the starter items (to ensure players cant continuously respawn the starter set for easy material farming) Deconstruct - following the same rules as the Recycle system, it will allow you to destroy items placed in front of it including any attachments. The difference is that rather then returning materials it will allow you to receive data (bytes) and will allow you to add a small amount of Bytes to your bank. the higher the tier the more bytes you can receive though the highest amount will only be around 50 bytes Next is Tier 4 power options. Currently the only real use for the XL platform is to be used with the XL storage (which is the only tier 4 module currently). These options will allow for greater power alternatives as well as a use for the XL Platforms. XL Wind Turbine - This windmill shaped turbine will provide up to 3x the amount of energy then a normal wind turbine, Using its articulated propeller it can face the direction of the wind allowing it to be more efficient with energy gathering. XL Solar Panel - Providing more solar energy this station works similarly to the small solar panel in that it will tilt itself towards sunlight to gather energy more efficiently the large solar cells are slightly larger then the XL platform but can deliver up to 4x the amount of power compared to a standard solar panel. XL Generator - Providing 2.5x the energy as a medium sized generator would be worth it enough, but due to innovations in technology XL generators not only will consume coal at one third the rate (essentially making a single stack of coal last up to 3x longer), but can also utilize Organic matter, but they will be consumed at half the rate as a small generator essentially making it last 2x's as long and more efficient then a small generator). They are also designed with a single Tier two slot allowing for two single items for storage or a single two tier item (such as a medium Storage module) All XL Power supplies are crafted with 2 Titanium and require a tier 4 slot making the XL Station or Large Rover the only way to use them (will be permanently affixed).
  3. Cameron Shackelford

    Scrap yard

    What about a scrap yard like my other post idea about the bigger rover. It could scrap or recycle some of the larger satellite crash debris or fragments for useful materials but it could take some time for the very big pieces to be process down and can consume vast amounts of power to do so not just a one-and-done thing
  4. I found it would be a very good Idea when we can remove existing buildings from our base, maybe with a little recycle process that we get some materials back.
  5. SpaceLlama


    It is a little annoying how trees stay there when you take them down. Could they possibly despawn, or maybe be used to make a fuel resource?
  6. Artorius

    Recycling Machine

    Basic idea: Add a machine that lets you recycle things. How it should work: You could turn anything into its base materials. The recycler should be able to be mounted on a truck. If you built a platform for your base in the wrong spot; recycle it. If you built the wrong machine; recycle it. Found an extra seat? Recycle it. Accidentally built a second rover? Recycle it. The scraps from crashed ships should be recyclable. You drive out with the truck and the recycler eats the scrap like the vacu-gun sucks up minerals. Great way to clean up. Would make the game more organized as the player progresses and be a simple and sensible way to deal with 'deleting' stuff. Possibly only give back part of the materials used to build the item. Final thoughts: This would be very helpful and would fit within the way the game works.
  7. 1. Allow the player to deconstruct/disable/recycle platform, vehicle, items 2. Allow naming and deleting of save file 3. In game notepad, viewable when player character is in Habitat. I apologize in advance if these ideas were already mentioned, or already in progress.
  8. At present some vehicle modules such as chairs or large storage cannot be removed from the vehicle. You could introduce the capability to replace existing "permanent" modules using the vehicle bay. The existing modules could be destroyed or "recycled" as part of the feature I describe in the below topic.
  9. I find myself wanting to breakdown items I no longer use. For example, I have lots of small solar arrays and small wind turbines dotted around that I could recycle and use the materials to build big ones. You could add a new module for the capability, or add the capability to the smelter and allow items to be "melted" down.