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Found 46 results

  1. I was grinding out the rest of the presents I needed got 2600 out of the 2500 needed. Then I looked at the rewards it was still locked, i left the game sign back in and all progress was lost 0/2500
  2. I am thinking of gifting a copy of Astroneer to someone, but I was wondering: is multiplayer cross-platform? Say between Steam and Xbox, or PS4 and Xbox?
  3. Helioid

    Ps4 Crashed

    Not much info about this, but when me and my friends are playing on ps4, the host crashes quite frequently, probably roughly every 1-2 hours, causing large rollbacks to do no saves.
  4. Jose valdivia

    Online ps4 Framerate

    Online Astroneer on ps4 is unplayable. Very laggi please fix UNPLAYABLE 1fps please fix
  5. When saving the game at a certain point in my playthrough I get an error message that my save game is corrupt. I can't save if I leave a vehicle, go into a spaceship or go into my shelter base. When exiting the game to menu, my save game was gone. This issue started when I used a vehicle.
  6. MiddleNate

    Atmospheric Condeser

    I don't know if this is ps4-specific, but when using the atmospheric condenser I am unable to click the X to stop it making a gas. the only way it actually stops is with the packager or by letting all the storage slots on the platform fill up
  7. While in multiplayer, the game starts to go into a slow motion state after a while. The gameplay, audio, and everything else slow down. My host isnt affected.
  8. SoMe InGrEdIeNtS

    PS4 Corrupted save data

    seems this a common issue other ps4 players are facing, the entire save file is becoming corrupted and DELETING itself. no this isn't a "clear your cache" or "initialise you ps4" situation, there is a major issue with saving and possibly vehicle save points. also a noteworthy 15+ hours hecking down the drain.
  9. Moorg

    Save error on ps4

    After many hrs of playing, I now get error "an error has occurred. (CE-30028_3)". Any ideas? Haven't closed game since this started. Afraid to...
  10. Woelfchen

    Mulitplayer lags on PS4

    Played yesterday, november 15th, together with a friend and we had no problems. Today, a day later, when he is on my planet, after a short time, it's unplayable laggy for him. Just tried the other way round and now I have the lags, cant control my movements, skip in his view many steps,... Please improve performance in multiplayer mode. Question : Is multiplayer done via server or only on ps4?
  11. The Bionic Cyclist

    PS4 Mouse support

    I've tried the PS4 version and OMG the joypad is hard compared to keyboard and mouse. So I tried a keyboard and mouse on the PS4, the keyboard works just fine, but the mouse does nothing. Is there something I need to do to enable it? TIA Daz.
  12. Karli Kolumbus

    Crossplay between PC and PS4?

    Will the PS4 be able to play with players on the pc ?
  13. Wardragon1187

    PS4 Release

    Any more word on a PS4 release? And I've been reading that a lot of people still find the game unplayable. This concerns me. I've been waiting to play Astroneer for a long time, but now I'm wondering if I should stick to No Man's Sky, now that it's the great game they promised.
  14. TheAlphaSite

    Astroneer on Ps4

    Will Astroneer finally be on Ps4, since it will be out of early access?
  15. bennyboy090903

    Bring Astroneer too PS4

    PLEASE BRING ASTRONEER TOO PS4! I have watched many streamers play this game and I personally love these types of games and I would love to see it on PS4 as that is the only platform I can play it on. I am begging that you bring Astroneer to PS4 I will do anything!
  16. MarcusUniversee

    When is there a PS4 edition

    I do not own a Xbox, and PS4 is easier to use in my opinion. When will a PS4 edition be available?
  17. Hey all, A tribute to the Astroneer team and community! The livery I´ve created for my Porsche 911. Promotion of Astroneer in GT SPORT on PS4. Start your engines!!
  18. linusmertes

    Astroneer on PS4?

    Hi, I downloaded astroneer on my pc but because I'm playing on a mac with bootcamp my computer couldn't handle the game. That's why I wanted to ask when the PS4 version is gonna come out. There is a PS4 version for nearly every game so when will it come out. Bet there are thousands of angry PS4 gamers out there waiting but still not knowing how long they have to wait. Why don't also make a PS4 version? Thank you I think astroneer is an amazing game but that is one major issue.
  19. I know that Astroneer has Controller Support, but does it work with a PS4 controller?
  20. Can you make PS4 and Mac versions of the game because I would buy it except I don't have a windows pc or an xbox 1. If you were to do Mac, you should put it on steam. I kind of want it on the ps4 more than the mac
  21. There needs to be a segregation of platforms in the forums, so the developers can better isolate issues.