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About Me

  1. I keep on learning. I just built the printer but i don´t know how to use it. Can you help me please? Thanks.
  2. Not sure whats going on here. Am I missing something?
  3. I built several buildings & think there is one called a printer that I can't make with my current base config, It would be nice to be able to break down / destroy a building. Or to be able to move them around if you are in the central starting / saving pod.
  4. My default items to print on the medium printer are 1-seat and solar panel. That's it. That doesn't seem like a correct starting group of items. Also, even after researching several new items there are still just those 2 items available on the printer.
  5. If you place a small generator on the medium printer in it's side inventory slot, and then place any item next to it in the other slot it sort of warps left about a meter and then back over and over until one of the two items is removed. PC version, Mouse, Keyboard, Full screen mode. v.0.4.10215.0
  6. On Xbox one, version 154, since updating yesterday evening, all previously researched items cannot be printed or even shown as an option to be printed. Those already printed can still be used but the printer only displays one item able to be printed and that's the 1-seat. Additionally, all researched modules cannot be used (e.g. Trade platform). Once the modules are reresearched, they become functional (e.g. The vehicle bay) but researched options are still missing (I.e. The vehicle bay only offers a rover to be printed even though a shuttle was previously printed and I started the game by exiting a 3-seater truck). I also tried starting a new save, hoping the bug was specific to my main game save, but no. In the new game too, once a printer is made, I can only print a 1-seat. Even if you research new items, I'm still unable to choose a new item to print. Unfortunately, because of this games reliance on the printer, this bug has made the game unplayable.
  7. I have been playing Astroneer (Steam version, keyboard and mouse) with a friend of mine for a few hours and I researched a few essential items but we are unable to print them. Only the defualt 1-Seat shows up along with one other item (drill head) that is printable, and in the vehicle bay only a seat is printable. This bug may only be for multiplayer, and it makes the game unplayable. I really do not want to lose my save because my base is good and the surrounding area is perfect, please help!
  8. What if we could print movable small nodes at the Printer? Two resin (twice as expensive as a base-expansion node), needs to be researched, can't expand off of it, can't upgrade it. When it is on the ground you can't push/pull it. Can place it on vehicles (using two connections), attach it via the cables (like a vehicle to base connection) to both vehicles and the base. Tethers would attach to it like they do to a vehicle or base. Can be used to connect found solar panels to your base, more base design options, placing at the mouth of a cave for a solar power underground, zebra ball monuments... whatever!
  9. After about 10 hours of a new game, and a lot of research done on other planes beyond the start I still did not find the panel storage, when I finally found it does not appear among the searchable projects that the printer can use. I tried to save and close the game and tried using the printer on land and moon but it did not appear.
  10. Summary: 158 - Steam - Researched items unavailable Description: Items researched such as 3-seat & storage are unavailable at the printer after they have been researched. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 158 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.1066 CPU: AMD FX(tm) - 6300 Six-Core Processer 3.76GHz GPU: R9 290X OCII 4GB RAM: 14GB
  11. Summary: 155 - Steam - Can only print one-seater despite research Description: Just updated to 155 (0.3.10155.0) on Steam and started a new game after deleting my old ones. I build the printer before I built any other modules. First noticed when I researched storage and the arrows didn't seem to do anything. I don't know if it's an issue with the arrows or the printer but I can't Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 155/ 0.3.10155.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 Single Language x64 | v. ???? | Build ? CPU: Intel i7-4510U CPU @ 2GHz, 2.6GHz (Turbo to 3.1GHz) GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 850M 4GB VRAM RAM: 8 GB DDR3 L Memory Drive: 1TB Hybrid HDD (No Idea. Will edit later when I find it.)
  12. Ive recently researched storage, but its not available to print, I dont understand. Help would be nice.
  13. I can't find newly explored blueprints. When i explored a new Blueprint i can't find it in the Printer it doesn' exist.
  14. I can't find newly explored blueprints. When i explored a new Blueprint i can't find it in the Printer it doesn' exist.
  15. Summary: 153-Steam-Game starting with some researches already unlocked Description: At the beginning of the game, vehicles bay and printer were already available for construction. No research was done at that time. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 153 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 family/v.1607/Build 14393.1066 CPU: i7-6700HQ/2.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M RAM: 8Go
  16. Have tried just about everything. But nothing seems to be letting the builds switch from the 1-seat on the printer. Have built new printer to see if it'd work but it was the same problem.
  17. I have read and felt the frustration about the change to the research "curve." Randomness is a cop-out; it levels the playing field in skill and effort, which infuriates skillful and hard-working players. Great for anyone not invested in the game, but do the math and you'd find that a high percentage of players will be frustrated just based on the statistical likelihood of extended failure (which can be calculated based on Astroneer's research probabilities). Multiply that by the time required to gather research on foot and you would have seen the reaction to 153 coming a mile away. I've attached an image showing a small fraction of the tethers I've laid out in a vain attempt to unlock a Vehicle Bay, from mountain tops to cave bottoms on foot, for your interest. There are better ways to add difficulty and reward investment in the game (which together build engagement). For example, the printer and vehicle bay, (both of which you have caved to complaints by adding back as default starting items) have dramatic effects on game progress. The printer unlocks a huge jump in easy sustainability (storage, batteries, and power), and the vehicle bay opens the world and solar system for resource searches and ASTRONEERing. In my opinion, that makes the printer and vehicle bay the central bridges from early to late game play. They should require effort to build, but that effort should be measurable and understandable. Random chance is neither. But giving them away for nothing is a wasted design opportunity, and a wasted hook. Consider this alternative: Logically, both are extremely capable devices. So they should have complex requirements. Multiple component parts. Using every type of available resource. Trade-offs between survival and progress that force compromises. Learning applied from early game struggles just to keep breathing and gather basic materials. In operation, they should cost more than energy and trivial resources, because they are technically more advanced than the research platform and smelter (I am omitting the Fuel Condenser because it has no place in the game, although trading Hydrazine DOES, but that's another topic). Routine maintenance for example. Secondary supplies of common resources. You should need to input resin and compound every time, logically (that's the base material and binder). Printing something like a battery should require that AND lithium AND copper too. A vehicle could require all metals AND compound AND resin AND organic smelted to rubber, and be built in phases - chassis (Titanium), wheels/feet (Aluminum and smelted Organic rubber), generator (Copper), motor/rocket (Aluminum), body (Compound and Resin, plus color augments), built in phases. THEN seats, storage, crane, etc. After all, a vehicle is essentially a mobile habitat that provides all necessities of life. It should take effort, and it should create a sense of accomplishment and investment in the game. That kind of challenge is far more compelling because it rewards effort and highlights progress. Players have accomplished something! As it is, four compound for a rover? Four lowest value resources for essentially a habitat on wheels? That's just silly. But your solution failed to address the root cause of the uneven curve in progress. Instead you applied a kind of thoughtless random anger generator and completely ignored the fun and cleverness you've already built. I strongly disagree with abusing probability to manufacture "difficulty." It is simple-minded and CANNOT guarantee a satisfying outcome within a reasonable playing time (read about the difference between probability and likelihood and do the math, truly). Random-chance alternatives within a category are ok, but key game progress needs to reward proficiency, efficiency, and effort. I realize that you have plans and limitations I'm not privy to, but the solution to "how do we make it more challenging" is not a lower random chance of a giant leap to end game.
  18. Hello, everyone! I know this is a known issue but I would like to know why! Here's the deal I purchase Astroneer from the Microsoft Store at first. When playing your able have the printer, Vehicle Bay, Research, and Smelter when creating your base. I purchased Astroneer on Steam and I only get Research and Smelter on the modular nodes or whatever you call them lol! It seem there something not right here! Is anyone else having this problem? Thank you Wookie
  19. Can't build a printer. Can only build a smelter and a research module on a platform. Unlocked already a lot of printable objects, but i can't print these without printer. Same issue in a new game. Version Q3.10153
  20. Logged in today normally saved correctly before, but when I went to go build more storage, all three of my printers are stuck on the 1-seat build and cannot be changed. Even when building a new printer to see if it was just the old ones that stopped working, the new was as well stuck on the seat. Looking for insight and help.
  21. I was recently playing the new build and I'm testing out the new research mechanic, so far so good. However, I do have a drawback. I played for 2 hours on a new game and never came across being able to build a printer. I assumed research would unlock it but I got unlucky and never got it or maybe the printer wasn't unlock-able by research. I suggest that new players should start out by being able to make a smelter, research and printer from the very beginning. Not having the printer but getting things to print kinda annoyed me to the point where I just closed the game. I enjoy the game but felt so limited as to what to do. TLDR: allow players to be able to build a printer from the start, cause I spent two hours researching and never got the printer.
  22. Hello, My name is Charlie and I have been playing Astroneer for about 15 hours now, mostly solo. I love the game and I am very excited to see what is to come! More to the point I would like to report a funny bug that I noticed in the way that the printers take up items from their included storage spots on the sides. Particularly the left side. Oddly enough it does not seem to happen on the right side. This glitch will happen when you have an item selected in the printer with only one of the required items filled in and an unrelated item in the back space of the left side storage. If the required item is then placed in the left side front-most storage, the item in the back will "try to get out of the way" but it cannot, and it will sit there trying indefinitely. I tested it in a couple different situations. The first part can be seen <a href="">here</a> , and the second part is uploaded <a href="">here</a> . I can save you some time though, as the second video is just a test when the generator is selected instead of storage and the glitch is still there. I know this is a funny situation that a user would never really need to work, but it does look a little silly! Hope this was helpful! All the best, Charlie
  23. My Idea is make a new printable item. Item: Conduit Cost: 2 Compound Function: to connect two platforms together for routing power and base connections. e.i.: you create a base from your Spaceship, but later one deploy a habitat nearby, but you can't connect them. Make a conduit and run it to the ports.
  24. Am I missing something here? There's a full battery on the next platform over, but the 3d printer won't take energy from it to charge.
  25. I like to plant a storage between my machines and on the two item docks in either side of say a printer. However, after 119 Xbox, in my solo game I couldn't print anymore even though I had power and the resource. So my question is whether or not there is a limit to how many storage racks you can make?