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  1. Summary: 1.16.60 - Steam - Printer sound doesn't stop in multiplayer Description: The sound for a printer didn't stop after the print finished, but only for the guest in a 2-player game (happened when I was the host and when I was the guest). The sound effect never ended. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.16.60 Specifications: (both PC's that we play on are the same) OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 2004 | Build 19041.572 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1650 Super 4GB RAM: 2x16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200 Drive: Crucial P2 NVMe M.2 SSD, 500GB -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. There is a bug where the first thruster you print during the tutorial does not have the function available to open it. This means there's no "hold F to open" option on the box. While this issue is solved by just crafting another thruster, it still needs to be fixed. I, for one, speedrun this area of the game, Tutorial%. I would love to see this get fixed! Also, if this is fixable, please let me know!
  3. Okay, so with every update and new items added the UI is getting closer to its limits. my little backpack printer is getting totally overburdened with so many recipes but same applies to all other printers as well. to find the stuff i need i have to do a lot of clicking, and the more clicking i do, the faster i tend to do it thus possibly skipping the item i wanted... and i have to make another loop over the recipes... Now that we get regular monthly updates i start to dread on the thought of researching new stuff for that very reason (no way to unresearch stuff, is there?). okay time to talk solution but any ideas are welcome. so let's see what we can come up with: often enough i know what i need for the stuff i want to build, so it would be cool to be able to filter recipes by a selected ingredient. This filtering could be specified by dragging the resource into the printer slot (at least for the backpack printer). we only use left and right key to browse through blueprints. time to get two dimensional and use the up/down key to browse categories (with one being all blueprints?). that would be along the UI of the research menu. favorites? could be implemented as a special category mentioned in 2. special hotkey would toggle blueprints as favorites.
  4. I dont know if this issue has been addressed but I have noticed that when a medium printer is placed on either side table of a large platform B it faces inward toward the table and not the direction of the little red arrow which is outward toward the long side or outward toward the sidetables if put on the main table
  5. Occasional the printer will only print things at about a 45 degree angle. I couldn't get it to stop even after resetting the game and only after rebuilding another medium printer did it fix.
  6. As the topic implies: Allow any kind of printer to start printing when the target location is blocked by something that is able to store the printed item - and move it directly to the storage as the printing process is over. Uses: - Minimizes the need to manually move items - allows further automation, as the item is properly stored after printing
  7. Hello all, Logged in and was going through the tutorial to see what was new. The following happened: 1. Full backpack note won't go away At one point early during the tutorial I must have filled up by backpack and the "your backpack is full" text box appeared by it. The problem is, it doesn't go away even if you empty your backpack fully. It just stays there. Forever. It haunted me. 2. First small printer can't be "examined" I printed and deployed the small printer, connected it to a power source, but when hovering over it, it doesn't give me the option to "examine" it and print the item. I can load materials from my backpack directly into the printer by clicking on the holograms, but there's no way to actually make the printer work. 3. Tutorial step can't be completed To get around the above issue, I printed a second printer from my backpack, which worked normally, and printer the solid-fuel thruster to complete the tutorial objective. The thing is, it doesn't complete the objective step, probably because I'm not using the first printer. I even walked with the printed thruster all the way back to the shuttle and attached it to the shuttle and still nothing. I can't do anything to get around this so I'm going to have to restart the tutorial. See the attached pic for reference. Thanks! Van :leek:
  8. The printer dosent exsist in the research catalog
  9. While I'm glad to see that they're narrowing down the crafting tools, I would like to see a re-work (and re-naming) for which prints what. Mostly just dependant on the size or necessity of the items in particular. Like maybe small should specifically be for platforms, not including the XL one. Medium for objects and first two tiers of vehicles, and the Large printer would print modules and XL objects like the XL platform and the XL rover. The Large printer should also still require being attached to a platform or vehicle but be crafted by the medium printer obviously, and be unlocked at the beginning same as research module but research module would need large printer to craft. Cost could be 4 compound, which would be double the cost of medium printer and follows with the current trend of increasing costs for increasing size.
  10. Hello, I ve created a Save game an would like to print. But no 3D Printer is availble at the Science Table. anything i can do? Sincerley Skordiac
  11. Summary: 7.0 - Steam - Medium Printer won't work Description: The medium printer, when fabricated and placed upon a medium or larger platform, often fails to expand to its full size or become usable. I was able to fabricate one that worked at one time (the one shown) but upon loading in the next time it wouldn't allow me to interact with it and start the printing process, even when connected to power and with sufficient resources. Platform: Steam Version: 7.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ 2.8Ghz GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 RAM:16384 RAM Drive: NVMe SAMSUNG MZVLW512 (Picture shown shows me standing next to the printer, which won't allow me to interact with it even if I hover my cursor over it. I usually play with my Lenovo laptop hooked up through a cable to my TV and with a wired X-box controller)
  12. I accidentally printed something with (A) button, and then quickly tried to stop it again with (A) button. This worked, in a sense. I got my Compound back in full and nothing it being printed. But the printing sound is still on and the 2 bars of energy I lost aren't regenerating. I then tried printing something else. It printed, the printing sound stopped, but now my backpack energy isn't regenerating at all. Videos here:
  13. I have a full backpack. I had Tethers selected in the backpack printer. Then I switched to another item to print. Because my backpack was full there was nowhere for the compound in the printer slot to go. It just went spinning off into the cosmos never to be seen again. This occurred because I had the "Tethers" already selected, which pulled in a Compound resource. Then I filled my backpack by mining Resin. My suggestion would be to never have a resource actually consume a slow in the printer. Only have the printer consume the resource when print is chosen, and not pre-load itself with the resource.
  14. Hi, since my printer isn't working anymore. I don't get the E icon for start printing. After the patch I could print one time, and then i can't start the printing. bye, Clou AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.30-09.31.01.sav
  15. You do not have the Q examine option. I can not print anything. I have no choice, all items have!
  16. recently I've had an issue were the medium printer won't work in my game. I thought it might have just been my world maybe it was bugged or something but I started a new world and when I got the medium printer I had the same issue. The arrows along with the print button don't show up and it wont let me print anything. Any ideas? I'm at a loss for this one.
  17. situation: When every slot on your backpack and deform tool is occupied by an item except for the BP printer slot. the alt+click function will show strange item discard behaviour for any item except the desired item by the BP printer. This is confusing. Shouldn't you just get the "backpack is full" behaviour routine unles you pick up the correct item for the bp printer ? Here is an illustration of what I mean! 2018-03-17 12-34-56.mp4
  18. 0.6.5 - Steam - All new printers freeze forever After making a new game I've made a printer to print stuff, but it freezed after being mounted on the platform. I've threw it away and made new one, wich resulted in the same effect. I've made a new save, but got stuck on the same point, unable to print anything. Exiting game doesn't help and it happens only on new saves. Steam 0.6.5 OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit x64 | 1709 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i7-6700K 4GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 16GB RAM: 16 GB (DIMM DDR4, 2400 MHz) Drive: ADATA SP550 250GB
  19. Summary: Bug with Medium Printer. Cannot Use. Description: Many times after building a Medium Printer, it cannot be used. I noticed this on a few new games but even starting a new game it happens. Sometimes I can build 2 or 3 and finally get one working but many times not. Link to Vid of Issue: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (Skylake) 8M GPU: eVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB SC+ Gaming ACX 2.0+ RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4x 8GB) DDR4 3000Mhz (PC4-24000) C15 Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB Sata III SSD
  20. My médium printer does not work
  21. i cant get the printer hub to show up i have started new save and even uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing
  22. When I activated the medium printer on Xbox version 6.01, the hologram UI did not show up.
  23. Attached video shows the bug. (But I might as well explain what I think is happening.) Version: Windows Steam _ Alpha The game mechanic involved: When you place a resource onto the side of a large platform, at your base, with a module that wants to use that resource, the resource is automatically moved into the middle. The problem: I place a resource that the medium printer wants onto the side of the large platform. The module realises that it wants to automatically move resources onto itself. But rather than taking the one that I just placed, it attempts to take a different one. This different resource is the wrong one, so it puts it back, ... and then takes it again... this repeats indefinitely until you take away a resource. Reproduction steps: preparation 1. Research medium printer and medium storage. preparation 2. Have a large platform with a printer module. preparation 3. Make sure all attachment points of the platform and module are empty. preparation 4. View the platform from the front (such that you can see the text the correct way around). I call the side to your left the "left side". And the side to your right the "right side". preparation 5. Use the arrows to ensure medium storage is what the printer has selected. bug step 1: Focus your attention to the large platform's attachment points. It has two to the left of the printer and two to the right of the printer. bug step 2: Focus your attention to the two attachment points on the left side. bug step 3: Place a compound there. (You need not worry about which point of the pair. The cursor just locks on to the pair and always choses the point towards the back as the first.) bug step 4: Place a malachite there. (It doesn't have to be malachite. Every 1-sized item appears to do the same, including organic, copper, and small solar.) bug step 5: Place a compound there. observation 1: The malachite shakes back and forth between where it was and the point that wants compound. observation 2: The compound doesn't move. Deeper look: When doing the same on the right-side instead of the left side, and there is empty space on the left side. The malachite gets moved across to the left and the compound gets to its destination. There's no annoying repetition, however it is still weird behaviour. When doing the same on the right-side, and the left side is full, then the indefinite repetition happens also. When step 3 is skipped, then both the malachite and the compound move onto the middle, then the malachite is moved back to the side. There's no annoying repetition, however it is still weird behaviour. This bug also occurs with the vehicle bay, but step 3 must be replaced by giving it three compound. Any less than three and the same behaviour as skipping step 3 occurs. Unaffected: The smelter isn't affected. The notable difference I can see between the printer and vehicle bay vs the smelter is that the first two have a blueprint+arrows selection menu, whereas the smelter just wants any ores. The Mineral Extractor isn't affected. The sample is not auto-moved. And the soil canister manages to be taken under the same circumstance that causes the bug for other modules Unknown: I have not got far in the game yet, so I don't know whether there are other modules that are affected or not. Resource Auto-movement Bug _ Windows Steam _ Alpha
  24. I got many bytes, with them unlock several things, but I think the printer is wrong, only prints solar panels, does not give me the option to change objects, and I have many objects to print.