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Found 71 results

  1. My idea is to add a platform that would be specifically be used for generating and storing power. Item: Power Station Function: Consolidated location for generating Description: This platform would have three Double ports for power production. (Solor, Wind, Coal) Item: Power Storage Station Function: Consolidated location for storing power Description: This platform would have four Double ports for connecting batteries. I envision it as two towers each holding two batteries. You would find these via research that only allows you to build the platforms. You'll need to use the printer to produce the parts. I thought of this after seeing many sprawling bases filled up with all sorts power generators and storage. I thought it would be cool to have platforms to consolidate them so bases wouldn't have to be so spread out. It would also help players that land in confined spaces, or prefer to make small bases.
  2. Nicholas Micchelli

    IDEA: New Platform - Warehouse

    Item: Warehouse Platform Found: Via Research Build: 2 Titanium Purpose: provide 4 double ports for storage grids Re: centrally location research for easier/faster organization.
  3. Played last night 12-29-16 had no problems game ran beautifully in multiplayer at that, played today and new platforms have no power with an icon displayed in the front port where nothing can attach. I will attach a picture tonight
  4. Here's my issue. Spec: windows 7 / steam game 16go ram and intel i7 3820 on z79 motherboard, video card gtx 570. Issue: BUG: Items can be stuck under freshly constructed platform causing sound issue leading to low performance after a while. As the title say, when player have items like oxygen near the round platform that need 2 resins unit to be constructed as a building platform and are constructed over the item, the item will be stuck under it. As result the collision sound/collider I presume will make an irritating sound that will repeat forever like tic tic tic tic tic, and after a while the frame rate will begin to drop when near the platform. Repro steps: 1. Construct the round platform that need 2 resins to be completed. 2. Place items close to it and then place 2 resins on it to be constructed over the items. 3. Notice that the items are stuck under the freshly constructed platform as a result a tic tic tic sound can be heard when triggered correctly. Consequence: performance can be altered after awhile: That is a medium severity issue for me cause my computer rocks, but I think that can be troublesome for low performance computers. Thanks
  5. Base node acts like it has something connected, and has 2 extender ports. Cannot make into a platform, even if I put 2 resin on top. One of the extenders follows my character, the other is stuck at the mid-point. I think it started at some point after I connected a truck tube to the node, but I am not sure. I want to say it had one of the large solar panels on top at the time. I have tried saving and reloading the game. After reloading, the 2 resin templates reappear on it, but they disappear again after anything, even resin, is put on those slots until reloading the game again. I have tried re-attaching a truck to it, and a third extender appears sometimes but not others. Sometimes a tube to connect doesn't even appear. Good luck! -Robin
  6. RenegadeWizard

    Storage-only Platform?

    Hi, I would love it if we had the option of making a platform which could hold 4 storage units (those 2 x 4 foldy ones). Thanks!
  7. If you save the game while the trade platform is away and load this save point the trade platform dissapears and never comes back.
  8. Hi there. Once I had gotten to a pretty good point in my original landing zone, and built a shuttle, i decided to go ahead and launch out to somewhere new. When I landed, no Compound spawned anywhere close to me. After about an hour and a half of fumbling in the caves and failing to find my ship when i got out, I ended up letting myself die from O^2 loss to respawn back at my ship. I said "screw this, let's go somewhere else", and proceeded to launch again, leaving behind one unfinished platform structure at the 2nd location (the platform was constructed, 3 resin paid, but nothing was built upon it because I couldn't find any compound to make a smelter with). When I landed again in my third location and fourth location, though I was able to find some compound, I wasn't able to extend a platform tube from the shuttle at all, making that playthrough completely borked. Now maybe I'm not understanding a critical part of being able to build stuff, but it felt like it was either a hard borked bug, or a purposely designed part of the game. I wasn't able to select the tube part of the shuttle at all, my guy would just point at it sometimes. I even tried to flatten the ground around it, and nothing worked. Am I missing something or is this just broken? On Windows 7 64bit, through Steam, mouse and keyboard.
  9. IMO the trade platform is a pretty broken building. It's just way too abuse-able and makes getting any recourse extremely easy (especially if combined with a Fuel Condenser). So what I was thinking was instead of building a trade platform, you build a landing pad. The way it works is, every now and then a NPC controlled Spaceship lands on the landing pad. This Spaceship will have a range of resources you can trade for. Maybe they land with 2 Copper, 1 Organic and 2 Compound resources. Then you offer what you want to trade, if anything, and then take off and leave. Then you can't trade again until another ships lands, however long that may take. This is similar to how it works in Planetbase, if anyone here has played that. You can only trade when a ship lands on your planet, you can only trade for what they are currently carrying and each ship may have their items priced differently.
  10. Spoo here

    Stuck in platform

    When i build a larger item like Printer, Trade Platform, etc., i'm often stuck in the middle of the platform and sometimes can't get out.
  11. DevraDare

    More Storage

    TL:DR - New platform idea... Have a "Storage" option. So you know those small circles that you use to expand your base? I would love to turn it into platform like the one you get for the research or trade or smelting etc. BUT, still be able to continue branching off of it. Likewise, Maybe be able to continue branching off of any of the platforms. "+1" if you like the idea
  12. When I built the platform for my researcher a block of compound was there and then it got stuck under the platform... It began to make a noise which spammed my base so I had to restart to fix that issue. My suggestion to fix it is to have it de-spawned or make it pop out from the machine / platform Thanks!
  13. Platforms for easier building, like a platforms in subnautica.
  14. Damned, I misclicked already two times with the vehicle creator platform (dont know how it is called in english). Now I have a rover with two single seats and a useless rover with a big storage (useless because it can not hold collected technology items) Is there any way to change the configuration of the vehicle or just remove the platforms on the vehicle?
  15. RamSteur

    Cross platform

    Can I play with friends if they are on xbox one and i am on pc ?
  16. - I tested this out on a few bases and found power will not flow to any large platform if it is connected to another large platform. - The Research platform are the only exception I have found. - Small to small platforms work fine. windows 10 Steam
  17. Brooks64p

    Geo Thermal Power

    Geo thermal stations would be good to have to generate power when sun or wind isn't avaliable. Like be able to find a spot underground where you could place a geo thermal station and connect it to the tether system to be able to have a good power supply while doing work underground since there wouldn't be any wind or sun avaliable to you
  18. I kept noticing the little round thing follow me around, so I decided to see if i could overlap them. And low-and-behold you can. You can also stack multiple components on one another using this.
  19. Whenever I build a platform with a shuttle, the platform always build far down. Now sometimes the platform builds underground, and then the ground is unbreakable. I don't know if any ground is supposed to be unbreakable (I have found other places with unbreakable ground), but it's especially annoying when you can't build a platform because of it.
  20. There was some boulder size rocks around my base when i landed. most went away when i built things, but one glitched into my printer platform when I built it. I can still use the platform. But the battery meter is completely covered by a boulder.
  21. When creating multiple platforms in a line, it works fine, however, on game save and restart, all platforms after the one next to the original habitat, no longer connect image 1: shows me connected to platform 1 just fine image 2: The 2nd platform wont let me be tethered to it (notice my oxygen level) Image 3: the reason how i noticed, and the "and more" part of this bug report: platforms want to be upgraded despite the "connections" (might have to do with the disconnecting as well) other info: Me and my friend were both playing this map, my friend was crashing alot, which is what prompted me to restart (PC)