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Found 71 results

  1. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Constancy needed in platform utilization Description: The game is very non-uniform in the utilization of platform slots. Any production base module should be consistent as to where it deposits output materials. I don't care whether its the left side or the right side that is the primary output but pick one and make it the same on every base module. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 SMELTER: Not positive when it started but it was in one of the more recent patches. The smelter has changed where it deposits output metals. It now outputs to the row of 4 smelting slots before choosing to output to either of the companion (when attached to a large platform) slots. It appears to favor outputting to the left companion slots when the 4 smelter slots are occupied. The smelter will take ore from either companion slots. MINERAL EXTRACTOR: This one outputs primarily to the right companion slot. HYDRAZINE CATALYZER: This one seems to output to the left companion slot. Will take Ammonium from either companion slots but won't take canisters. TRADE PLATFORM: This one does not deposit its return onto any storage. The request: What I am asking for is uniformity. Pick either left or right as primary output slot (I would like it to be left first, then right but I don't care deeply which is first). All output from all modules should go to the primary slot FIRST. And always the same slot (be it right or left) if it has free slots. Smelter should STOP outputting to the 4 input slots unless all companion slots are full. And please have the smelter eject the last piece of metal from its output. This would allow us to consistently predict where things are going to go in every platform with every module. The result (if uniformity were implemented): I could drop a medium storage with 8 malachite onto the left slot beside the smelter and when its complete, that same medium storage would be filled with 8 copper. Why does that not work now? Because the smelter won't deposit to that side and favors depositing them onto its 4 input slots. It also does not eject the last piece from the output. I still have to pick those up and put them on the storage. In addition, I could drop a medium storage with 8 malachite onto the left slots and a storage with 8 Laterite and walk away. When its done, I would come back to one storage full of copper and one full of aluminum. Why this doesn't work now? If you do that it seems to randomly pull from the storage intermixing copper and aluminum going to the storage tabs. And, obviously, leaving some on the input 4 slots and on the output slot. Its a mess. I can place a medium storage with 8 canisters on the left slot of the soil condenser. It will fill itself and return the canisters to the medium storage. Why does that not work now? Because the soil condenser wants to output to the RIGHT slot, not the left. I can put a medium storage with 4 empty canisters and 4 ammonium onto the left slot of the Hydrazine Catalyzer and it will suck up the empty canisters and the 4 ammonium and produce 4 canisters of hydrazine back on the medium storage. Why does this not work now? It won't take the canisters off a storage. And it doesn't deposit the hydrazine canisters back onto the storage. If this was fixed you could drop a medium storage with 8 ammonium and another with 8 empty canisters and walk away. Come back later to have the left storage full of 8 hydrazine and an empty storage on the right.
  2. theastonmartin

    Tier 2 power source platforms

    You know how the tier 1 power-generator items create little platforms with cables on them when they are freestanding? It would be useful if there were versions of that for tier-2 power-generators.
  3. Shia LeBFF

    Mag-booted platforms

    First of all, I'm pretty convinced that the sound designer/music composer looooves Earthbound, and I'm loving the constant nods. So I was finding an convenient place to put my mineral extractor since the canister that had fallen into it had become irretrievable. Turns out all I had to do was turn the problem on its FACE~ a solution SURFACEd into plain view~ ......I should go to a different planet, already. My specs: i5 quadcore 3.10GHz 1060GTX Geforce 3GB RAM 16GB RAM Windows 7 SP1 / Steam Mouse/keyboard This is Radiated, the third celestial body I've visited and my third base setup. I've been doing a lot of terraforming here, and routed power to an underground bunker base.
  4. CuriousCabbit

    Platform has liftoff

    Steam - Win8.1 64-bit - Mouse/Keyboard - Intel i7-3770 - 16GB - Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti - MBAudio MSI B75MA E33 - Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB SATA When standing on a platform if you pick it up it is possible to get it to gracefully rise. I nearly managed to land again didn't quite get the timing right , reminded me of the spaceX Falcon 9 trying to land on that barge Reusable Launcher.mp4
  5. UnwrittenMythz64

    Space ships

    I have recently been watching some of the dev streams from when the game was not released and I thought why do we not have a landing platform for our spaceships I also find it frustrating if you have already built a spaceship and don't have a rover you have to either create another vehicle bay or get in your spaceship waste precious hydrazine to move your spaceship to somewhere else on that planet my idea is that the landing platform could be built by the vehicle bay in a box like all the other base pieces and could still be moved pls add into the game.
  6. OneSickEagle

    New platform ideas

    Love the new updates! I think it would be great to have parking platforms because I'm still having an issue with loading in and having my rover halfway in the ground. These platforms would be flat and use aluminum as the building materiel. Make where they could plug in just like other platforms so our rovers would still charge but still be able to anchor down alone so we could place these platforms in various locations. We could attach a form of power generating source so we could use them as charging stations through out the worlds.
  7. PC mouse/keyboard I had a platform with active research on it but I wanted to get something else done faster at night so I unlinked it from my network. However it was still drawing power from my batteries. I even moved the platform out and away from my base but it was still running. I had plans to drop a solar and a wind turbine onto the side storage attachments and drop them out separately further away from my main base so as not to draw all the power at night when I am still working on other tasks. Basic passive generation of data for the smaller data researches. And it seemed even other medium platforms linked to each other but not to the base network also draws power or distributes power if it has a battery in it.
  8. Xan Steel

    Base Platform Merging

    The Title says it all. Sadly they don't merge, and this should be looked into. Scenario: I tried to get to starting platforms to merge into one connecting unit, thinking that maybe instead of two storage ports I'd get four. Sadly that didn't work and I wound up with this mess. Creating a base in a square grid pattern. Current game version "Early Access (Alpha) OS Win 10 CPU AMD Phenom 9850 X4 Ram 8gbs DDR2 800 Graphics GTX 650.
  9. While attempting to install from Steam, I am receiving an error that says I am attempting to use an invalid platform, but I am on Windows 10, version 1703 OS Build 15063.786 My steam is up to date, and I am able to log and play Warframe and FNaF, so at this point I am rather confused at the error. I have restarted my PC as well as Steam multiple times, I enabled beta testing in Astroneer's settings, and the steam support site is not very helpful. thanks for any tips!
  10. While attempting to install from Steam, I am receiving an error that says I am attempting to use an invalid platform, but I am on Windows 10, version 1703 OS Build 15063.786 My steam is up to date, and I am able to log and play Warframe and FNaF, so at this point I am rather confused at the error.
  11. [] I had a resin dropped by a platform by accident, and completed the two-resin-for-a-big-platform recipe. The loose resin just kinda disappeared. Edit: I found it! It was mostly overlapped with the platform cord.
  12. Highwoodman

    Bugged research item

    Version 215 - Research item can’t be placed on Research platform Description after finding a black round item with stripes for the research lab, I first had difficulties placing it on the truck. Somehow I couldn’t place it next to another item. After some switching between places I finally managed to fit them next to each other. But I wasn’t able to put any resource items on my pulling truck after that. When I brought the reasearch stuff to the base, I was only able to fit the research items on the slots on the outer sides of the research lab. But not in the middle, so that I could preform research on it. after placing the round research item out of reach, I was able to use the research lab with my other item. After a few seconds, the round black research item kind of took off and flew into space. This item is probably bugged. Platform: XBox One
  13. A little known fact, at least for me and my friends is that if you put a storage rack on a platform it folds open turning two slots into 8. You can do this to either side of any given platform to have a total of 16 storage slots. I would like the ability to create an empty platform, IE, turn off the hologram asking for more material to construct a module, IE research station, smelter, etc. That would free up 2 more 2 slot attach points allowing you to put another 16 slots on the platform for a total of 32. I know this wouldn't require too much dev time to accomplish, just allow us to switch the hologram off and free up the slots. Thank you, Æ
  14. I was just working on a new base so I leveled out the ground and got everything nice and smooth and then I build a smelter..and got my astroneer stuck in it. In an attempt to jog him free I quit the game to the main menu when I logged back in he was still stuck and the ground around my base has risen up around it. It still looks pretty smooth but it now covers the nodes.. You can just make out my head poking out the smelter in the screen shot and the subsidence is really obvious. Does anyone know a way to kill yourself and respawn at base?
  15. Thaumcaster

    Platform Bug

    Windows 10 64bit Steam Mouse/Keyboard Singleplayer Patch 196 Whenever I try to build a platform onto my base, it either: Appears as normal, then in the middle of construction, veers off to my left or right (most commonly right) The blue construction guide thing veers off to my left or right instead of straight in front of me, then after feeding it a stack of resin, it continues off in that direction
  16. So, I started a new game and was attempting to set up my platforms in an organized manner. I wanted to keep them along the North and South directions on each side of my pod in lines. However, when clicking on the last placed platform starter to set a new one, it will come out to where I want it initially, but then it will move, either before I place the resin in it to build it, or as it's being built. Making building my base in an organized manner completely impossible. I am using mouse and keyboard and my game is through Steam. I am on Windows 10 with all latest updates installed. The game is up to date as well.
  17. I don't seem to be alone in feeling that the trade platform ruins the exploration in this game. Once you have most of the research covered, there's little incentive in continuing to pick up compound and resin, or even find a new planet if you're short on these (Of course the game is in a very early stage, but mechanically I don't except it to change massively. Rarity of research and materials is the name of the game). I have a feeling that (if it'll stay in the game) it'll eventually be a very late-game item to, exactly, replace having to scout for early resources. However, this is not the case yet, and as such I suggest the following: The function and looks sorta stay the same for the building itself; two rockets and 2 x 2 pads (for storage modules), but instead of connecting with an unknown entity in space, they connect to one another, ie. useless alone. You travel to a new planet, put down another one, and now have the ability to send 8 nodes worth of resources back and forth. This could simply be done by redoing the current trade ratio <- [ ] -> indicator to choose which relay receives the material. Upon receiving materials, they'd simply be put onto an available space, such as one of the storage modules. This both makes settling on a new planet easier and more engaging, but also promote co-op, such as managing a new planet each, assisting each other, sending back to the main base without needing to fly a lot. I'm a sucker for many smaller bases over one huge, and the more ways I'd be able to connect and 'improve' on them with such a network, I think it'd be a lot more engaging than basically starting a new save game on a new planet, albeit with a bit of a handicap in terms of resources, every single time.
  18. KekkoLancer

    125 - Steam -Platform bug

    Description: I've created a smelter on Barren, it worked for 1 time then it disconnetted from the base.. how can i fix this? Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 125 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7 - 4710 HQ 2.5GHz @ 2.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 850 M RAM: 12GB Drive: 500 GB standard HD
  19. Taco Stand Dan

    Help with installing

    I am not allowed to install the game, it says that I cant download it on my platform. what does that mean and how do I fix this issue?
  20. Circumstances: Started playing the other day. Still working on expanding my first habitat. I had 4 platforms linked to the pod so far and upgraded to large platforms with the following modules: Research, Smelter, Printer, Fuel Condenser. Built in this order too. Was very excited to add Vehicle Bay and Trade Platform as well until I realized I couldn't. The pod does not show any available connection points any more, with or without resin in hands/backpack. Wiki says that a total of six platforms can be built off one habitat (; Not sure if this is a true bug or simply due to the layout of my base. Currently, each of the four platforms is located at a 90 degrees angle from its neighbours, making the whole configuration appear as a cross. (see attached pictures) Also, all buildings are surrounded by rock, some of which is "natural" while the rest I added myself to shield me from storm debris. Seeing how the floor got flattened a bit and some nearby rocks were destroyed automatically to make room when I first started to expand, I surmised similar adjustments will occur if I try to move to 5-way and consecutively 6-way layout for the base. They did not. Destroying the rocks around the structures does not help either. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates.
  21. I have created several platforms at my base, but am now unable to create any more. The circular nodes will not extend any more so I can create more. Playing on Windows 10.
  22. {SideExplorer}

    making platforms

    well I am still currently stuck on a planet with only a (shuttle with no fuel), a seat, and some resources but I don't have any fuel and cannot find any but I heard I could make a platform from my shuttle. if this is true how do I do it? I need to make a fuel condenser.
  23. I scanned through the first few pages of this forum and didn't notice anything that related to the issue I'm seeing; sorry if this is a repeat. I'm playing with keyboard and mouse on Steam. I started a fresh game, made a base, got a spaceship, no problems. I decided to load up and travel to a different location on Terran with my spaceship, where I began a new base. When I created a research platform, from a hub (not the habitat), it doesn't act as if it's connected to the remainder of my base. If I move power sources (wind, solar have been tested) from the hub to the actual research platform, they transfer power to research. If a vehicle is connected to the research platform, they will interact that way. Batteries will charge on that platform, assuming there is a power source on the other side. There is not transfer of power from the hub to the research platform or from the research platform to the hub and into the rest of my base. Power will flow from other sections of the base, through that hub, and to a vehicle bay, but never to the research station.
  24. Sometimes I just want to put one resin in a port and create a single line. If you are not careful it will automatically take 2 resins from your pack and make a station. There is no reversing this process which devalues the overall aesthetics of my creation. Thanks
  25. Xbox one user here. Recently downloaded the update. I can no longer upgrade the modules/platforms to permanent stations (2 resin upgrade). The resin bars will snap onto the module but nothing happens. I've tried mining new resin bars, tried different modules, and starting new games - nothing works. Anyone else dealing with this?