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Found 85 results

  1. Great Survivors

    Improving the game

    Hello ! Congratulations for your fantastic game its awesome . Me and my friend bought the game today and we are having trouble to play it online , the game keeps crashing . We also have some ideas to improve this fantastic game . 1- Health bar 2-Satellites ( like a spacial base ) 3-More kinds of space ships and cars to travel in different ways 4- Animals ( to provide resources ) 5-Custom base (where you can hide from storms , like a home) 6-Map 7-Water 8-More mountains where you can climb and build one of your bases , also caves , fallen space ships , etc 9- NO point of trade because one of the best things on the game is the crafting system and a trade system would end it 10- Space exploration
  2. Hi there. 1. Idea - Drones I visited every planet and build bases on every planet. The first stage in investing a planet is that u are rare on ressources or move between planets to get more stuff on it. In the beginning especially when the planet is not that nice to you... you are not able to move alot arround without dying. I would love the idea to stack a drone on a spaceship. (like a battery or store or something). The Drone is drivable but without seat. its only to get an overview of the terrain where u are. Sure it also needs energy. So if its empty u have to wait for the sun or wind and loose connection until it regain energy. (if u connected a device on it). The question that is still open from where u control the drone. May be from a module that also needs energy. So you loss 4 stacks on spaceship if u fly to a new planet. But especially in the beginning it would be cool just to drive over a new planet. Another option would be a Drone via a DroneSpaceShip. So you can launch it one time (like Nasa did with the explorer) and you can select a planet for a one way ticket. Energy by solar for it and gogogo. The Spacecontrol in the mainbase may be a new building to get control of the drone. But only if the Planet is in range. (Range should be large or upgradeable by antennes) 2. Idea - Meteors Another Event like the Sandstorm could be Meteors. The Timer how often the event triggers should be different by planet. Meteors deform Surface, destroy Structure and may spawn ressources or Tech. On the first Spawnplanet Meteor should be off or totally rare. They also should be variable in density and amount of the meteors. 3. Idea - Different Planets - Different Techs Every planet has its own ressources, tech and vegetation. It would be cool if i get tech from the moon i ll get tech thats very different from my tech of the homeplanet. Same for the ressources so i get totally new options when i get on a new planet or i travel between the planets. Ok this post gets a bit large... but i hope u like this ideas. They bug me while i played my 18 Hours of Astroneer. Regards Manni
  3. the pictures explain everything.
  4. Evil Hotdog

    planets invisble

    When in the planet selection overview, not all planet are always visible. When I land and relaunch into space they may or may not be visible again and selectable.
  5. therussiangui101


    Now planets looks from space quite strange (very very angular), will it be fixed in the future to get more pleasure from flying and others? I mean, when you're very close to them, they look so strange. Example(top image) and how beautiful she is(bottom image):
  6. CrypticFox

    Naming Planets

    It would be great in some future iteration if we could name the planets we visit that have not already been named This would let you add your own little creative stamp on the universe, and also serve to make it easy to identify where you've been before when travelling in space from one planet to another. Plant a little flag and put the name on it kind of thing.
  7. therussiangui101

    New worlds

    Will there be water planets(completely covered with water and a bit of land)? It would be interesting to explore the depths of the unknown. Those submarines, I think, a terrific idea!
  8. Hi, I got myself stranded and can't find a way of the planet. After building my base I set off on a journey trough space. I landed on the nearest planet which was a radiated one. After hanging out there a little bit I decided to return home but to my horror I found out that I had no more fuel left for my return journey. I went around and searched for Hydrazine but couldn't find any. Luckily I found a cave with some Resin. After a long grind I managed to get myself at the start of building a smelter and a trading post. Now I'm stuck because I can't build the smelter as it requires compound which seems to be extremely rare on radiated planets. I need the smelter in order to build the trading post as it requires aluminium which is smelted from laterite if I'm not mistaken. With the trading post I will finally be able to trade local resources for fuel. Is there an other way to make fuel or to craft a trading post? Thanks in advance, Chris
  9. Love the game, only issue I've had so far is that when traveling to new planets I haven't been able to find any resin. I used all the fuel in my ship and tried 3 or 4 different locations but couldn't find anything. I'm basically trapped/screwed on that save. Is that supposed to be a feature? Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't...
  10. It has just been released but its beauty already amazed me. I would like to see your guys scenes and artworks of Astroneer here. I have captured some of them . I hope you like.