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  1. Steam update 22/12/2016 when try to load save it crashed the game fully can't use the save game. seems have to restart the whole things again Astro.log CrashContext.runtime-xml Report.wer UE4Minidump.dmp WER49BE.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
  2. My Friend and I are having issues with joining each others games, I have read through other multiplayer threads and tried all of the fixes in those. Unfortunately none of these worked. The issue seems to be when trying to load the other players game, everything appears to go well then it kicks me out to the menu where I can launch characters from. It goes like this. I hit join game, then I see the message from System Era saying the game is in Pre-Alpha, and finally my game freezes for maybe a minute or less, and I am back the launch menu. If anyone is experiencing the same issues and has found a possible solution, please feel free to message me about it at my KIK (Tresacorn) anytime. Thanks, and happy playing.
  3. Playing multiplayer on pc windows. Playing on keyboard and mouse and made a rover with two seats one in front and one in back. Got in the rover and so did another player drove a short distance and the rover shot into the air and just stayed there. After about five minutes the rover fell back to the planet.
  4. I manage to get into the game and play for 2-3 minutes occasionally as long as 5 minutes before the game stops responding. I have to go into the Task Manager and kill the process resulting in no crash logs. I checked the steam folder and there are no crash logs there either. DirectX Diagnosis file is attached. DxDiag.txt
  5. I'm on Barren. So I have two power blocks that were half way depleted and I put them on a research station and they won't charge it, even though the station is not charged. I tried other power blocks I found and they work fine. The script must have gotten weirded out by something
  6. I want to play with people and I'm not seeing a way to do that yet. Is it not out? Am I just spaced out? Spaced out heh
  7. I figured this was an overheating issue, so I tried to get my PC a bit more air. But three times now while playing Astroneer, twice upon hitting the tab key near the habitat, my PC has shut down. I reboot and start my game back up and all of my progress is lost. Is anyone else having this issue? Like I said, I first assumed it was due to overheating or maybe a hardware issue in my PC. But now that it has happened twice at the exact second I hit the tab key I can't help but wonder why. Thanks all!
  8. So I've been playing hours of multiplayer and here are a bunch of bugs that I discovered today (mainly rovers flying into space) (View Spoiler) Specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7 4770 GTX 1080 32GB RAM
  9. UK or GMT +/- 1,2 zones, and feel like a game or two, add me - theisingguy
  10. Hello, I've set up a Steam Group for all of the PC players here. Looking forward to meeting y'all. Cheers, -Weyland
  11. The tethers when connected to a platform (ex smelter, printer, reaserch) does not work now...also when picking up the tethers with shift click they disapear
  12. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Reporting: Bug/ glitch System: PC Description: Playing multiplayer, as the player who connected to another (not the game host), after dying, when respawning next to base, the character falls through the floor, allowing you to fly around "inside" the ground, until either falling all the way down and dying from fall damage, or being pushed back up through the roof, sustaining damage, occasionally causing death. Issue is not always happening, but it's about a 50/50 chance of falling through the floor. How to Re-create problem if known: Connect to another players game, Die. Screenshots: Will upload next time it happens. Place Purchased: Steam Controller Type: Keyboard, Mouse Severity Level: Moderate / Severe Game Version (Build): latest build downloaded from steam as of 20/12/2016 Planet: Starting planet? Number of players in Game: 2 (including self) Level of Development (Vehicle Count, Base Size): 1 car, 1 shuttle, haven't left the planet, researcher, smelter and vehicle maker.
  13. After building the large space ship and decking it out with extra materials to make building on the second planet easier, my buddy and I flew to the Tundra planet to begin our new settlement. My buddy hosted, I joined as the client for this game. After landing, we initially did a cursory search area and I began to build first. I noticed that adding resin to begin a new small platform to extend resulted in: -Resin being used and platform construction sound playing, however nothing showed on the client's machine -When I asked my buddy (the host), he could see and continue building -After the host built several buildings and making a string of tethers, still nothing appeared on the client machine which only showed the other player and the ship -No terrain modifications were showing either To fix this I tried to reload and reconnect to his game. This resulted in numerous other bugs: -Client connected and landed from space station (joining screen) on the original planet -Building a new ship and flying to the new planet resulted in my ship landing on his truck which he had built -Only the truck chassis (no tires) appeared on the clients machine, which then began to flip around erratically without settling -The original space ship along with any of the structures, tethers, terrain modifications that the host made did not appear on the clients machine, I could only see the truck chassis, the ship I flew over in, and the host's character
  14. Was playing with a friend and we found out that if he mined ore while I was far away enough to not see him, and then approached the area he was in I could see ore and mine, though he already had, and when it collected the ore it would not actually appear in my backpack. Another bug was that my view distance was dropped significantly for markers such as home, and beacons, and the other player and his rover. Also if I am far enough away to not see the other player the physics on the rover tend to get crazy, if I hit a rock the rover will flip around erratically and uncontrollably. I should note that I was NOT the host in these situations.
  15. After the initial phase of building an extension (which requires 1 cell of Resin), when a platform is being phased out, the tiny debris/blocks on top of it would stay afloat till you terraform the terrain around it. Additionally, when I restart my game, I come back only to find cells previously in my backpack to be floating outside of my backpack, while still clinging onto me wherever I travel. Nonetheless, 9.5/10 game! Currently, I do not have any ideas to improve the game as it is already so awesome but I believe the staff at SystemEra will do their best to improve this potential-filled game! I'm playing on an Acer Gaming Desktop, btw!
  16. Pressing Escape key on PC does not pause the game. Reproduction: Start a new game and land. Exit the pod and walk out of tether range Press escape and leave for a few minutes. Expected The game to pause while the menu is open after pressing escape key. Observed The menu for resume, options and returning to main menu/exit is displayed. Game continues to run. The first menu item of "Resume" implies that the game would be expected to be paused in this state. In the reproduction, the avatar will suffocate after a few moments of inactivity while the menu is shown. Version and previous System Windows 10 x64 Pro AMD FX8350 CPU 32GB ram AMD/ATI HD7850 (default) and Nvidia GTX750Ti (secondary) GPUs each connected to their own full HD monitors 60GB free installation drive (SSD), 20GB free system drive (SSD)
  17. Deleting Saved Games There are a lot of posts floating about all asking the same question. Follow the links listed bellow depending on your platform to find detailed answers! PC: Xbox One:
  18. Hey guys, I found a small fix for the game that might help framerate for some, crashes for others, and extend overall play time: Go to your: C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Open the file: "GameUserSettings.ini" Edit the following lines: sg.ViewDistanceQuality=0 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=0 sg.ShadowQuality=0 sg.PostProcessQuality=0 sg.TextureQuality=0 sg.EffectsQuality=0 sg.FoliageQuality=0 If you want a smaller Resolution edit the following lines to whatever res you want: ResolutionSizeX=1600 ResolutionSizeY=900 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1600 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=900 You can force framerate limit with the following line: FrameRateLimit=60.000000 Now change the file to "READ ONLY" or the game will override the contents with the default settings. These changes increased framerate, lowered crashes, and allowed a 3 person multiplayer game to go on for four hours before the first crash when previous games barely made it an hour. It also doesn't really effect quality. Current textures are simple enough to not need high resolution so the game looks and runs just fine. In game you can also "replace your divots" (flat land is easier to render than a bunch of holes in the ground). Recycle Tethers! : If you go to a cave or area and are not going back there grab your tethers and bring them back with you. Less objects to render/keep track of means the game runs more stable.
  19. When joining a friend (either through invite or "join game" in friends list) after being taken to the space station main menu to select your character, you cannot use your mouse to select an astronaut or launch, you are forced to use arrow keys and enter. Steps to recreate: have friends on Steam , join their game, mouse input in main menu doesn't work.
  20. Bug #1: Control: Keyboard/mouse Platform: Steam Leading up: Brand new game, mined some resin, brought it back to build first node Steps to reproduce: Honestly not sure. Seems like all you need to do is try to build a node on a level patch of ground. Picture: You can clearly see that the ground was level before I placed the outer node, but it still built into the ground. Not game-breaking, but very infuriating for obsessive players like me that want to build a very structured and organized base. Bug #2: NOT ACTUALLY SURE IF THIS IS A BUG. Control: Keyboard/mouse Platform: Steam Leading up: nothing out of the ordinary. Normal gameplay as far as I know (mining, building, bringing research stuff back to base). Steps to reproduce: Honestly not sure, after a while I just started getting lithium when I researched stuff, even though my "tech-tree" wasn't fully filled out. From what I understand, in order to get all the blueprints you need to just research stuff, and you are randomly awarded with a blueprint. After you've gotten all the blueprints, you supposedly start getting rare materials from researchables. THAT'S MY IMPRESSION OF HOW IT WORKS. If this is actually the case, then I was getting lithium and titanium before I got blueprints for the spaceship and the wench. Again, to be clear, I'm not sure if this is intentional design, or if research is supposed to be a linear progression through all the blueprints first, and THEN the rare materials after.
  21. So right now if I want to drop something I have to drag it and I feel like it would be slightly faster and make total sense to just right click something to have it drop from your backpack.
  22. After playing on multiplayer for 3 hours on my friend's world, he got tired and took a nap. 4 hours later I saw on Steam that the "Join Game" option was highlighted, so out of curiosity I clicked it. Afterwards the game booted up normally and I picked a character and began going down. Once I landed I noticed that there was no base or any source of oxygen for me, and after walking around for a few seconds I sunk through the world and my game crashed. 2 hours later, my friend goes on discord and tells me that he left it in the main menu, which means that I joined the "main menu world" that you can see behind the main menu. That was a fun experience
  23. There needs to be a segregation of platforms in the forums, so the developers can better isolate issues.
  24. i was the game host and my friend joined my game. We play the game over 1 hour and then suddenly my friends game was crashed. my game was working well but the trees color turned to white. So my friends open new game and i join the game. play half hour my game was crashed. I was trying to join my friendss game. When i press the launch button it seem like start and join the game. But it crashed again when i press the launch after 2 seconds and it happens again and again and again. sorry my english is not good enough to explain, so it is hard to understand. and i think it is not the hardware problem..i think.. i use window 10 , intel core i7-4790k and GeForce 970 please fix this problem i want play with my freinds.
  25. So, Tundra decided to show me its true colors. It was quite interesting to say the least.