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  1. Landed on Exotic planet and started building my base. Shuttle kept landing away from base (by a tree). Built the vehicle bay and started crafting the spaceship, needed 4 x copper and I only had 2 x copper. (Note: since building the vehicle bay, the shuttle kept landing by the tree (away from the vehicle bay)). From research got Spaceship as a craftable item. (1) Since latest patch (119) - now shuttle lands by the vehicle bay. (2) Unable to craft Spaceship. (as in research item no longer available) Regards Lima14
  2. First, thank you for reading this post and i'll try to be as concise as possible. I play on the steam version of this game on pc. My main control system is a wired xbox 360 controller. i have 3 that all work with all my other games and work with astroneer to an extent. I have noticed that occasionally my player will stop being allowed to move forward during normal gameplay (i haven't discovered any particular event that triggers this). My player can still move side to side. If i back off of the left stick and then reapply he will gain the ability to move forward again but only for a short while. I love this game so much that when i play i simply tap the stick forward and then let off and so on to get to that next resource but its cumbersome and takes some of the enjoyment out. If you have any questions for me regarding this bug please let me know. I havent been able to find anything online about other people suffering from this issue which worries me slightly. Hope its resolved in future updates. Thank you devs for being so active and making such a beautiful wallpaper generator
  3. General list of found bugs: Solar's sometimes split and look funky when rolling a rover or truck Characters fall through the earth when building on yourself or when spawning from a spaceship The spaceship only deploys its cables and add-ons once then no longer works and will not reconnect to anything (conditions for this glitch unknown) After traveling and making homes on other planets, the star map shows random broken locations around the current planet off in space The small plant life on the surface of Exotic acts like tethers or Tundras ice spikes causing vehicles to not be able to move anywhere halting most paths completely Sometimes see cracks on the planet surface where the caves are close to the top making it seem like the ground is paper thin wench does not work at all for anything it is completely useless putting a habitat on a truck/rover makes it twig out and sometimes float in the air (specifically on the trucks/rover storage add on back left or right side) spaceship/shuttle landing and taking off icon has a small black dot above it only visible when looking at a bright planet sand storms rocks go through walls you build up to protect yourself (just the animation on some rocks) After being killed twice the first deaths players pack disappears making it hard to find and the items float (can still get the items back though) The generators, solar panels, and wind generators don't always give power to all the add-ons (most noticed to the smelter)
  4. I think it would be great if you can use the Steam Workshop in Astroneer. A lot of creative Persons post great Ideas and concepts and if they could implement their Ideas in the game would be a good test and even as a Dev ,i think, it would be a great opportunity to see it how it would be in the game. Feel free to post your opinion or your suggestion
  5. I play on the Stream Experimental version. When you load a character, hitting escape before the left click prompt will leave you stuck on the left click prompt and you will need to restart the application.
  6. So, I have a Windows 7 but can't seem to find requirements, and I want to make sure I don't pay $20 for something that doesn't even run on my PC. If you could tell me if it works or point me to requirements, it would be appreciated.
  7. I managed to create a truck today after building a rover not long before and I have to say the controls for the land vehicles are not good. The vehicles slide around constantly as if they're on ice and its extremely difficult to do precise movements. I feel like the controls and the physics together don't work very well. I am no developer nor do I want to pretend to be all knowledgeable but I feel like the controls and physics for the warthog in Halo 5 would compliment the rest of the game. Point the direction you want to go and forwards and backwards controlled with 'W' and 'S' on PC. Also, I have only played about an hour with the truck and in that hour I flipped it about 3-4 times. Flipping it isn't necessarily a bad thing for the game but turning it back over is frustrating to new levels! Please make a quick flip mechanic again like flipping a warthog in Halo 5. Thanks.
  8. I dug a hole while mining resources and decided to fill the hole in so I wouldn't fall in. While using the terrain shaping tool (not sure what its called in game) To start filling the hole in. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to jump in the hole while I was filling it in and managed to bury myself to the point where I fell threw the world and was gliding underground until I hit a cave which conveniently had one of those evil plants that immediately killed me. After sulking like a man child (since I lost some good stuff) I thought it would be good to report this experience. 10/10 will die by a plant again. P.S. That was the best screenshot I could possibly take while panicking.
  9. I came across a titanium deposit on the Radiated planet with a patch of energy crystals on it. I had already mined some Astronium earlier, so my crane had a partial stack of Astronium. When I attempted to drill out the titanium, both the titanium and power crystals started ejecting out only partially completed, wasting a ton of titanium resource. I play on the steam PC version on [experimental]
  10. Hello all, Just going to post some bugs/out of the ordinary things I have noticed: 1. If, while picking up tethers, if they are not in the top left slot, they will be destroyed. 2. Dropping millions of tethers dramatically reduces frame rate. 3. If a world becomes to large, i.e from exploring and dropping too many tethers, has caused my multiplayer to not be join-able. 4. Speaking of joining other people; Wow, can we take a look at multiplayer? It's incredibly annoying to have the host crash while on another planet and having to create another spaceship because they aren't on Terran. Players should not be linked to the server; characters should be separate from worlds. I lose my inventory every time the host/myself gets DC'd and I don't even spawn on the same planet. We have built and recreated at least 4 separate worlds with stalling progress beyond the first two planets. 5. If you're driving a vehicle, hitting a rock sometimes unleashes a chain reaction only rivaled by an atomic bomb. Big air though! 6. Trade platform only interacts correctly with the host. I can send out a request, but I cannot pick it up. 7. If you are not the host, mining over capacity causes the block to become immune to clicking; only the host can pick it up. 8. I'm sure the "power block bug" has been discussed; instances where power blocks do not provide a charge when placed. 9. When mining with a drill, if the block has not completed it is un-clickable. Notes: All memes aside, this is a great game to derp around with your friends. It provides a very unique take to open world exploration and I am absolutely thrilled to experience future content. Lets see some weapons and improved multiplayer hosting!
  11. Its get very squirrely carrying a research item with the xbox one controller on PC. Please make this better. Really hard to control.
  12. Ran into a bug while playing with a friend that was pretty hilarious. If my friend was lagging, the truck would wig out on my screen but not his. This caused me to be ejected out of the vehicle on my client, but not his. If my friend got out, I would end up driving the truck while walking on the ground. If he got back in, well... Take a look at the video. (obligatory profanity warning.) Threw in a bonus clip of falling through the ground while trying to exit the rover. The game loaded back in with me in a tunnel underground somehow.
  13. So I wanted to get started quickly and I made a truck with a rover attached to it so I could carry a few extra research thingies or whatever they're called. I went on a roadtrip arond the planet and yes, I found a lot to research but the problem that I encountered was a huge fps drop. When I started driving my fps was a good 55-60. I drove and the fps was slowly going down and after I hit about half way around the planet the fps couldn't rise above 20. I drove back to base with my loot and actually found another bug with rovers and storages on the ground disappearing. I tried expanding my base some more to see if that dropped the fps any more but it didn't. I rebooted my PC in hopes of fixing the problem but the only thing that changed was that now the fps doesn't go above 25. I even made a new save but it didn't work. The new patch that claimed to fix some rover related performance issues didn't do anything either. The game had been working perfectly until the roadtrip. Here's my PC specs if that's gonna help: AMD FX-8350 cpu Nvidia GTX 960 4gb gpu 8gb DDR3 1600MHz I really hope you guys fix this insanely good looking game! It's got so much potential. Right now I can't see myself playing it because of the fps. I can play it but I can't really enjoy it with only 20-25fps. Good luck, guys!
  14. Hello, I was wondering how I can access the beta patch on steam? It says I need a code, after scouring through the forums in search of the code I can't find it. Not even on the thread devs posted about the patch itself. Thanks everyone!
  15. 1. I launched Astroneer from Steam, my friend launched it from the icon launcher on the desktop. 2. We're friends on Steam. 3. Once both in game, my friend started their game. 4. I clicked shift-tab and clicked Join Game in the context menu next to their name. 5. The game showed the loading splash screen with the spinning loader icon at the bottom. 6. The sound cut out shortly after for a few seconds. 7. I saw an in-game sky, it was daytime but there were a few stars. It was as if I was looking upwards. 8. The camera moved backwards quickly, and possibly through my spacesuit? I saw a flash of an orange suit. 9. I was then shown the gray welcome screen, clicked the left mouse button and was back to the main menu. I also noticed that my saved games were gone, but came back after I quit and opened Astroneer again.
  16. Tethers are destroyed when I try to pick them up and add them to my inventory. The only way to "shift-click"-pick up tethers without destroying them is when a non-empty stack of tethers are located in the first slot on my back pack. This is also the case when I pick up a tether and try to place it in my backpack without opening my backpack first. The only other way to pick up tethers is to pick one up, open your backpack and carefully place it in one of the empty slots or in a stack of tethers where there is room for it. I accidentally destroyed quite a few tethers this way before figuring it out.
  17. For some reason lately whenever i have been using tethers for a decent period of time and a tank in my inventory when the tank runs out it turns into "tethers" even though its clearly the tank icon and model when you drop it. It becomes useless It does not give you infinite tethers which I thought maybe was possible at first
  18. HI everyone, I discovered this gorgeous game only a couple days ago and since discovering the game I have really wanted to get my hands on it. Since being on website I have discovered that it can be purchased on Xbox, Windows 10 Store or Steam, does this mean its a 'Xbox Play Anywhere' title similar to Gears of War 4, Forza and ReCore? Also, I was wondering whether this game will eventually get a physical copy game release? I am a bit of an old school type of gamer who likes to collect games in physical disc form and would love to have a copy of Astroneer. Thanks in advance. Matt
  19. According to @AstroneerGame Twitter, we can expect a good update early next week!
  20. This winch stopped retracting the cables and when the host tried restarting his game it crashes every time he tries to load it. Before this happened we had a couples of times where the winch did what it was supposed to and retracted once there was already one cable out. mouse/keyboard,steam,multiplayer,i wasn't host, only two people in the session, first world, we had it attached to a rover just before this and everything worked
  21. I don't think this is really a bug.... but it does need to be looked at... The control button by default has 2 functions. One of them you can remap, the terreforming part. However, it also forces the player to walk, and there's no way to remap that to a different key. I like many others use control for push-to-talk, so every time you push it, your player walks. Not really a bug just need to add that into the option to remap.
  22. I'm not sure if it's a feature or bug, but whenever anyone gets into a seat attached to a vehicle it auto-saves my game, this can get very frustrating and laggy when multiple people are getting in and out of cars. (Video is one case of the glitch)
  23. Hi, I have found an bag playing game on pc, playing on controler and mouse. I was travalming on mu space ship to the nearest moon (firs time travel) and this happend. After all this I can go out but get in I can't. Please fix it. Thank you
  24. PC: Press [ESC] to close the bag XBOX One: Press (L) one time to run, press again to stop running. Thank you so much.
  25. Hello, on the Steam version of Astroneer you cant change the volume. When you slide a bar to mute it and exit the screen it doesn't change the volume. when I went back on the screen to see what happened the bars were back to full. I tried changing the audio and then changed another setting so the Apply button would appear and see if it would then save then but it still would not. I've seen other people with this problem.