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About Me

  1. Hello, As the title already says, I get random crashes every 5 to 10 minutes while playing in a friends game. Only I am crashing, the hosts game is totally fine. Happened on random occasions, mostly just walking around. I dind't use the options shortly before or anything similar. Singleplayer is stable.
  2. Hello there, SInce teh new uodtae (197), the game is extremely laggy and can't play it anymore. I was always at 60 FPS, no matter what, and now i'm at 8 FPS which is unplayable. My computer runs barely all the games on Ultra graphics and nothing changed with these other games. Please fix this.
  3. Astroneer Bug Report (hilarious) I was playing Astroneer (on Steam, no controller, PC) today and I was making a road for my rover in the cave, when I pressed Q and saw my astroneer's head cut off by the backpack. Of course, this was fixed when I pressed Q again. It was hilarious, but still, it's a bug, so I reported it.
  4. Ok, on my pc, something happened, i don't know exactly what. However, it ended in me being stuck on a different planet because of this glitch. It is where the blue spheres that come up when you are selecting a place to land on a planet, are there whilst i'm on foot. I am able to use my mouse, access my inv etc... ONLY whilst i am outside the blue sphere. I am now stuck on this planet as i cant launch or make a new rocket... photos attached... any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. So after the 0.3.10182.0 update on PC, me and my friend's Astroneer game save has been broken. I tried about 3-4 weeks ago to send a bug report via email, and never got a response back. So, here i am with a broken game save, and alot of lost hope that our world will be fixed again. Basically what happened was we updated the game, and the game refused to launch our save without crashing, when previously, our game was bugged with many of the vehicle issues that had came up fixed in the changelog. Our game save is corrupt and no matter what computer we loaded the save on, it just crashes. I believe this has to do with the amount of vehicles in the save, or how we tried to create a structure above our base. So if possible, can the devs fix our save, or are we forced to restart again? Attached to this file is the Crash Report, Game Save, and the DXDiag of both machines; as they are identical, there is only one DXDiag. Here's the video of what happens everytime we launch both our games: Astroneer Crash
  6. I do not get ground textures when flattening or raising the terrain on the PC Specs i3 Kaby Lake 3900 mhz Nvidia 1050 ti 4gb ram OC edition 16gb ddr4 Everything is set to highest settings
  7. I don't want the character customization done through Steam's online market place. Games such as Rust went that route and it totally turned me off from the concept as a whole. The game wasn't ruined due to this but it left a scar upon it in my eyes. I like the idea of this kind of customization in Astroneer but it would quickly become a non-factor if the online market place was involved in it. What gives me hope is Astroneer not being PC exclusive as Rust is so Steam's online market place could never work across all platforms meaning they would either need to create two separate systems for each version of the game (one utilizing Steam's market place and the other maybe being micro transactions) which would take a lot more work than simply a progressive unlock system.
  8. I cannot play anymore since the last update. The moment i run the game, it doesnt even load. just a blue screen and nothing happens. i bought the game through windows store, and i am not the only one having this issue. Can i have an answer plz? any suggestions? should i wait until the next patch? should i re install the game? ty in advance.
  9. Hello, I have been playing Co-Op with my friend on this game, where I am playing on Xbox One and he is playing on the Windows 10 version. What I noticed is that before he joins my game (him joining me, so I host on Xbox One), I get very smooth frame rate. Once I invite him (and typically promptly as I send the invite) the frame rate on my game begins to deteriorate excessively and continuously. Once he is in the game, I have probably dropped 10-15 frames at this point, and this continues until we quit the game. I have also noticed that as I play, the frame rate will continue to deteriorate, sometimes to the point where it is almost unplayable without getting totally frustrated about the lag. As far as I know, my friend has not had any issues like this, but may be because his PC is more powerful than my Xbox One, or it may also be because I am hosting (I have not tried him as a host). That is all I have--a fix to this would make my co-op experience much more enjoyable, and I really appreciate your help!
  10. When playing on a game hosted by a friend, i would have the problem where the areas we had mined out would not longer exist on my side of the game, he could still see what we had done while I was stuck trying to get the game to incrementally reload the areas we had already mined out. He has experienced the same problem when playing on my game also When we get in to drive the rover, the character will be underneath the rover In our main base on my game, it seems to think that we are in a cave. ( I have made a covered area to protect us from storms) not a huge deal but it makes it hard to see inside because its much darker and has a gray fog, and looking outside from inside the base and grays stuff out too Random Excavator floating in the game We've had a few other one off issues one time the truck just exploded/disappeared and was never seen again friend was playing on my game and the end of the excavator where the resources drop from was under the texture because of where he was standing and when he collected some item they would "fall" through the texture to the next open area below where i happened to be at the time Don't be discouraged by this though, this is a great game with even greater potential
  11. Here is a list of suggestions that me and my friends have created after 3 days of gameplay: Space stations that are expandable and customizable (these would ideally show up as landing zones when orbiting a planet and could serve as bases) Mobs or creatures (both neutral and hostile) that are planet specific Craftable and upgradeable weapons that operate on suit power - these could include a pistol, rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Expandable inventory space via upgradeable backpacks Upgradeable mining tool that harvests resources in greater amounts More vehicle options like airplanes and smaller personal vehicles Jet pack or similar personal flying gadget Dynamic weather effects (i.e. "Arid" requires heat protective suit and buildings and "Radiation" requires radiation protection) Gas masks that reduce damage from gas plants Health bar to display remaining health (with health upgrades to expand it) Energy upgrades to increase personal energy More planets with varying environments (i.e. lava planet, oceanic planet, heavily-forested planet) NPCs - these would be rare and appear in villages or small towns Expanded base customization with craftable structures like walls, doorways, arches, windows, lights, roofing, foundations, furniture, stairs, ladders Craftable roads to provide stable paths for rovers and trucks Landing pads that can be built and used with shuttles and spaceships as custom landing zones More flora for planets such as different types of trees, shrubs, thorns that damage the player, mushrooms, ferns, etc. More weather than just the sandstorms - these events could be planet specific and include acid rain, earthquakes, fire storms, or blizzards Craftable clocks or watches that indicate relative time of day
  12. rev

    Need Help

    I saved my game exited to go to dinner and came back to this. If anyone knows what these are for please help me out. Thanks for your help...
  13. So I boot up my pc ! Working great eager to play astroneer ! Open steam up click library at this point I only have astroneer installed ! Because it's the best game ! So anyway , I'm loading my saved game which I've put some time into at this point literally ! (10minute sesh) ! All the time when I'm playing or I do some certain stuff it just closes off it doesn't even crash and give me an error message it just closes off with no explanation what so ever ! So if anyone else is getting this please let me know if you found a fix or if it is just down to the game ! Because my specs on my pc are so high it shouldn't have no problem playing this game whatso ever thanks guys !
  14. abeez3

    Not saving PC

    So I've had this game for a while. Love playing it. Both on PC and Xbox. I prefer PC. Herein lies the Never saves. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it at least a dozen times. I purchased it thru my PC, Windows 10, with Windows Store. I found another blog related to "seeing" the area where saved games are supposed to be: c/user/(username)/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved I look under that same area on doesn't exist. Now, I did a search thru C:/ of "astro" and I actually got a hit. The result was: C:\Zeebe\AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftWorks.29415440E1269_ftk5pbg2rayv2\LocalState When I click it, Saved appears, when I click that, it pops up Analytics and Config. That's all. I've posted a few other responses in other blogs...months ago. Some people had same issues but as to a actual result/answer..not yet. One day. I'll be able to play and save....Normally.
  15. question FR : pouvez-vous mettre une option pour baissé la qualité du jeu pour les joueurs qui on un basse configue car s'est injouable pour les joueurs qui on une une mauvaise carte graphique comme moi . merci de me répondre par mail si vous pouvez faire sa ou non et le dire quand sa sera disponible pour que je rejoue au jeux . Question EN : Can you put an option for lowered the quality of the game for players who have a bass configue because was unplayable for the players who have a bad graphics card like me. Thank you to reply by email if you can make it sound or not and say it when its available for me to replay the games.
  16. Okay, time to break down and ask the experts... I've built (on two different saves) both a rover and a truck, then installed a 1-seat and charged them, and they flat out refuse to move when I press any directional keys. They eat up power just fine, but they never move. What am I missing? Shuttles work just fine, btw, so it's clearly an issue with just the ground vehicles.
  17. Basically, I was cleaning out a wreck to access the resources inside, a storm hit, I tried to take shelter inside it, the wreck shot off into the air as the storm hit, I fell to my death. The issue seems to be caused by the boxes striking the wreck. It starts to "wobble" in the ground like it is bouncing on the collision or something, then it just shoots off into space, with you inside it.
  18. hello all, we are group of 4 players bought the game and encountered several issue while playing online. mostly we dont have problem when playing solo or game host, but when we are in someone else's game we have below issues. thank you for your time. CO-op gameplay problems (1 host - 3 client) 1)Truck/rover jumps and cant drive if host dont drive it 2)cant see or build stations on other planet if you are not the host. sometimes host can build it but other players cant see it (also tethers and other stuff) 3) sometimes, host and clients see different graphics on other planets. ex: cave full of deadly plants. Only host can see them, other can not. 4)Clients and host sees different items on trade stations, therefore clients cant do anything with trade staion only host make arrangements trade console (see materials etc.) 5)Although the inventory is empty, sometimes we cannot take resources from the planet surface 6)Occasional dc or crash when playing in someone else's game 7)When the game host is on rover/truck, vinch cable doesn't extend or connected to solar panel etc.
  19. it would be amazing if we could make our own control schemes on all platforms, for example like how skyrim or minecraft does it where any button can be used for any action, like if you are weird you can make crouching LT or the Z key if you are on keyboard. This would solve a lot of controls problems like the sprint button on xbox and how tiring it is to push for a long time
  20. Just recently bought the game. Great so far (binged about 4 hours) . Few things I've noticed. When gathering resources, if the back end of the gun is clipped underground at all (once backpack is full) instead of popping out a resource node, the gathered resources vanishes. Tried digging around, couldn't find it. just gone. Something similar happened with the smelter....though, this one was more my fault than anything. Loaded up 4 aluminum ore for smelting.....once it commenced, realized i only had 3 spots available on the platform.....thinking it would just pop off that last one onto the ground, i left it alone to load research. came back to find only 3. anyone else having similar/same issue?
  21. Seeing that Xbox One and PC now have games with Dolby Atmos support, I'd love to see it being added Astroneer. The effects/music/atmosphere is already amazing and sounds great in 7.1. But adding true 3d space would make this game stand apart from many others in the audio department and really give us more of a sense of presence.
  22. Dear developers, please do so with the camera rotated mouse movement, and not clamped when the right mouse button. This will make the game much more enjoyable.
  23. When Me and my friend play multiplayer together we have serious issues after about 3-5 minutes of playing the person who joined will get an unplayable amount of lag which does not go away and will soon cause the game to crash to the main menu. As for fixes we have tried launching the game with no sound within steam, verifying game cache and lowering the view distance just to see if that will have an effect. The issue we are having is not an fps issue we both get almost locked 60fps.
  24. While playing on PC, occasionally players other than the host have an issue where the tethers will either not illuminate the area around them but still supply oxygen and power, or they will be lit but do not supply oxygen and power. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reliably cause this to happen, but it seems to happen if the host is far from the base. If the host replaces the first tether in the line or connects something to the base (such as a rover), the tethers are fixed, but eventually they break again.
  25. So I built a shuttle using the Vehicle Bay and upon making the first part of my shuttle it landed on the ground at a slant. I finished the shuttle shortly after and the crookedness of the shuttle bothered me. I tried shaping the ground around the shuttle to lean it straight up and managed to completely tip over my shuttle. lol I tried shaping the ground some more and no luck. I tried getting in the shuttle, thinking maybe it would stand up like a tipped rover, nope. I tried to winch the shuttle to my rover and pulling it, but the hose keeps falling off. I even tried ramming the side of the shuttle multiple times with my rover and was not able to tip it back over. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to tip the shuttle back over or do I now have a nice lawn ordainment?