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Found 186 results

  1. I know it's not a bug per-se, but it's a bit of an issue with me. My camera controls are extremely loose. I will right click and move my mouse maybe an inch and be spun 3/4 of the way around. Also, if i want to go 90 degrees left with the camera, I can stop my mouse @ 90 degrees and the camera angle will continue on for an additional 30-45 degrees before stopping. Finally, i will occasionally right click to move my camera angle and the camera will spin 180- degrees and down to about 45 degrees off parallel with the ground. Intel Core i5-4590 CPU @3.30GHz 8.00Gb Ram Windows 10 x64 NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 video card(unsure how much vram)
  2. Hi There I've been having stable online games with a friend (though his machine keeps crashing). We've got to building a trading post, and using the fuel condenser we make hydrazine which we trade for aluminium and copper etc. 4 hydra yields 4 copper, but 6 hydra seems to yield 2 copper. There seems to be some sort of overflow going on. It happens for all output (copper, alu, resin, compound, etc) Steam PC (core i7) Radeon graphics card, windows 10
  3. WilyProfessor

    PC Demo?

    My computer has terrible specs. I want to see if I could at LEAST run Astroneer, but I don't want to spend 20 dollars just to find out it won't work. I played the demo on XBox1 and love the game, just want to know if there is (or will be) a demo on STEAM or Win10 Store so I (and probably a lot of other people) can see if it would work on our suckish computers?
  4. Russell Canfield

    Congratulations on launching!

    I wanted to post and congratulate the System ERA team on a successful launch for Astroneer! Myself and a few friends have been waiting for release day, and we've really been enjoying the game. I see a strong future for this game, and being a software developer myself, I know getting to production is no easy task. Congratulations, and happy holidays!
  5. Hi, i just bought the game. And when i try to play, after i was droped on the planet, i get massive frame problems while looking arround and walking. Is ther anyone else with this kind of problem? I heard it might be my AMD setup or Win 7 could that be a prob? Software: Win 7 professional 64bit SP1 Hardware: Mainboard: MSI 970A-G43 Processor: AMD FX 6300 six core Grafik: AMD Radeon HD 6300 series 8GB RAM
  6. When you place a 2 printed storage modules and 2 printed solar panels in any combination on the trucks storage upgrade and drive it then both back wheels will go above the storage module and glitch out and fling the truck into space and the truck will stay there I have reproduced this bug twice. Tried different combination of solar panels and storage modules but still flung into the air.
  7. Version: Steam Gametype: Hosting multiplayer w/2 other players Specs (From memory): AMD FX2 Octocore 3.8 GHz 24 Megs Ram NVidia GTX 750-TI Issues After flipping my rover and being thrown out of it a copy of the hip/holstered version of my terraformer was floating in the air where I landed. After a full crash the textures on some plants were missing and they were only white objects. Known plants effected were the green bulbous underground trees and the thick underground vine trees on Terran. After a full crash some terrain grids were not aligned properly and "tears" in the ground appeared. All of these tears were near places where terraforming had occurred prior to the crash. Upon crashing from multiplayer game, client items were hanging in the air where they were kicked out. I was hosting. When all side item holders are full on the smelter crafting more than one item will use all resources, but only create one item. Suggestion: The current smelted item should be dropped and a new one created behind it like the terraformer if all item holders are full. After ~3 hours of multiplayer with a sizeable base on Terran flying to other planets showed base items and location markers at a set spot "floating" in space near the bottom of the screen while flying to other planets alone. No reports of errors from players at the base and base could be returned to normally. While flying through space/on other planets alone sounds from other players could be heard as if they were nearby. IE: Item pickup/dropping & low power beeps. Attaching items other than a hydrozine canister to the hydrozine "ghost" space on the shuttle will make it impossible to place hydrozine canistes in that space. The "ghost" image also vanishes. Other items fit normally at all times. Client players in multiplayer game could not see the shipping pod in the Trading Station. Items placed on it would vanish from their screen and they would only see it after it launched. After landing on Barren and extending a base, returning to Terran, then landing on Tundra a new base could not be extended from the shuttle. Shuttle had one seat and a solar panel placed in a hydrozine canistor space. On the flight out two attached hydrozine canistors had been used and auto-removed from the ship in flight.
  8. I noticed that the "report a bug" page is being filled with a bunch of issues from both platforms of the game. I think there should be two different areas for Xbox and PC. It would make reading through bugs are trying to help that much easier for Administrators and for Users. Thoughts?
  9. homjex

    AMD Processor 7 FPS

    I have a GTX 970 and an AMD Fx-6300 4.6 GHZ and I can't even enjoy this amazing game anymore, please fix ASAP, I currently use my time spamming refresh on the steam page waiting for an update to be released.
  10. Truck power bar display showing an "extra" bar below intended position. The truck is being powered by a generator w/ organic resource.
  11. As the title says, my resolution increases from the lowest available back to 1080p (native one for my monitor), every time I go back to menu - so, every time I press ESC. I'm playing on fullscreen mode. Other settings do not reset when I do so - such as the fullscreen option, or view distance. The issue happens on PC/Steam. I'm playing on a lenovo y510p laptop (755m and an underclocked i7 4700MQ)