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Found 41 results

  1. 7sins_Pride

    Unstable Branch - Patch Notes

    I looked like 30 minutes, but neither were I able to find some patchlogs on steam, nor here in the forums. Is there a patchlog for the unstable (beta) branch of the steam version of the game? Would be nice to know what I actually should test with that version
  2. According to @AstroneerGame Twitter, we can expect a good update early next week!
  3. My friend joined my game and I had built s base on the Arid planet but when he landed in a spaceship, my cave that I had dug to hide in was not there for him. I dug a part out and some of the cave popped into existence but none of my base was there and he could go through the walls. I hope this gets fixed so no one else has this problem, thanks!
  4. I think everyone wants to know when there will be a new update to improve the game. If anyone knows please speak!
  5. Hey Everyone! I've just put a build live to the [beta] branch, which you can opt into with Right-Click-ASTRONEER, Properties, Betas. As always, please only do this if you're willing to put up with things like broken save games and generally buggy behavior! If you'd like to help us out, play in the beta branch and look for any new bugs that you are unable to find in on the live branch. Please ONLY comment if you know for sure that you've found a bug that only exists in the new build (not just an already existing bug). If we're confident that we haven't broken anything big in the new build, and it is an overall improvement, we'll push this to the main branch! Here's the list of things to look for in the new build! Fix issue where resources hover out of backpack on loading save. Allow the 2 backpack Expansion Slots to be used for Filters/Tanks/Tethers Fix bug that would not allow a full Oxygen Tank to rescue an Astroneer from suffocating Fix exploit the would allow players to trade for infinite resources by thieving them like a pirate after launching Cut the value of Fuel in the trade module by half Increase the amount of time a trade takes on the trade module Double the power requirement and production time of the Condenser (Probably more we should do here to make it even less OP, will consider changing up the fuel mechanic in the future) Fix most (if not all) of the cases where placing items on a storage on a truck would cause all kinds of flying physics behavior. Fix bugs that would allow player to make building platforms even after the conduit hub has been branched Change the Shuttle/Spaceship hub to be the same type as the habitat Allow Shuttle/Spaceship to reattach to previously created hubs Improve algorithm that picks the height of new base platforms, allowing for flatter bases Fix creepy T-Pose corpses that everyone's been finding Fix being able to pick up your own seat while seated inside Fix being unable to leave an unattached seat Add ability to get in a seat no matter where it is attached Add ability to get in printed Habitats when they are attached to shuttle/rover Fix bug on Habitat that would generate crazy flying terrain if attached to rover after save load Fix the Popper Hazards spawning new research items on every save load. Attempt at a fix for the joining client in MP games being unable to click launch buttons with mouse. Fix for controller cursor disappearing on host when client joins Fix for Inverted controls also applying to cursor motion After we get on main, we'll migrate these notes to the Patch Megathread and archive this one. And by the way, if you don't know me, I'm Jacob! I lead up the design over here at System Era. I'm starting to whittle down on all of my big buggy issues from launch and so I promise you I'll be starting in on more gameplay discussions here as we move into the phase of rebalancing existing content and adding new features. So please leave your requests/discussion of all that for elsewhere! The faster you can help us test our [beta] branch builds, the faster we can keep growing the game! -Jacob
  6. Bitwalker

    Next planed Update?

    Is there a plan, when the next update is to come (Xbox one)? There is still much to do - and I can not wait!
  7. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    I am currently on vacation and have been since before the xbox patch went live. I've been playing the game with insanely low frame rates since it came out, enjoying in nonetheless but I am excited about the patch and I'm wondering if I can expect it to run smoother when I get home. How is it!?
  8. Kann das wer bestätigen? Ich habe eine alte Welt, nach dem Patch auf der Xbox One gespielt. Dies lief recht gut. Habe nun eine neue Welt erstellt. Das läuft wesentlich besser. Es scheint also so, dass eine alte Welt mit aktuellen Patch nicht so gut läuft, wie eine frisch erstellte mit der aktuellen Version.
  9. Hi! I'm testing the new beta update and I don't agree with new balancement system. When I move up to another planet/moon, I need a lot of resine if I want to start my new base and hydrazine is like my money for exchange other materials that couldn't be find except travelling. I'm fine with double requirement of energy to make it work, but this adjustment hasn't made me happy. P.S: "This is the way meant to be played". Well, if a lot of players enjoy doing farming of fuel, why not? And if you don't want play like me, you are free to play as you like. Thank you
  10. With this update it is now possible to play again on Xbox One. An acceptable FPS is also available at a greater distance from the base. Nevertheless, the FPS generally has to improve, since this does not seem to be particularly high. The Rover is now also usable. The game itself is now more stable. Nevertheless, there is a new annoying error: The inverted Y control now only affects the view. The terraforming tool can no longer be inverted. This is very unpleasant. When loading a game, it happened to me that the rover turned in the air and came to the roof. Also, the game has crashed several times when I got into the rover. This does not always happen and is not reproducible exactly what must happen. The shuttle always ends at the car bay. There I wanted to build a material store (large). This appeared on the shuttle, but only loose (because the shuttle was to small for the big storage). At the start it flew off and could not be found by me anymore. I'm looking forward to more updates and keep my fingers crossed so that the game gets really big. I wish you all the best Christmas and all the best for 2017! (Translated with Google... hope it's ok ;))
  11. Sydänyö

    [MEGATHREAD] Patch Notes

    This is the megathread for patch notes, mirroring the megathread over at Steam: Post new patch notes in this thread as they appear over at Steam, and the moderators may edit this OP as required.
  12. Hello, I LOVE this game, but I continue to get crashes in Astroneer every 5-ish minutes after launching the game. IT'S VERY FRUSTRATING! I've reinstalled this game, run administrator mode, close all applications, gave full control to Astroneer, disabled anti-virus and firewall, restarted my computer and steam, updated all my drivers (even tried downgrading), but it continues to crash, and crash, and crash without warning... Please take a look at my logs and fix this problem. It will not help only me but many others who are having this same problem. Thank you. Logs.rar
  13. DMRmaster

    Patch Notes?

    Hey guys! I am LOVING the heck out of this game currently. I got this game last night and currently have 9 hours on it. I noticed two small updates come by and would love to see what small hotfixes and bug patches you guys have been adding. It would be a cool idea to post all updates (even small ones) to some place somewhere. If you already do this PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Don't ask why but I love being able to see all the changes to a game in a nice and neat style written out. Thanks a ton!
  14. NickNasty

    New patch is up 12/18/2016

    So far so good. Steady 30 fps and my truck doesn't drive on its own anymore. I don't use tethers so I can't comment on that.
  15. So far I've been able to play about 30 minutes at a time before encountering a crash/game freeze. However, tethers performance has definitely increased. Some notable changes: Tethers can no longer be extended infinitely by "hot-swapping" them. Upon loading a previous save my framerate has increased quite a bit. I honestly never noticed it drop before the beta branch, but there was obviously something happening behind the scenes. Starting the game with a new character creates and auto-save upon landing on the surface, as opposed to have to save it yourself. This is a great change, because I tend to not save the game for 15-20 minutes after i start; unfortunately I do lose progress, but at least I don't have to wait through the landing cycle anymore. The view distance for base objects are quite aggressive. Some tweaking required. Some notable persistent bugs: Game still freezes. This problem only arises while moving my camera. Perhaps the problem lies with post-processing being incorrectly handled when an error is thrown. The floating items in backpack upon game load is still there. This may be NVIDIA specific, but when PhysX is set to Auto/CPU using the terrain deformation tool causes the game to ["Crash"] freeze. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. I'll continue testing as much as I can in order to help this game become one of the best.
  16. DarkGun999

    Menu in Menu?!?!

    I find something weird when you go in your Menu you can press continue or Option that's fine, but why I can press back to menu when I even in the menu ?! I hope my translation is not to bad (Tested on Xbox One) Gettings from Germany DarkGun999