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Found 1 result

  1. This is my 2nd base on Planet 1 on Astroneer Pod 1 (1st save), tried practically every tip and trick laid out for creating a perfectly flat surface but no go (lower ground soil color appeared to be angled at a gradient and not flat when digging into the ground? But I digress). I just went with the base building anyway with a new Habitat.I extended max 6 "branches" from the Habitat, and on 3rd extension from the last "branch" i kept 2 Copper on the slots while I went to harvest for more Resins. I came back and just casually popped off the Copper and slotted in 2 Resins. I noticed I left one of the Copper right next to the undeveloped base extension, and when the Platform was generated the Copper sunk into the ground right under the Platform and started making scratching noises from the hitbox collision (or whatever you call it). In my mild "panic" I started digging around where the Copper fell through the ground, but it eventually started popping out from under the white struts under the Platform. I flattened the ground I dug and dug another hole to let the Copper pop out on its own. Done. I took the Copper and flattened the ground around the Platform before proceeding to build a Fuel Condenser on it. I did, but then noticed that power wasn't being transferred from my 5 Batteries from around the base. That's when I notice the connection cable between the Fuel Condenser platform and the adjoining "extension" is not there. And try as I might, I could only extend and retract the rotating "connector" facing our view-point, but not the permanent one facing the platform.