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Found 3 results

  1. If I walk a distance away from the Soil Centrifuge while it's running, I'll be unable to get the resources from it when I return to it, keeping it stuck without me being able to interact with it, this is a problem only on the client side of the game, where the host can freely still pull resources off
  2. I was exploring, new worlds in a 2 player multiplayer game (as client). Xbox one 1st stop was the Barren moon, which everything worked ok...however, this was not the case when we went to the ARID world. We landed and placed a Habitat, and started work from there, however when i tried to expand nodes from the habitat module I would build the node (added the resin) and the extension animation worked, but I couldn't see the resulting node, my friend (host) continued to build, and was having no difficulty. however, i could see nothing that was built, even items like a storage unit a solar array, and a battery(large) when connected to the base we had just built together just disappeared... the host could still see everything, but I could not(client) I tried exiting and rejoining the game, which resulted in me joining at the Terran Base, not at the Base closest to the Host (which might be a good idea to implement). so i took a shuttle that was previously built and joined the Host at the expanding ARID planet. however, i found that although I could see the ship's beacon, i could not see the Habitat beacon for the new base, which made landing difficult, we sorted this by him lifting off and me landing at the same time, he then landed at a vehicle station at the base after i landed (which I could not see either) so new development from that is from reloading, I was then not able to see the new habitat either, as up until that point the habitat module was still visible (even though the rest of the base was invisible. hope this helps
  3. When in singleplayer, vehicles can be connected to each other and hauled around without error. Physics is properly calculated and vehicles move along services without error. But when in multiplayer, it appears syncing issues are causing the vehicles to stutter in their movement and briefly clip with the ground. The vehicle then reacts to touch the surface and tries to repel it, but instead it clips through or repels at violent speeds and will either throw it into orbit, or through the cave wall and disappear into oblivion. Iv also found that if a non-host player tries to enter a vehicle, sometimes the body is spawned in a standing position underneath the vehicle, instead of within the chair. the vehicle can be driven for a few feet before the physics goes haywire and sends the vehicle flying away or clipping through the ground.