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Found 1 result

  1. It would be cool if the game had an satellite in wich the player could choose an planet (Including his own), an then, the device would capture and image of the surface of the planet. The player would need to choose an orbit and distance to the planet, depending on wich, the satellite would use more hydrazine to stay close to the planet and receive more precise and accurate measurements, but he would have a ver short lifespan, since he would keep orbiting until he falls due to atmospheric drag, an alternative would be that an geostationary orbit could be choosen, for the sake of resolution and more detailed views of the planet, but in compensation, an wider and more varied imagery of the planet would be made. Modules of tier 1 to 3 could be made, upgrading certain aspects of the satellite. For example: The antenas could be upgraded, so faster, more detailed, and bigger amounts of data could be transferred. Spectroscopy modules could be applied, so the player could know the locations of minerals in the surface of the planet. Different satellites could be launched on a specific coordination, so topographical maps could be made about hills, mountains, and other instances of geological variation. X-ray modules could be applied to know entrances of superficial caves systems. Infrared instruments to find about a planet temperature variation and atmo composition, not only that, but do topographical maps of dunes, since sand has less thermal inertia than other rock components. Laser altimeter to make topographical maps on a very big precision (Black and white). Gamma ray spectrometers for the detection of high and low energy neutrons coming from the surface of the planet, learning about more heavy elements on the surface of the planet. Physical elements like bigger hydrazine tanks or an bigger data storage unit. Why an storage unit? Well, the satellite could have a CPU, where information is stored, analyzed, and simulations could be made about the weather. So wind speeds, topography, and other aspects of the planet could be studied, therefore, sandstorms and other future weather hazards could be predicted. I want to explain my idea of other types of instruments for planet mapping more concise on other post, but comment the problems here. (Sorry for bad grammar, I am brazilian. And no, im not memeing this).