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Found 5 results

  1. I propose to add to different planets, different gravity (depending on their size of course), also add to completely different planets completely different weather conditions. Whatever the character could normally exist on the planet, he will need to create different things, like new suits, jetpacks, just to overcome the gravity of the planet
  2. With the new update 6.5 came new Storages. But it can happen that you cant print them with a Fabricater witch you Printed befor the update 6.5. You sometimes first nned to get a new one to Print them.
  3. Let me be the first to admit it: This is extremely vague, but I think a great way to improve Astroneer is to just keep adding more. By that, I mean that, while some sandbox games overwhelm players with millions of objects to build and learn about, and some games have such a small amount of items, that they're intensely boring, astroneer always seems to be right in the middle.Thus, my suggestion is to keep adding more to astroneer, new objects, modules, terrain, wreckages, and buildings. Enough to keep the game interesting, but not so much that it overwhelms players.
  4. Hello All, I've been working on a bunch of different things for Astroneer, so I thought I'd collect them here. I've been writing out suggestions, mechanics ideas, UI improvements, and other things as I go. Here's the link to my doc: I keep adding to it every time I play. I will post something different with my explanation of Progression, and how I've been playing (I've been calling it Hard Mode).
  5. I've read too many posts about the patch 119 that included the "surprises" but they are ignorant to the fact that most of those things were already there. (I.E... Killing the plants that emit gas clouds.) You have already been able to kill them since the beginning of the launch. but now, you only have to mine a little bit of the ground beneath it. Rather than, to the research. another specific detail, " Spikers can be jumped on without hurting you, like that jellyfish scene from Finding Nemo. " HOWEVER: Since these were included in their patch notes, they do not govern under "surprises". Additionally, Context clues tell us it is more than just one item. Seeds were in fact added, and we cannot do more than simply plant them. my question is, has anyone else other than me found anything NEW?