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Found 652 results

  1. Journey to the Center of the Thing achievement unlocks by visiting the core of a planet in a multiplayer session. This did not work. I joined a friend and dug to the core and even tried teleportation, but the achievement never unlocked. Version 1.0.7 Steam PC
  2. Hi, recently my friend and I could not join each others game no matter who the host was. We tried to do it where one of us has the game open and the other has theirs closed and still no luck. Tried inviting through steam interface and that didn't work either. We have made rules in both of our firewalls. Any suggestions to try so we can play together? We got the game to specifically play multiplayer. Thanks for your help.
  3. Chicken

    Reappearing Terrain

    If this bug is already known or solved disregard this topic. The situation: I often play Astroneer on multiplayer with my friend. My friend lives over 2000 miles away so it is quite long distance. Sometimes in the game when I dig terrain certain parts of the terrain that have been dug will reappear seconds later and cannot be dug. This puts me at a severe disadvantage when trying to do something as simple as helping a stuck rover or when digging to the core. I have recognized that this bug tends to occur more when the host and I are close together in game. This is very annoying and makes it very difficult to enjoy the game. Please fix.
  4. 1.0.7 - Steam - drop on connection to host while on the Gateway Platform Steam - Win 7 x64 I have been playing a multiplayer save with my brother, who hosts. After saving and quitting on the Gateway Platform (we had just unlocked the engine on Calidor), I tried to reconnect to see the new skin, and now whenever we play that save, my client immediately drops to desktop. Even with host ON the Platform it does not change the outcome, though he reports actually seeing my character model briefly before it disappears again. Curiously, I have checked the log folder and it is empty. Not technically a crash? Specs as follows: OS: Windows 7 x64 CPU: Intel i5 7500 RAM: 2x4GB DDR4 1200Hz
  5. Summary: It's difficult to join a friend's game or can't join at all. Description: For the first time, all went well. We are 3 astronauts starting our journey. The next day, I try to join my friend (the host) via in-game's co-op menu and here we are with the "Hard Mode : enabled" . The loading seems good and I can see some textures with white and red clouds. After a couple seconds platforms and vehicules base(feet)/wheels tend to fall to the planet's core (thank you gravity) and I lost connection. After my "Failed to connect to the host" or "Lost connection", my friend is disconnected from Steam and he didn't do it. And strangely, my other friend (host's wife) can join the game normally even stay on the game with the host while he is disconnected from Steam. After the first day, we try different way to join his game : In-game co-op menu Invite via Steam Join friend's game via Steam Sometimes it works. Note: In the screenshots, i'm near a truck with three trailers, with stockage, solar/wind generator, one generator (the one at 10 000 byte, can't remember the name) but all you can see is red and white clouds Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.0.6 on Steam Specifications: OS: Win 10 pro x64 CPU: Intel i5-4690K GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 16GB Drive: SEAGATE ST1000DM003
  6. After the 1.0.6 update, there is nothing listed in the CO-OP menu, no friends in games, no friends who are "Unavailable to join", nothing. Had an Xbox that was at 1.0.3, confirmed that there were friends showing in list, updated to 1.0.6, now it's broken. Same for Windows Store version as well, with the same steps to reproduce. It's something that really needs to be fixed, some have bought it multiple times to play with others. 3 of us were playing (with horrible framerate for the host, of course) in 1.0.3, and now none of the clients can see each other.
  7. Tractor launches me into space When I (the host) enters the tractor and then exits and my friend (a guest) trys to enter she gets shot into space and one time landed on the other side of the same planet. it does not happen the other way around (like if she sits in it first and then me) when I sit after her its all fine. btw if I sit in it and the exit and we wait a while she can sit no problem... Steam 1.0.6 windows 10 intel i5 nvidia gforce 960 (I think) 16GB of ram from unknown I gues :D just a normal 4tb hdd drive of amazon ahahaha
  8. We bought the game on two separate steam profiles and are playing on the same network. We cannot join each other (me trying to connect to her game, or her connecting to mine) at any time. We had the same issue with the game Factorio and it was never resolved. What can we do?
  9. When somebody join my server, my fps being 20 - 30 fps but on normal its 80 - 100. do anyone know why? problaly its because of gpu usage. my gpu usage is %90 on normal but when somebody join its being %20 and not increasing. help pls My pc specs; GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX1060 DUAL OC GDDR5 3GBCPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B350M-KRAM: Kingston 8 GB (1x8GB) HyperX Predator Black 3000MHzSSD: Samsung 250GB 860 EVO SATA 3.0 (Reading 550MB / Writing 520MB) HDD: WD 3.5" 1TB Caviar Blue SATA 3.0 7200Rpm 64MB Cache HDDOS: Microsoft Windows 10 ProPSU: XIGMATEK X-CALIBRE SERIES 600W Note: Game installed to SSD
  10. Cole Van Meter


    Three days ago I was able to connect to my buddies world however last night my internet went down and now that’s its up again I can’t join his world. I’ve found i can connect if I use my Xbox but not if Im on my pc (using Microsoft store not steam) both are on the same network just the Xbox is wireless and my pc is wired. what can I do to remedy this situation?
  11. Brent Lim

    Multiplayer Issues

    Hello, Me and my friend are both on the Windows 10 version and whenever he tries join my world, he gets the error "Could not join host" and sometimes "Cannot find session" (P.s Not sure if those are the exact error messages) but whenever I join his world, I am able to just fine. I tried disabling my firewall and double checked that when the firewall was on, Astroneer had an exception. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, Brent
  12. Adri B

    Latency issues

    Hello guys, First of all, congratulations on your release! We've followed the game since Early-Access day 1 and Astroneer's journey is remarkable! I love your game! I'd like to address an issue I add with a couple of friends while playing the game once released. Even though we have no issue of lagging at all while playing solo, we experienced huge lags in multiplayer and - unfortunately - had to stop! I think that this is mainly due to the fact that both of my friends were in the US and I was in Europe... (I am pretty sure it is important to mention that, haha!) Can you explain the concept of "HOST" on a multiplayer? Is the console of the player that is hosting responsible for the merge of everyone's actions? Will multi-continent play be possible at some point? Thanks again for the journey, I hope you will be able to address the issue!
  13. I was connected to a friend's game and decided to relog to fix some world tearing issues. On relogging, my character was deleted. We both tried restarting our games, but it didn't help. Defeated, I created a new character who spawned in a random location on the planet without oxygen. I disconnected before death. On reconnecting, I was in the same random location but with my original character, who promptly died due to lack of oxygen. ----- I guess I'm reporting two bugs? 1. Character deleted in multiplayer session. 2. New character dropped at random location on planet surface, not at host's EXO habitat. 3? Reconnecting enough times (may) restore character settings? ----- I regret that I wasn't streaming during this. We'll probably be playing again tomorrow and I'll make a point to have OBS up so I can try to record it.
  14. Summary: Crash when landing on Vesania in Co-op Game Version: Steam v1.0.6 Description: Me and my friend are playing Astroneer in Co-op and we're pretty far into the game. When ore of us tries to land on Vesania with a medium shuttle, the game crashes just before landing, or just before reaching the planet's atmosphere. We started with the shuttles from Novus. Specifications: -OS: WIndows 10 Home 64 bit v1809 -CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 -GPU: MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G -RAM: BALLISTIX 2x8GB DDR 4 2666 MHz -Drive: SSD: Samsung EVO 860 250GB Attached is a 7zip file with the log/crash reports Logs.7z
  15. I tried a bunch of things to get a windows 7 and a linux PC to connect in multiplayer mode. I always got not joinable. Now I reinstalled another windows PC only to play in multiplayer. It is not working. I again get not joinable. Is there any known way to use this feature? 🙄
  16. Hi, recently my friend and I were trying to play together and could not join each others games. We tried with one of us having the game closed and inviting while the other was in game and that did not work. We also tried inviting through the steam overlay. Both of us have inbound and outbound exceptions in our firewalls. We are running on the same game version as well. Any suggestions? Is this a known issue? We got this game specifically to play multiplayer. Thanks for your help.
  17. 1. Lag when tethers are placed if there are a lot in one continuous line. Disconnecting that line fixes it. 2. Sliding down a steep ramp to the core causes non host members to stop seeing the world, then go through it and shoot up to the nearest cave dying. To fix they have to dig the entire way down with the tool to reload. 3. one person rover seat sometimes glitches so that your camera is in the rover but you are not. Cant get out of it. 4. non host crashing on rocket takeoff if they are controlling it. 5. tether sometimes not going back into other tether groups in backpack. 6. don't know if its a bug but, if the item doesn't click to a port on a machine it will fall though it and you have to pick up and move the machine to get the it. 7. Sometimes joining the game resets your character look and you have to quit and rejoin to get your other character look back to normal. 8. mini solar panel on backpack glitches out and floats in the air above you. The other player will see his like that but not yours. 9. If the ground under a platform is flat and you use the flatten tool under the platform it sometimes launches it into the air. PS. Love the game
  18. Summary: 1.0.3 - Windows 10 - Unable to Cross-Platform Play with Xbox One Players Description: Every time I try to join my friends on Xbox One from the Windows 10 Store version, it refuses to join and gives me the error "FAILED TO JOIN: COULD NOT FIND SESSION." I have tried opening all of the ports the game uses, reinstalling the game, and adding an exception for this game to my firewall but still no success. Is this a problem that I'm only having or is everyone experiencing this? Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.0.3 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i5 4460 3.20GHz GPU: GTX 760 2GB RAM: HyperX 2x4GB DDR4 2666MHz Drive: WD Blue 1TB
  19. PurrfectCaticorn

    Terrain difference Multiplayer

    Fist of all: we love this game! Sadly we can't play it anymore. This is how vesania looks to me and my mate: And this happens a lot, but at this planet in such hugh amount that you can't longer just walk around. Also I can't build anything(I'm not hosting the game).
  20. whenever i play on a friends game or he plays on mine the non host player slowly sees holes show up around resources then randomly over any planet we're on eventually one spawns under the non host player and he dies this has happened now on multiple saves, both players are on steam with internet connections testing good
  21. In multiplayer (two player). Was driving around in tractor. Stopped and deformed terrain near tractor without thinking. Tractor started to quicksand in ground (bouncing up and down a little bit). I quickly jumped back into the tractor to hopefully drive off and not loose another one! Instead of entering tractor, my character was floating through space. Could open backpack and research panels, but could not move or jump, just kind of floating. Exited game (the other player was host). Rejoined and now the camera shows me stuck about halfway into the ground. Cannot look around, backpack and research panels don't open. All keys seem inactive. After maybe 5 second, game returns me to main menu screen, but the "start single player" game tab is missing. The main menu is not quite right. Exited again, and other player exited. Both restart and same thing happens to me. The other player is fine, but for me the save game is corrupted. SAVE_1$2019.02.14-21.59.55.savegame
  22. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Game fails to save intermittently (about 1/2 the game sessions) Description: On a multiplayer save that is passed between friends who can't be on at the same time, game fails to save (sometimes) In each instance the players get in and out of shelters and vehicles getting the "saved" alert. After getting the saved alert, the game does not save. upon the end of game session the game is closed by the save and quit to menu or desktop button. Progress is generally lost to the point where the session started. The save has been passed between two hosts, and will sometimes fail to save in both single player or multiplayer mode. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3600Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: EVGA SuperSC 2x8GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: Seagate Portable 1TB( ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SAVE_Pre-Bomer-_2019.02.12-01.11.03.savegame
  23. ADHD-Pupper

    Desolo Gateways Broken

    Hello, I just been working on the Desolo gateways, powering up them in different ways. The first gateway I powered up using my base which was right next to it. I connected it up using extenders and ended up being fairly far away from it when connecting it and it finishing receiving power. When it received full power however the gateway didn't light up and the globe didn't appear. I can still connect power lines to it and the triangle will rise up, but it will not accept any more power going in to it. I also did the same on the other gateway on the other side of the planet and received the same problem. We also checked the core of the planet and it's locked off to us despite powering up both gateways. So kind of stuck here without being able to progress in the game despite having played on this save for 20+ hours, I don't really fancy starting again. This was done on a multiplayer save, however when I powered it up the first time on Desolo it was in solo play, there was no other client connected to the game at the time. Also while I'm here, please give the option to turn auto-save off when entering vehicles, as this can cause high frame rate issues and even potentially make the game crash multiple times while in multiplayer. Thanks
  24. Richard Darrington

    Change in Co-Op programming

    Question to SES, Has it been considered to allow clients joining a hosted game, to download that hosts generated seed. So that each client will process their own game data and thus reduce the amount of Host Lag. And reduce the meta data transfer between the clients and the host. Then that seed would be wiped when they quit as they arent the originator of that seed.
  25. Hello, I can't connect to my friend game, when i join, i load and then see this (screen) and being kick out. I dont know why, could you help? 'Cause i've already been the host (of another save), my friend could join, but he crashed sometimes without knowing why.. Do you have any fix for one of these? Thanks