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Found 654 results

  1. Me and my friend were playing and I got stuck on barren, he launched the home base space craft and when he arrived his craft merged with mine. When he attempted to get out he wasn’t able to. Also when he tries to join he doesn’t spawn in the satellite he spawns in space. Thank you for the time and I hope you can fix the issue soon
  2. Niels Zehaczek

    Multiplyer Problem

    Ich und ein Freund von mir spielen seit kurzem wieder Astroneer . Dabei viel uns auf , dass der Multiplayer im Vergleich zu früheren Versionen schlechter geworden ist . Wenn man zu zweit spielt sinken die fps von ca 30 auf 15 oder darunter . Zudem stürzt das Spiel dann auch sehr häufig ab. Es ruckelt auch enorm dadurch . Außerdem kommt noch dazu ,dass wenn man eine Verbindung plaziert hat ,dass dann das Spiel ein Standbild für ca 1 Sekunde hat .Es kommt uns auch so vor ,dass je mehr man Baut umso stärker ruckelt das Spiel. Und das obwohl ich eine Xbox One X besitze mit sehr hoher Rechenleistung . Außerdem können wir nicht auf unterschiedlichen Planeten gleichzeitig sein , dass ist dann zu viel für das Spiel ...... Leider .... .Das Spiele macht sehr viel Spaß und sieht gut aus . Es hat viel Potenzial ,aber diese Muliplayer Probleme mindern den Spielspaß für so ein grandioses Spiel . Um es in Sterne auszudrücken 3.8 von 5 möglichen Sternen. Es wäre sehr schön wenn Sie diese Probleme in den Griff bekommen ;D. (Mit 3 Spielern gleichzeitig zu Spielen ....... Sie können es sich sicherlich schon denken ....)
  3. My game slows down when I play multiplayer on xbox.
  4. Everytime after my friend creates a world, I am able to join. Everytime I disconnect from the world let's say to sleep I am unable to join his world. I either get "failed to connect to host" or "connection to host lost".
  5. First things first, I'm the host playing on PC 1) my friend is unable to collect resources even when she's digging stuff up and visually seeing the resources disappearing. 2) character model phasing through buggy seat sometimes. 3) terrain is split up at the edges sometimes, allowing me to see underneath terrain at different angles. 4) friend not having their characters saved, fresh new character being generated sometimes losing everything on them. 5) character randomly gets pushed into the sky and falls down.
  6. codey montgomery


    So I don’t tend to play this game by myself to much.. but just to ask will the game ever stop crashing when playing with more than 2 other people it’s getting a little crazy on how many time the game crashes..
  7. As soon as another play is invited to game, host gameplay slows down a lot. It gets worse if joined player is using the excavation tool; player joining is at normal speed.
  8. As soon as another play is invited to game, host gameplay slows down a lot. It gets worse if joined player is using the excavation tool; player joining is at normal speed.
  9. adelbert4

    Soil Centrifuge

    If I walk a distance away from the Soil Centrifuge while it's running, I'll be unable to get the resources from it when I return to it, keeping it stuck without me being able to interact with it, this is a problem only on the client side of the game, where the host can freely still pull resources off
  10. Summary: 0.9.2 - Steam - Tethers do huge lags Description: Being the host of a multiplayer session, after 9 hours on the same planet, every single time one of my colleagues put a tether in the ground, my computer freezes for a second. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.9.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i7 GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: Corsair 2x16GB DDR3 Drive: HDD 4To ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So, as descripted above, every time a tether is put in the ground to continue the exploration, my computer's fps drop to 0-1. The problem is that the more we explore, the worst the problem becomes. Now it is totally unplayable for me in multi. It may be due to the fact that the game recalculate the whole oxygen network, as well as the whole lightning. I've read that the problem is the same for many users. My config is good for that king of game, I should stay around 100 fps. So it is not a material problem. This just has to be optimized. I have no advice on how to do that. You guys know better than me your job. Anyway, no hard feelings, we are aware it is an alpha. It is just a remark to keep in mind for future updates. Apart from that, we want you to know that it is a great game with a great concept. Except this frustration, we already had a lot of fun and I recommend this game to my friends. Keep going and stay positive !
  11. muzmuz214

    Steam multiplayer

    when I open a world and try to invite a friend the steam doesn't allow me because of it i can't play multiplayer
  12. Tried coming back to this game after the latest update... Took a little break from Astroneer to come back to an update that sounded nice from the reveal trailer. Only took an hour or more to realize that we would't be able to get in a game together after trying multiple fixes. A big let down considering this game has a small dev team and probably won't be able to fix this quickly. Astroneer is still a very fun game to play, but not as fun without friends to share the experience with. Thumbs up on the update, thumbs down on the bugs that occurred from it.
  13. PLEASE add Cross-play between Steam and Xbox/Microsoft Store! Astroneer is such a fun game to play with friends. Unfortunately some of my friends have it on Xbox while I have it on Steam. I don't care if it's through dedicated servers or some other method, but PLEASE add it in the future! I love this game so much and I want to be able to play with my friends!
  14. sadbugaboo

    Starter Pod landing inside EXO Habitat

    Gaming Information : 1. Mouse / Keyboard 2. Steam 3. Playing Multiplayer and died Once I died in multiplayer my beginner pod was bringing me back to the planet. However, it did not land on the landing pad. It landed inside the EXO Habitat. I was able to exit, and the pod left the planet normally. The only issue was the landing. To give more information, there was nothing placed upon the landing pad prior to the pod going inside of the habitat.
  15. sadbugaboo

    Suffocating in Space After Death

    Gaming Information : 1. Mouse / Keyboard 2. Steam Client 3. Dying in Multiplayer Bug Description : After dying in a multiplayer game I was returned into space without a beginners pod. I could walk around in the stars, looking down upon my home planet. Of course, I suffocated in space due to the lack of oxygen. After this death I was returned normally to my beginner pod and landed safely on my home planet once again.
  16. Player 2 visited Tundra to drop supplies off for me; a bit later I bit the dust and found myself back on Terran. Could the respawn be linked to the last planet /anyone/ landed on, rather than the dead player?
  17. PixelTheOne

    Multiplayer performance

    So i noticed that when you host a game, one player gives -30 FPS, but the players that join have normal FPS. When will it be fixed?
  18. John Huffman

    Failed to Join Session Xbox

  19. Hi there, I'm relatively new to this game and would like to note that me, my girlfriend and roommate all love it, but for whatever reason we can't join each other's games to play with each other. One person loads a map while the other waits at the main menu for the invite from the host. Upon accepting the invite, the game appears to be loading, but stays at the loading screen with the icon spinning for about 10 minutes or so, then freezes if we haven't quit trying by then. We have done all of the basic checks, our NAT type is always open, we've reset our Internet and our xboxes and nothing appears to resolve the issue. I think it's also worth noting that we don't believe it's an isp issue because we all play every other game that we own together in an online multiplayer format. We have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling which also did not do the trick. Lastly I would like to note that we have had this issue since we installed the game (around April 20th or so) and we both installed the newest patch/update the day it was released and are continuing to have the issue, so I also don't think it's a version mismatch. Please help as we love the game but downloaded it to play together. Thanks for any feedback!
  20. On the Astroneer Steam new page, on there post on there 1.0 release and some content they were planning on adding there was a paragraph about them adding a 'directed experience' to the game. Here is that paragraph. 'And while many players enjoy the self-guided sandbox experience of Astroneer, "We've also heard this call of people want stuff to do," Tirado said. "They want directed goals, they want exposition about the universe we built." These goals will be a part of version 1.0. These aren't quests, Tirado told me, and there won't be a proper campaign in Astroneer. But players interested in a more directed experience will have a path to follow if they're looking for one.' This got me thinking. What would be so terrible about quests? First, let me give you a few thoughts on my experience with the game so far. I love the game. The sandbox element is one of my favorite parts, but personally, I am one of the people who 'want stuff to do.' The 0.10.00 update (crafting update) adding a lot more content to the game, whereas before you would hit the wall of stuff to do in a fairly short amount of time, you now had much more to do before you reach that point. Though that point is still there. It seems clear they don't really want to add a quest system or campaign, and I can respect that. It would drastically change the game and how its played, and in the meantime might lose a following that likes the game because of there's practically none of that. You get to decide every step you take, and that's wonderful. You get to tell your own story. That is one of the reasons that make this game great, Okay enough jabber, now onto my idea. First I thought about all the wreaked bases on the different planets. Maybe you could find something at a sight, which would lead you to something else, which would then lead you to something else, etc until it leads you to some sort of prize. Untimely that sounded a bit boring. You could add many different types of quests you would find as to make it more enjoyable. Though my mind went down a different path. What if we added AI Astroneers that live on the planets? Like a pseudo-multiplayer system. What does that mean? Pseudo means, basically a fake, or not genuine. My thoughts are to have a multiplayer aspect added that is controlled by AI. The players might have some sort of quest like things. Mostly things like helping them base build, maybe up to the point where you help them get a shuttle and blast off to who knows where never to be seen again. That would be the end of the 'quest'. Or they could stay in the universe, you could go with them, or find them later. Another idea would be to have a way to recruit, or team up with them to help you with your base, your own personal quests. You could give them quests. I haven't thought a lot on the implements of this pseudo-multiplayer system. Some rewards for helping these NPCs could be unlocking different technologies, maybe locked ones or secret ones. The same thing could be done with extraterrestrials. Recruiting them, or joining them. They could give you access to special technologies. Overall I think it would be an interesting idea, not a lot of hope to see it implemented but still an interesting thought.
  21. I was in a multiplayer two-person game (other player was host). Host had built beginnings of a base on Barren, then returned to Terran. I then went to Barren whilst host remained on Terran. Whilst I was on Barren the day/night cycle functioned as normal (sun rising every three or so minutes, remaining for three minutes, then setting again), but the solar panels did not act or provide power when they are meant to. Although I was on Barren, I only got power when it was daytime for the host back on Terran. This applied to both the solar panel the host had left on Barren and the subsequent solar panels I built whilst I was there. anyone else had this happen to them? It might not be just Barren, but any planet the host is not on. Have not tested other planets yet.
  22. So my friend said that his small rover (now called a Buggy) battery wasn't draining even though the power generation wasn't working. This needs to be fixed soon if it is a bug (he's uh...less-than-intelligent let's say, so it may be a false report) but if it is a bug it does need to be fixed as it breaks the game balance. We're in multiplayer too, and I haven't seen this bug in singleplayer before
  23. Summary: Vehicles don't drain energy in multiplayer Description: In multiplayer mode, vehicles used by a player not hosting the game don't drain energy. Bug in game since version 0.9.0 from my experience. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 - version 17134 CPU: Intel i7-6700K 4.00GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 980 Ti RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 5 DDR4 3000 MHz CL14 - 4x8Go Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 SATA 6Gb/s 3 To (ST3000DM001-1ER166)
  24. when playing in multiplayer mode, materials that appear in the host computer are not appearing in the client side. if the client digs the area where they should be, all they get is dirt. Here is a list of clips from the stream.
  25. loreinier

    Cant join a friends game

    I bought the game yesterday and played for about 4 hours, only got it to play with some friends. Everything worked fine yesterday, however today i cant join into a friends game. When i click join it will either A, give me a grey screen that looks kinda like im stuck inside something or B, a loading screen with no end, sometimes the loading screen will also crash the game. Whats strange is that my friends can still see me within the game, and if i push E they can still see me pull my weapon out.