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Found 654 results

  1. Richard Darrington

    Change in Co-Op programming

    Question to SES, Has it been considered to allow clients joining a hosted game, to download that hosts generated seed. So that each client will process their own game data and thus reduce the amount of Host Lag. And reduce the meta data transfer between the clients and the host. Then that seed would be wiped when they quit as they arent the originator of that seed.
  2. Hello, I can't connect to my friend game, when i join, i load and then see this (screen) and being kick out. I dont know why, could you help? 'Cause i've already been the host (of another save), my friend could join, but he crashed sometimes without knowing why.. Do you have any fix for one of these? Thanks
  3. 1) Mouse & Keyboard 2) Platform: Steam 3) We were exploring and activating the large cube things. 4) I would say this bug could be reproduced by entering and exiting the rover multiple times over the course of exploration and getting stuck on rocks or foliage. Had a few bugs tonight using the rover during multiplayer. The first image shows one player (who is stuck in the rover until they disconnected from the session) in the rover and it is completely floating. Once the player disconnected the rover dropped to the surface and was able to be used for a short period of time. The second bug was shortly after the first one where I became the rover and my character was stuck floating in no man's land. Each time we got stuck inside the rover it was still drive-able except we could not exit the rover. The only way to stop this from happening was the restart the session. lti
  4. In multiplayer on PC, if I am hosting, I can hear other players audio when they push the tab button to unlock new equipment with bytes. Also, tether lag gets really bad.
  5. 1. When my friend joins my world he gets problems where only the terrain that he dug gets replaced (sometimes more terrain than was there before) and kills him, this replaced terrain isn't there for me (host) also i am able to walk through where he sees the replaced terrain and he interacts with it as if it's real. 2. sometimes when joining my game his tractor disappeared but randomly reappears after he left the area or re-logged. 3. My friend and I both get a reoccurring bug where one of us get in a tractor and are unable to drive. (to fix it we get out and spam F straight away, then run a few meters away and get back in)
  6. trevor slobodnick

    Local SplitScreen

    I've always enjoyed playing Astroneer but I feel like it would be much better with splitscreen. I play video games with my brother and it sucks that we have to take turns playing. It would be much more enjoyable and make exploring/building much easier and much more fun it this feature was added! I would love to see this happen and I know the community would as well. Keep up the great work!
  7. The flashing white and black is also worse irl as my monitor has high hertz. It's a constant issue that has started occurring more as time goes on. ASTRONEER 2019.02.10 -
  8. So I have been playing with my friend for a while and while on the mysterious satellite we placed the triptych down for Calidor, then restarted the server to get the suit, color, and dance (that's another bug as well) and when he tried to rejoin me he would be in the game for a few seconds, then crash. We have both tried restarting the server, game, and our computers and nothing works. Anyone got any solutions or a fix? It would really suck to restart our whole entire game as we're so close to unlocking all of the stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. JoeJoeTV

    Several Coop Problems

    Me and my friend play coop via steam, and we're both using the newest version. We have encountered several problems(most of them in conjunction with interplanetary travel) when playing. I am hosting the sessions and my friend is joining through Steam. -Most of the time when my friend tries to exit a shuttle after travelling to another planet, he can't and has to rejoin to get out of the shuttle. -One time he tried to start the shuttle and get into orbit from sylva and after he was in orbit his camera jumped back to the place he launched from and he couldn't do anithing other than rejoin. After hed did rejoin, he was forced to start a new character and lost the items. Later we saw that the shuttle he started with was still in orbit and we couldn't get to it. -It also sometimes crashed when he mounts a tractor. -Sometimes items dissappear from my friends terrain tool -One shuttle couldn't start because it needed fuel even though we had the basic thruster, which normally doesn't require additional fuel(correct me if i'm wrong) Most of these things happen at random and we don't really know how to reproduce them. But most of them happened after we travelled to another planet the first time. We tried getting crash reports, but in the "Logs" folder were none. Also, is there any way to get the items back? Here, i attached a link to a video showing some problems my friend has:!q7ZXgKCY!4yx33Pt0xKDQnzVkhy2O2yQ8hHG4DnAD0TYzWFMJuoA
  10. Since 1.0 launch, I have been playing multiplayer with friends. Whenever going to their worlds, we experience a host of errors. 2 have been addressed in the patch notes for 1.0.4: the tractor was not responding to input, and I had a trailer get sucked underground while I was driving a tractor (quicksand on ground I had placed.) We have been having serious FPS spiking on the hosting machine once multiple gates are activated or if we get too far apart. We have had tethers stop rendering tether lines after we have placed enough to wrap the entire world. Today, playing 1.0.4 in multiplayer joining a friend's world on Steam, we experienced a strange host of errors with walls and floors. These have continued since launch. Today, I accidentally walked into one and got floated back up to the surface. When being the host, I did not experience as many of these issues. One easy way we had to repair some of the issues was that the host had to come and refresh the area by using their terrain tool around where the visual error was.
  11. Kyrios

    Severe Lag

    Hi there! So, my friend is the host for a session for me and my friend. We all play together and we had a lot of fun, that is until we started noticing major fps drops as we played the game further and further. The weird thing is that the host lags severely (10-20 fps constantly) when my other friend and I are on, but when just the host is on there is major lag. Please help 😧 I don't want it to get to the point where it is unplayable.
  12. I was playing with a friend on Steam (I'm the host). We were still on Sylva and had already activated all of the gateway chambers. We went to go activate the gateway engine (this was our first time doing this in the game). I made the geometric triptych, at which point, my friend was outside of the actual engine (He was standing on the outside of the forcefield thing around the engine that comes up when you make it). I placed the triptych in the slot to activate the engine after which, we both got the steam achievement for it. He then unlocked the suit and all other unlocks for activating the planet's engine. I didn't get any of the unlocks. I already tried closing and reloading the save but that didn't work.
  13. me and a friend started playing yesterday again and played about 6 hours. today we loaded up the world and the tractor got stuck in a hole as soon as he went into it to drive it out his screen went black and the game crashed we have (reinstalled etc.) now when he joins he gets a screen where it looks like the view you get from the space station in main screen. this lasts about one second after loading for 10 seconds and then it exists after it spins out of control. please find the screen shot attached. we are playing keyboard and mouse on steam I really hope you can help I believe a reload textures or world option would get around this problem. thanks Pieter
  14. I couldn't find a thread specifically about Xbox One multiplayer issues, so I'm writing here for cleanliness. Date: 09/02/2019 Platform: Xbox One Game: Astroneer v1.0.3 Summary: Frame rate and terrain issues on both host and client ends if multiplayer session. Description: Players 1 and 2 were already in a session, with P1 hosting. Player 3 (myself) joined later as a client. Upon loading I noted that the frame rate was quite jarring, with some control lagging. P1 mentioned that they were having considerable issues with frame rate too, so bad that it was affecting their eyes. We all also noticed that terrain collision was off, particularly with tethers positioning above the apparent terrain. After P1 gave up and left the session, I decided to try the solo mode. To my pleasant surprise the game ran perfectly smoothly and was very enjoyable. Additional info: I am aware of the v1.0.4 release on Steam, and hope that upon release to Xbox One (pending Microsoft approval I'm sure) this issue will be mitigated at least. I'm also aware that the current client/host layout means that host performance is expected to suffer slightly as it is performing more calculations for the service. However this then somehow also leaks into client performance. The resolution to this issues seems to lie within that domain. Thank you, The QuantumLlama
  15. Summary: Terrain not appearing; Not able to change/dig terrain. Description: While in a multiplayer game (I joined in on a friend), I started to experience some terrain bugs. These persisted into the next day that I joined the server. Youtube video linked for the bug. As I am writing this, I see that Astroneer has updated on Steam to If problems persist, I will update on this thread. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version 1803 build 17134.523 CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 @ 3.20GHz GPU: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (EVGA) RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1600MHz Drive: 931GB Western Digital WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 (SATA) Cheers and best of luck Astroneers!
  16. gatherium

    multiplayer bugs

    A friend loaded into my single player game i had him follow me down my mess of tunnels and apparently this hole that i was using, that was already created (i didnt dig it), wasnt there for him. when he tried to dig it, it would dig and reappear. if i went in the hole i would disappear. on my screen he would be really sort of laggy if he walked across that area. another bug that might be related is he has these floating ground bits from places that we have cleared out on the surface. he said if he dug them they would also reappear. note, this was in our multiplayer save that we started together while the previous state bug was on a game i had started single player and had some time on before he loaded into it. also i am host in both cases. once we went to the surface and i was showing him around on tractors, i lost a lot of frames. it went as low as 15 to 19 but stayed around 30 or so. i usually get about 40 to 50. not sure what was causing this. we did get in and out of tractors which caused stutters due to the saving game thing, maybe repeated in and out of tractors was causing less and less frames. not sure, just speculation. i wasnt experiencing these frames drops while playing on the multiplayer save we started together. so maybe it was caused by the base and everything going on, with the added person. so maybe i will get that performance issue when we add more things to our base in the multiplayer save and play more on it. just wanted to report these few bugs that ive experienced. otherwise the game is great so far. ive been playing for a while, but its even funner when a friend also plays. 1.0 has been amazing so far.
  17. Boris.the.Slav

    Mouse click unresponsive

    : So i had a problem where i cannot click on anything if i click on a resource it doesnt work. i cant play on my world i had to get a friend to test stuff and they could do everything just fine yet i couldnt do anything, but i can still drive a car as it takes no clicking stuff but i have no way of doing basically anything, anyone got a clue? I've had this issue before the release and it's still bugging me. It always seems to happen when I am hosting a game with my friend. Pls fix this.
  18. Jan Miller

    XBOX Multiplayer

    Hello, is it normal that Xbox Multiplayer does not work right now? And that the servers will be available soon?
  19. I`m running the game as host and day 2 of playing the game the fps drops below playable <30 fps - Day 1 Game runs fine 60+ fps, did some exploring and little base building. - Day 2 Game starts at 60+ fps, did some more base building and exploring with tractor and then the FPS drops begin. CPU max 60% GPU max 90%. Lower my resolution from 1440P to 720P no effect! All setting to LOW no effect, restart the game had no effect. Running game on i7 7700, 1060 3gb, 16gig, ssd, win 10(newest drivers) Are more people having this problem or is there a fix for this? This Dutch men really want to play the game but at this point it unplayable
  20. 1.0 is not a Full release in technical analysis. Still love the update though. (Amazing additions, and I understand the "Bug/Code" business, don't get me wrong.) Let us begin with Coder/Developer technical definitions, so none are misled by this common label language: Beta: Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.[4] Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, speed or performance issues, and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release and this is typically the first time that the software is available outside of the organization that developed it. Beta version software is often useful for demonstrations and previews within an organization and to prospective customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, preview release, prototype, technical preview / technology preview (TP),[5] or early access. Astroneer in my opinion, is still deep in Beta zone. On the Edge of Escaping the Dark Forest, but not quite there~ WHY? What do I base this on? - Functionality to a "Regular Gamer" - Universal definitions used by developers, coders AND gamers (See Beta Definition ABOVE.) - vehicles still phase through the ground - Objects still phase through ground or vanish - Multiplayer is impossible on lag - Solo game lags hard once the terrain has been altered - Objects and tools will clip through terrain - (New issue) Double visioned object ghosts. Seeing duplicates of objects or their name labels, floating in mirror image away from the tagged object. Losing interactions. - The new "Hold Item" has no release or place function. - Still have not fixed BEACON visibility from distances - This in my opinion is the last bag of fixes for this game to be complete. So to a degree, this is pretty darned complete for any game ramping up. But I have to say these have to be fixed so the common player does not encounter these issues, and thus give Astroneer a bad running name as garbage, when it deserves more! We want new NON Alpha-Beta players to not get the wrong idea, seeing Astroneer tagged a complete game, when it is on the back end of Beta-- so it does not get a bad label and name in the judging gamer community as trash. Save Astroneers good game & Name! UPDATE! This post is not a BUG report, it is a REQUEST to TAG the game as BETA- so NON BETA players do not come in, and bad mouth the Project. Plain and simple. (cc: Official Forums, Astroneer Wiki, Message Blog) Please Obi-wan, you're our only Hope! I hope someone actually reads this and takes it to heart. You are not the Size company that can handle a ton of negative publicity in the game community. "Normal Gamers" are judgemental, opinionated & fickle, about the wrong things. Be warned. Your inviting them to spend their money.
  21. Sonja Saurfeld

    bug whith gun

    The Gun in The Backback is in the Terrain and not in the menu you c´ant equipp the Gun and you c´ant pick any up of the Gun ! LG:MiGamer66
  22. Hi, will Astroneer be released on all devices? Nintendo, Apple, Android and Google(Google books)? And would all those devices have crossplay thru all those devices?
  23. Aidan Ramirez


    Whenever I play astroneer and I try to join my friend through invite, it will send me to the developer note and then say I lost connection. My game then freezes and the only way I can leave is through exiting the entire game.

    Auto save crash

    I have just experienced crash where game exited to desktop without any error messages. At the time I and other player we were entering the same rover with two seats. I was entering front seat and other player the other seat. I was a game host and I believe the other player pressed E to enter before I did. This is a Steam version of a game v0.10.5.0. Log and dxdiag files attached. Please let me know if you need anything else. Many thanks. ga_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  25. marqsande

    Spawning on wrong planet

    When playing multiplayer, if you are not the host, sometimes when dying on a different planet than Terran you will still spawn on Terran even though you should spawn on the planet you die on. This is a problem because it means that the players affected by this needs to build a small shuttle (or something else that can fly) to get back to the other planet. Sometimes this happens in another way; if the guest dies on another planet than the host the guest will spawn at the same planet as the host.