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Found 45 results

  1. I've just mentioned this in someone else's thread, but it's getting on my nerves SO MUCH now, that i felt it needed a thread of it's own. the new 6.0 update has given us a new set of selection controls. now, we select some stuff with one key, some with another. I've yet to fully identify the logic behind which key does what exactly, but i imagine I'll get used to it. i'm able to customise my keyboard controls to my needs (Steam, on a PC). i don't like having controls spread over my keyboard, i tend to group them over at the right hand side, around the arrow keys and the enter button and numpad. i'm not unusual in preferring this. what is really getting to me is the keyboard hints. i don't appreciate being told to press the wrong key all the time. keyboard hints should update dynamically to the current configuration, not stay stubbornly locked to the out-the-box settings. almost every other game i play with keyboard hints is able to do this, so i don't see a reason why it doesn't work in astroneer. at least twice in the new game I've died in storms due to a combination of this, and the new mechanic of requiring the pointer to hover over the habitat to allow access - previously proximity to the habitat was all i needed. and whilst we're on the controls, how about some multi-mouse support? cant be that hard, surely? my mouse has eight buttons, and i could really do with being able to assign them actions in the game. do i really have to get the mouse control panel out and fudge some temporary key bindings? oh dear. i think small stuff like this should have been sorted out way before we got to six versions of the game.
  2. When I open the research panel, the mouse pointer disappears. Also happens when I go to initiate research on the platform. Thoughts?
  3. Tito Cortes

    Mouse and keyboard

    I am playing with a g502 spectrum mouse. I am have no response in game for the mouse at all, but the keyboard works fine. Is this a glitch or something else?
  4. Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Amazon basics USB optical mouse and keyboard Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Pretty straightforward gameplay I'd think, just grabbing resources and getting enough to go to a diff. planet for more stuff. I do tend to place bases for other planets around one of the poles for the extended/infinite daylight. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. No idea how you can reproduce the bug, mouse and keyboard drivers are up to date, reasonably fresh game, and not done anything terribly stupid I can think of. But when modifying terrain on other planets, I've check radiated and arid so far, the mouse cursor will quit responding until I move the mouse a significant distance, at which point the mouse cursor will 'jump' to that point without going over the terrain in between those two points. It will aso change position if I walk the astronaut into position while modifying terrain, suggesting that this is just the game having problems with the mouse. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post.
  5. for me it feels like the sensetivity of the camera movement changes when i resize the windowed while playing in windowed mode. smaller windows less sensetive.
  6. So, I started a new game and was attempting to set up my platforms in an organized manner. I wanted to keep them along the North and South directions on each side of my pod in lines. However, when clicking on the last placed platform starter to set a new one, it will come out to where I want it initially, but then it will move, either before I place the resin in it to build it, or as it's being built. Making building my base in an organized manner completely impossible. I am using mouse and keyboard and my game is through Steam. I am on Windows 10 with all latest updates installed. The game is up to date as well.
  7. Ok, on my pc, something happened, i don't know exactly what. However, it ended in me being stuck on a different planet because of this glitch. It is where the blue spheres that come up when you are selecting a place to land on a planet, are there whilst i'm on foot. I am able to use my mouse, access my inv etc... ONLY whilst i am outside the blue sphere. I am now stuck on this planet as i cant launch or make a new rocket... photos attached... any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. When streaming the game through Steam, the right-click and move the mouse to adjust the camera sensitivity is way out of control. When using the mouse locally on the host computer there isn't a problem. It only occurs when streaming. I have replicated this issue from multiple streaming clients to the same host, as well as reversing the stream from the host that was exhibiting the problems to one of the client machines. In all cases the move camera sensitivity was practically uncontrollable.
  9. Here, I am trying to play without mouse, but faced difficulties that the camara angles are fixed and limited because there is no way I can right click. Why not have arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard for camara angle? And use WASD keys for movement Thanks, Sexy Turtle
  10. On keyboard and mouse on steam, I have to press (most notably) e and q several times before the game registers me pressing the button and opening my terrain tool or backpack respectively. It has gotten bad enough that I don't play this game anymore. Please fix because this is still one of my favorite games. The bug is just really annoying.
  11. I recently purchased the Steam version of the game, because it has the ability to stream games via their "in home streaming" feature. I attempted to use it today to play on a collection of other devices and found when trying to move the camera around, the view just started spinning. Thinking it was a Steam issue or a host PC issue, I rebooted everything but to no avail. I've tried on multiple computers, in home streaming is not working for me with Astroneer - looks great, but can't control the game.
  12. Crash Override


    I recently bought a Steamlink and when you use any mouse and keyboard setup in the game, the mouse is always inverted and unable to change it in Steamlink or game settings. I know there is a setting in game, but those game options never stay for me.
  13. CRIMS0NS0L

    Play Anywhere Use Mouse?

    Maybe someone has already asked this, but my search has turned up nothing. So what I'm wondering is can you use a mouse and keyboard to play Astroneer on Windows 10 Play Anywhere while playing with someone on Xbox One?
  14. GriesHoop


    Hi, I have found an bag playing game on pc, playing on controler and mouse. I was travalming on mu space ship to the nearest moon (firs time travel) and this happend. After all this I can go out but get in I can't. Please fix it. Thank you
  15. I changed to window mode and next time I try to enter the game, mouse works only in the first click, but not at all after that.
  16. I play on 2 screens. In Full Screen mode and Windowed mode - the mouse does not lock to the window. This means when running around carrying Resource Objects or general navigation, the mouse will leave the window and any mouse based movement in Astroneer ceases.
  17. i Adapt therefore i am

    Mouse Cursor affecting controller game play

    Mouse cursor dot still active when using controller, so if the white dot is near the edge it constantly spins the camera even when your using a controller
  18. Took shuttle to another planet. Smaller, close to sun, very little organics/resin/composit, high in minerals, lots of Sarlacc's all over. As I start to deform terrain, mouse pointer will get stuck on what seems to be an invisible object, happens in equal distance where moving mouse left or right it will get 'stuck' in another goove and not move freely. There also seems to be an issue with the wind as it doesn't blow objects during storms (no danger of being out in storm) and the small wind vane does nothing even when watching little white whispy 'air' flying by.
  19. When you place a 2 printed storage modules and 2 printed solar panels in any combination on the trucks storage upgrade and drive it then both back wheels will go above the storage module and glitch out and fling the truck into space and the truck will stay there I have reproduced this bug twice. Tried different combination of solar panels and storage modules but still flung into the air.
  20. Took a bit to figure out repro, but once the left edge of the game window moves past the right edge of the monitor (and onto a second monitor) the in-game mouse tracking (like rotating the screen) and clicking (like clicking on the menu items) stops occurring. If I move it back onto the original monitor then as soon as the right side of the game window moves back onto the original monitor then the mouse will work again in the game. I have 4 monitors, assorted resolutions, doesn't matter where they move to, once the leave the monitor that the game launched in the mouse will stop being detected by the game until the window is moved back. Great fun so far for the short time I have been playing it; so far its made for a nice screen saver too while I am working.