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Found 2 results

  1. some idea for further development: 1. As a game that is still concentrate on better experience as a stand-alone game, loneliness is a great theme, so you can't give us a pet. Similar to a drone, and then can be a simple interaction, there can be several slots, you can simply specify the delivery to base or vehicle, or simply in front of the map to light the area up when equipped with torch. 2. We need map, It is already space age, but we still simply relying on beacons for navigation is not enough, especially under the ground. God knows, there are all oxygen piles easily confuse us to wander around. Can you set up a technology tree and develop a map with the UAV to form a map, and then we can simply mark the resource points in the map? 3. This car is usually in trouble . Sometimes it can't move. Then it can be designed more flexibly. It is said to have been tested. long car works bad when driving back when steering. 4. We are astronauts. We need aircraft in the atmosphere. This is very necessary part. Although the planet is relatively small, it would be better to fly. Make it possible to establish a sub-base far away. 5. There is still a lot of space for picture optimization. The long car would easily stuck the graph . The game would also stuck for a long time, and then the visibility of the visible objects is not natural. Then it really burns the card, 1070 can get up to 70 degrees. 6. We need brighter lights. Whether it's on the front of the car, or on your own pack, or on a crane, especially when you mining minerals , you need a lamp that sits on the floor. We also need to drive in the car in dark with more power head light. 7. Titanium and Lithium are too few, I can only rely on rubbish, then digging to refine it.
  2. Hello there, Kind of new to this forum so be gentle if this was already mentionned. Plus my English is bad so sorry in advance :). After hard quitting the game I had a graphic bug when ressources repop basically in the air, but were impossible to harvest. Since then, I pass buy this huge amount of minerals I already harvested. Did some research on the forum and see nothing related so I post my screenshots here ! Have a nice day, this game is fantastic, ps : For personnal use, I'm listing the "bugs" I've already encouter here : "random jumping vehicles", "spaceship and navette blocking vehicules stand (can be override by smashing the vehicle with a rover or truck)", "never ending character slide", "vertical life pod", "stuck in modules at construction", "ressources repop graphic bug" Sub