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Found 2 results

  1. Apparently continuing with my theme for tonight of making threads about Medium everything, let's talk about the medium generator! Yes, strictly speaking it's more efficient than the small generator. However, it is not as versatile by far. Small generator advantages: compact, fuel readily available on all planets. Medium generator advantages: uhhhhh, it's slightly more efficient when you can get the fuel for it? Looking at the small generator's advantages, those can also be seen as the medium generator's disadvantages. It's bulky and the fuel isn't easily obtainable when you need it. When
  2. Resources Sperrylite Smelter processing into Platinum Trade resource Sale value of 16 Gas Hydrate Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Liquid Propane Liquid Propane produces doubled energy output in Small Generator; triple energy output in Medium Generator Isotope Smelter processing fills Canisters with Tritium (hydrogen-3) Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Helion (helium-3) Modules & Equipment Atomic Battery = Tritium Canister + Copper Roughly size of canister Provides 100.0 Bars at 2.0A