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  1. Earlier, I made a post about transferring power from base to base and how this could improve the game play of Astroneer (post can be found here: After thinking this idea over for a while, I have began to think about inter-connectivity within the game on a wider scale, mainly through the addition of roads. After driving around in both the truck and the rover, I have come to the retaliation that the physics engine freaks out when vehicles attempt to pass over the various rocks and fauna that litter the various planet surfaces. Whilst this problem can be solved by flattening terrain, this process can be time consuming and frustrating due to the logistics required to give the player a continuous supply of power and oxygen over long distances. This is where my concept for roads comes in. Roads could be placed in a similar way to how base modules expand, with an origin point that can then be expanded upon when provided with adequate materials. Expansion of roads could wither be free form, with the player having full control over the gradient and curvature of the road. Alternatively, road placement could be based off of a grid, with different pre-set parts e.g 1x1x1 straight road, 1x2x1 ramp etc. Once placed, the roads could be slightly elevated form the terrain so that they could have a perfectly smooth surface for vehicles to merrily drive from base to base. This system would encourage exploration as it opens the possibility to the player that if they see an awesome looking cave, they could mark it with a beacon, run back to base, construct a road from base to the cave and then easily and efficiently deliver resources from the cave back to base, making the whole process easier and far more efficient so that the player can spend less time mining and more time exploring. However, it would be silly if we were to have roads that were permanently undamaged, and a such I propose that some changes be made to the weather system to both support my roads concept whilst also making the weather of the planets a bit more viscous. Let's take the starter planet Terra for example. Currently, we have the debris storms that can kill the player, but have no real impact on structures. However, if we make the storms less of a massive deadly blob of destruction and more a hurricane, it makes them both more realistic and also balances them by reducing the radius of the storm itself. This would allow the developers the ability to make objects (such as tethers and road supports) be damaged by the storm, adding in a need to maintain the sprawling tether lines and road networks that arise when connecting locations together. To express my ideas for the weather system in general, I think each planet could have weather unique to their ecosystem. Taking the starting planet Terra as an example again, alongside hurricanes replacing storms, rain and thunder storms could be added in. Rain storms would have next to no physical impact on the world (unless the developers somehow add in liquid physics to the game), mainly serving as a slight hindrance to visibility and adding to the immersive qualities of the game. Thunderstorms, on the other hand, would pose as a real threat to both the player and equipment such as windmills, that could be stuck by lightning and destroyed - requiring the player to repair them. I would have written my potential ideas for a railway system and trains, but the developers already sort of confirmed this on a live stream. On an unrelated note, please let us name and colour beacons as it would both help with navigation and also allow me to climb each and every mountain and name them after the Scottish Munros . As always, if you wish to expand upon or improve my idea in anyway, don't hesitate to comment.