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Found 29 results

  1. After loading the game, the shuttle flips See Video:
  2. Platform: Steam After loading the saved game I started last night I pressed tab to get out of the shuttle you start in and my inventory was floating a few feet away from my backpack. It was still "in" my inventory and I was able to correct this by grabing and re-inserting the items onto my backpack.
  3. JOJO Devs! <3 My game crashes during the loadingscreen of one of my worlds. I can launch it, play other worlds, but this one world is bugged. It's unable to load it. Here is my computer stats; Report file.txt Btw. im already way too addicted, so if you want to make some real money, start a therapy program (The game is sooo good)
  4. When loading a game, all items except the attachments are hovering away from the backpack instead of connected to the backpack.