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Found 42 results

  1. I had an issue with my Truck/Rover on the Xbox One. Had a good size base, decided to expand, loaded up and blasted to the exotic planet to set up shop. Realized Resin/Composite not very common there so jumped home to collect more (plan was to wonder with my Truck since I had exhausted local reserves). Truck was attached to base with power line, setup with large solar panel, large storage, one seater, winch, 2 rovers attached as trailers with a regular storage on one with a few resources. But as I landed and the terrain shifted from low poly to high poly the truck was gone. Thought the game had eaten them, but then I could hear the truck motors going for a short time after landing. Thought it was just buried but shallow digging revealed nothing. I used a glitch where if you bury yourself you can pop behind the terrain. Floating in the void there you can see a lot of the nearby cave system and I saw my truck. Then took an hour and a half of digging, driving, dying, and exploring to get the thing back to surface. I was annoyed at the glitch, but it was a fun/goofy little adventure retrieving the darn thing. I was relieved to find the truck, it easily could have sunk to center of the planet if it hadn't hit the caves. Then I'd be reporting the thing just disappearing not sinking through the terrain. To speculate on the cause: the way the truck or the terrain reloaded must have put the truck in or under the terrain enough to fall through. Maybe caused by the way the terrain shifts from lower to higher polygons when landing and taking off. I like the visual effect of the terrain shifting as you take off and land or travel across the planet, but it does seem to cause breaks in the terrain.
  2. DeviousSquire

    overlapping landing sites

    Not sure if this is a glitch or as designed, I've noticed on my barren planet base that the original landing site and my new vehicle bay seem to have separate "landing domes" when in orbit so i can choose to land not on my vehicles which is fantastic
  3. elKokas96

    Space Capsule Bugged,

    I made two building places for vehicles, and for some reason when i land back at my base, the spaceship gets bugged so i cant place things on it and there are two space ships exactly at the same place, so you might be fueliing one but only acces to hop on the other one. Maybe this could be fixed if the was an option to delete built things
  4. Dear System Era I went to exotic and build my new home. I build the vehicle builder. When I landed to exotic again, it should land in front of the vehicle build, but it didnt. I tried to reland or quit the game, but the problem didnt solve. It always landed at the beginning place. Hope you can check it. Thank you Steam ID: Raininforest bug.bmp
  5. After trying to land on moon my ship got stuck in mid-air and I was unable to exit the ship.
  6. Hello, Simple solution to a problem of shuttle occupying the vehicle bay would be introduction of shuttle landing pad module. This way we could designate nice area to where it would land and not to disturb the production. It could also sport some storage slot or a fuel tank that would automatically refuel the shuttle when docked (providing required fuel amount is stored).
  7. The host and the client see completely different things when landing on a planet. The host sees a fairly normal landing. The client sees a normal landing, gets warped back out into space, the planet vanishes, and then suddenly the planet re-appears with the landing craft on it. Repro: Launch one client through Steam Load saved game on that client On the other client bring up the Steam friends list and choose "Join Friend" Put both players on a space craft Travel to another planet Watch the landing on both screens Steam version on both clients Windows 10 x64 on both clients Mouse and keyboard on both clients Both clients are on the same LAN (e.g. should be relatively low latency.)
  8. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Great game so far! I landed on a moon after getting in a shuttle for the first time. I assume it's a moon. It says "barren" when I moused over the celestial body. When I proceeded to land on the surface, I landed inside a spiky terrain feature. A tall, thin, jutting rock formation of sorts. I was unable to manipulate it with the terrain tool and my ship is entirely stuck. I'm just going to delete the most recent save files, but I thought you guys would like to know! Hope this helps! Regards, Prences Ghising
  9. Vae_

    Landing Error

    Can anyone else spot the error? Haha! Whilst this is amusing, I hope in a future update that we can land safely without landing on our other vehicles. Perhaps an "if" and "otherwise" statement. (I'm not sure how it works in c++ but hopefully that makes sense). if (obstruct = true){ }
  10. An idea for the landing spheres as viewed from orbit: The landing spheres tend to pile up when you have multiple vehicle bays, habitat modules in addition to the original landing area, making it difficult to choose the correct one. Areas that already have a vehicle in the bay or landing area could be colored red indicating they are obstructed and one should not attempt to land or risk a collision. Colors could also be used to distinguish a vehicle bay from a standalone area (green perhaps). If you land on another vehicle, there can be a penalty like a damaged or destroyed truck/spaceship, hydrazine leaks out, etc.
  11. I'm playing on Steam version with keyboard and mouse, and it happens on a second landing of a vehicle, either shuttle and spaceship. When I go from my home planet to the other one I can set up a base no problem but when I try to build a second base from the same vehicle (on the same and other planets) it won't even let me create the blueprint to put the resin in. It would be ok with the shuttle to be like single-use only, but i think the spaceship should be able to create multiple bases.
  12. I went to land my space ship at my home base, and my landing spot I clicked on was just about to go over my planets horizon - by the time my ship had done its manoeuvres to face the spot, the landing point had turned to the other side of the planet. My ship clipped through the planet, and got to the landing site before the terrain had loaded - any loose items and any vehicles fell through the ground (As the maybe game registered my base as having no floor?), as terrain had not been loaded. All of my items and vehicles that fell through were irretrievable. This was on Xbox One.
  13. Me and my two friends in a world tried to go to the same place on the planet with a shuttle. When we did this the two shuttles landed on each other, making it impossible to build a base off of it, making us have to find two of the intersecting domes, then meet each other. Could you make it so you are allowed to choose where to land your shuttle once you are in the dome? Thanks HeyDragonz
  14. I've made a number of landings at this point (~8?) And roughly 2/8 of those times I've landed right at the edge of a cliff. The irony is that next to my landing site is invariably a nice wide flat space. I'd like to request that we land on the flat part, and not at the edge of the cliff.
  15. AlienTree

    Shuttle Landing in Space

    After some interplanetary travel, I came back to my Terran world to land back at my base. When I clicked the landing circle at my base, my shuttle flew very quickly away from the world, and the image attached is the view I had. Upon getting out, my game crashed.
  16. It would be nice if we have a way to move spaceship to another Vehicle platform on the same planet (without go to space and come back). And it also would be nice if we have better way to distinguish (when we are on space) all Vehicle platform before Landing (actualy They are almost superimposed). This request is link to (same problem when you landing on no-empty platform) :
  17. I would love to see a more detailed landing sequence for the game. This would add to the immersive aspect, as well as more detail which I feel the game already does well. Additions could include parachutes, flame effects when entering the atmosphere, rockets when landing. Possibly even a crash landing sideways that you go through a tutorial to setup your habitat.