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Found 242 results

  1. ChunkyBabi

    Game running on 1 fps

    I have 1 tb hdd. I have 4 gb ram I have 1 gb graphics card. But the game is running on 1 fps. Other games run alright on my pc with 40-50 fps. Please help. My parents don't allow me to play on better laptop.
  2. When Me and my friend play multiplayer together we have serious issues after about 3-5 minutes of playing the person who joined will get an unplayable amount of lag which does not go away and will soon cause the game to crash to the main menu. As for fixes we have tried launching the game with no sound within steam, verifying game cache and lowering the view distance just to see if that will have an effect. The issue we are having is not an fps issue we both get almost locked 60fps.
  3. Darren Spring


    there are tears in the terrain that you can see and fall through. when I am gathering resources and im full the items often drop off straight through the terrain never to be seen again. also when I load items on storage racks on the truck they keep disappearing. been playing a couple of hours and got a bit of a base going now and the lag is getting really bad.
  4. Rafael Sampaio

    Laging =/

    The game itself is great, but the only problem is that it is not so optimized, and I really enjoyed the game and I wish it did not have so much lag like that.
  5. Ive been playing one world for a pretty long time now, and the more I explore,the more the game lags. Please fix or the game gets unplayable after about 10 hours. I have a i7 4770K And a GTX 1070, so im pretty sure this is an optimization issue. Please fix this because i and many other people love the game and want to play but the low FPS makes it hard to play
  6. Everytime I add even more to my world it drops my frames even more and I don't even have that much added.. I'm getting 5 frames at most can someone please tell me how I can fix this even tho I probably can't do anything to fix it.. Oh and it doesn't happen to my friend when he joins his frame rate is fine
  7. MAustinN

    Slow FPS

    When I first played the game it wasn't so slow. Now it's almost unplayable. Can not enjoy the game with it that slow. Takes me about 12 seconds just to turn 360 degrees with the camera. It's a joke for real. Nothing funny about it at all. I feel ripped off.
  8. The tether lag that many people have been noticing is nothing new to be reporting on, however I noticed that its different depending on whether one plays as the host (owner of the world file) or as the client. The host definitely gets the full frame drop, or at least far more noticeably than the client. The system its running on is on PC at around 15fps when hosting the world, i5 6400 3.2Ghz GTX 970 8GB DDR4 RAM Something else I noticed was that it seems to occupy the same amount of RAM independently of whether one is running a laggy world or an empty one.
  9. I have played this game for hours on Xbox One and find it incredibly entertaining. With that said, after about 3 hours of game play on xbox one, the fps drops significantly and it's so unbelievably slow that it's unplayable.
  10. tsotne betsiashvili

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    The game is running on like 5 fps on xbox fix it please or the game is litteraly unplayable Please fix it Game is really good me and friends love it also my friends and i cant join eachother loading takes 20 min to join them Please fix this bugs thank you
  11. Whenever I play with my cousin we both have massive fps drops on our self-built gaming computers. We found that the framerate was caused by an automatic setting to the highest resolution. When we change the res it makes the game a bit more pixelated but runs nearly triple the fps. Could we have a better way to smoothen the game than to make it pixelated?
  12. Brian carr

    Very low fps on Xbox one

    I am experiencing a lot of lag and low fps on the Xbox one. It didn't happen earlier in the game. I think it might be because my base is very large so please fix I would really love to play this game. To slow to play right now
  13. Played on my laptop for a good while. Took a break and decided to play on my Xbox. Upon launching game the sync data decides to glitch. Lost a bunch of hours of play time. The interface was lagging. Finally go to the planet and to my base and that's when I noticed the severe lag. The camera shakes when trying to pan around. I built a cave for my extra items, resources, etc. went to get some and they were all gone. Reloaded the game and my items were still gone, but this time there wasn't a floor in the cave and I fell to my death. But upon revival the floor reappeared and there was a research item, but my resources were still gone. It took me hours to get that many saved up, now they are all gone. It's been a great game, but the lag and missing items/items appearing elsewhere from there original spot is making the game hard to play. Hard enough when the camera is shaking and it likes to lag, glitch, jump forward, etc. please fix.
  14. fitty_spenc

    Severe lag from large base

    I wanted to connect two different drop zone bases by a long chain of the resin connector tubes. I ended up extending from my origional base to the other drop zone and built a base there, but am now experiencing severe lag that wasn't happening before.
  15. SLOlizardMAN27

    Vehicles cause lag

    Be able to destroy vehicles at disposal. I made 2 too many rovers on my planet and they are causing me intense ingame lag to where if I get anywhere close to them my framerate becomes almost nothing and it takes me 20 minutes irl to even try to get my game working again. I tried to send one of them into a ditch but it didnt do much good. Please allow me to destroy the vehicle (even if I get no resource from it) for the sake of my frustration over lag.
  16. Wesuleesu

    Multiplayer Lag Glitch

    I was in my friend's server (he was the host and he has pretty fast internet, about 200Mb/s download speed but I am unsure about the upload speed), so it was just the two of us. My internet is meh (about 20Mb/s average download speed, 5.54Mb/s). I experience teleporting glitches while I am driving, but he does not. Once, my rover went crazy and the vehicle and I teleported pretty far from base. Oh, and to the sky . The rover stayed stuck in space while I fell back down, but I didn't die for some reason. It took a while to get that rover back. (my friend building up) (me falling down)
  17. I'm sure many of you have noticed that placing tethers causes a ton of lag and the temporary work around for that was to pick them up again. However NOW for those further along and have bases with a ton of connectors the lag and frame rate continues to be an issue. I don't believe this is an internet connection issue but rather something in game, specifically the terrain generation. Despite not having any tethers around my frame rate is sub-30 and almost unplayable. Some people are theorizing that the game constantly renders where everything is even if you're away from your base and so the more you explore the worse the frame rate and lag gets. Just a theory but one with promise. I am fully aware this game JUST came out and will continue to improve a ton every day but hopefully this is priority over adding new content. With all that said, Astroneer is amazing and I hope to see it continue to change and adjust into something fantastic.
  18. First off, I want to say this game is amazing and I am excited for the future of development. When I started my first game everything was running as expected. However, now that my base is established the lag and hanging makes it pretty unplayable when near the base. I experience ~60fps then every 5-30 seconds it hangs/tanks to ~9fps then goes back up. It wasn't doing this when I started the world and had a smaller base. My base isn't too large, it has two vehicle bays, two wind generators, two solar generators, two batteries, two habitats, two storage holders, a smelter, printer, trade depot, generator, a shuttle, two rovers, and a truck, and I'm sure a couple other things I missed. Something to note: I did goof off and make a giant straight pillar of terrain to the sky. This caused lag throughout the world. I since removed the giant pillar and that seems to help. Now when I leave my base the lag for the most part goes away (whereas before the lag would be everywhere). Machine Specs: Intel i7 5820k CPU, 32GB DDR4 3000mhz RAM, AMD Fury X GPU, 1TB SSD, 860w PSU.
  19. Brian carr

    Very low fps on Xbox one

    I am experiencing a lot of lag and low fps on the Xbox one. It didn't happen earlier in the game. I think it might be because my base is very large so please fix I would really love to play this game. To slow to play right now
  20. Jeremy Aguayo

    Save xferred from PC

    I'm not sure what happened here but I have a save I trasnferred from PC. Decent size base built, only have 2 rovers and some storage. It seems that when playing this save on my XBOX it is EXTREMELY laggy, the game is pretty much at a crawl at this point.
  21. Hey, Me and my friends bought the game and we were trying to join a co-op server together.At first we were not able to join because of crash issues and some bugs but, thanks to developers it is fixed now.So right now if we join a server together my friends has a 5 second delay and it's not playable.We bought the time hoping that we can play together but at this point we simply can't. So any of you had this problem? is it common issue ? or is there any known solutions about this? Thanks for help, sorry for my mistakes.
  22. Astroneer is NOICE. My only issue is the lag. I've been playing the game for just over a week now, I've colonized about 4 planets, and the game won't stop lagging. I'm playing on Xbox One, which may be the reason, I don't know. Of course, I can't really complain, seeing as the game itself is fantastic, and it's only in pre-alpha. There could be a number of things causing the lag, I'm just wondering if there's anyone else experiencing the same thing, because maybe it might be just me. I've watched videos of other people who are also playing the game on Xbox One, who have same-sized bases as me, but they don't seem to be suffering any fps drops. I read somewhere that tethers cause lag, so I went and removed all of mine to see if would help. I may have gained a few fps, but not many, it's still pretty laggy. I think maybe this "Zebra-Ball" thingy I found (I'll post an image below) contributed a bit to the lag, because it damn near crashed and killed my game when I picked it up, but THEN AGAIN, I made a second profile as a fresh start, where I never saw any other mysterious zebra-balls, and that profile soon started lagging as well. It would seem as though the more I play on a given profile, the more the framerate drops (over time). tl;dr: I'm playing Astroneer on Xbox One, and it gets pretty laggy over time for me. Are any other Xbox One players experiencing this? Thanks Here's a photo of that zebraball thing I found. It doesn't really do anything, you can't research it, it just kills your framerate when you pick it up...
  23. Please add this! I've gotten SO MUCH LAG AND LOW FPS these last two worlds. Not even from tethers, we've taken up most of them.. Just from the amount of wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels we have put up in an attempt to have unlimited power while in caves (tunneling, building ramps to moon, etc). Also it'd help with when I accidentally put resin on which turns it into a platform, and it glitches inside another platform beside it.. Please and thank you <3<3<3 ?
  24. Whenever I play on my friends game on Xbox I experience extreme lag and then it freezes then crashes
  25. Salut à tous, j'ai découvert ce jeu aujourd'hui par le biais d'un pote et on a immédiatement voulu tester le coop, et c'est là que les soucis ont commencé : -J'ai essayé de le rejoindre mais impossible, j'avais un écran de chargement infini (j'ai attendu 10 minutes). - Après ça il a essayé de me rejoindre et miracle ça a fonctionné, mais le gros bémol c'est que d’héberger une partie me pompe ma bande passante à la manière d'un réseau Hamashi et du coup je lag à mort sur mon vocal (TS3) donc impossible de profiter du jeu dans ces conditions. Je voulais savoir si d'autres personnes étaient dans mon cas, si vous avez une solution et sinon est-ce qu'un patch est prévu pour corriger cela? Merci d'avoir pris le temps de lire. Hi everyone, I've discovered this game today thanks to a friend, and immediatly we want to test the coop mode and the issues begin her : - First I've try to join him but impossible, I had an infinit loading screen (I've waited 10 minutes) - After that he tried to join me and it work but the big problem is, if you hosting a coop game it will take you your bandwidth like an Hamashi server, witch mean that I lag to much in my vocal (TS3) so impossible to enjoy this game in this conditions. I wish to know if anyone have the same problem and if you have a solution and if its not, is there a patch planned to fix it? Thank for reading