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Found 242 results

  1. Summary: 131 - Steam - sudden lag after creating chain of modules. Description: I have built rather large bases with dozens of modules but this time I created a long line of modules and every chance had an offshoot inwards where I placed the two resin to create an expanded module... the idea was to create lots of fuel compressors, however I suddenly starting having lag the moment energy started to be involved, it is possible that the lag started after building the modules but I noticed when I started to use a compressor (only have a few out of all the expanded modules as compressors so far) that I had 1/4 -1/2 of the frame rate or less at moments. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 131 Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 x64 Home CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.4GHz 8 CPUs GPU: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M (only 1 being used at time of bug) RAM: 8gb Drive: ST1000LM014-SSHD-8GB (is 1 TB not 8GB) and 24.9gb SSD for OS Mouse: Razer Deathadder P.S This is a laptop
  2. crsunlimited

    Tether Suggestion

    Instead of making tethers more of a permanent build lifeline, can you make them where they are a temporary refill? That way you carry so many with you like a stim pack that gives you full oxygen, and/or power. They would be a one time use, and may help with memory clutter that the lifeline system seems to be experiencing.
  3. Quick question/issue. I've read that others have had the problem with the new patch and frame rate dropping; however, I've been dealing with this odd problem for a while now. I play a save for a while, not all at once mind you - I've quit between plays, and all of a sudden I get a frame rate drop. I know my equipment isn't *ideal* but if I've started a new save I don't have problems with it for approx. 33 hours of play in the save. Then all of a sudden, BAM, drop without recovery. My normal fps sits at about 25-30 according to the steam over lay. With 60-90 in the menus. After a certain amount of hours into a single save file it drops to 5-7. I thought my original save file did this as I had saved in a cave, and I had read about the 2-hour straight play glitch with long cave exploration where the GPU is constantly storing all of the cave and trying to load it. So I started a new file and have been able to play for weeks. I played for about 4 hours last night in the new patch with no problems at all. Then I log in today and can't get better than 10 fps. Of course this makes the game unplayable. I don't particularly want to start yet another save as I really like my new base, and had just found some neat new stuff. I've heard the devs are working on the frame rate problem; however, are there any community suggestions out there? The first time around I tried editing the various files, turning off steam over lay, etc. Nothing worked until I started a new file. Is there perhaps a way to purge the GPU cache of the game? (Also wanted to post this, just in case the devs could use the feedback with a bit more information.) Computer info: CPU: i7-6500U 2.50GHz 2.59GHz, Ram: 8.00GB, 2 GPUs: GeForce 940M, Intel HD Graphics 520 (which irritatingly shows as my device in DirectX diagnostic), Laptop - touch screen, Lenovo Flex 3, Running latest Windows 10 update, all drivers are currently up to date. Cheers.

    GTX 1080 WITH 10FPS

    My config are verry good, i buy the game and told to my brother buy too, the game are amazing i like verry much, but with that second patch, my game with my gear are unplayable!!! INTEL I7 5960X X99 ASROCK 32GB 2400 CORSAIR M2 - 256GB SAMSUNG SSD SAMSUNG PRO 500GB SAMSUNG GTX 1080 8GB SUPERCLOCKED EVGA 1000W EVGA SUPERNOVA CORSAIR GTX 115 CARBIDE 350 CORSAIR And game when i start buinding my base FPS go to 20 After with the full base are 9 FPS.... Please some help?
  5. Okay, So I have been playing astroneer lately, and I have been receiving low frame rate casing me to lag and stutter. I have a six core proccessor running at 4.3 ghz, a video card with 8 gb of ram, as well as 8gb of ram in my pc. So I have quite of bit of headroom on the recommend specs. When I look at task manager while I am playing astroneer my processor use is only at 44% and my ram use is only at 47%. So being that I still have ram and processing power to use, why am I getting low frame rate? Is there any fix for this, or it it just not optimized very well yet? Thanks in advance.
  6. ashlyne zierle

    Lagging and crashing

    On the Xbox it gets very laggy as you build over time. For me, I have built so many things that whenever I play my lag is so bad the game crashes. Whenever that happens I end up starting a new game so then it won't lag again. Please fix the lag!
  7. Hey, ive already bought astroneers for myself and 3 friend. It works with 2 of them perfectly fine, however, the third one will not seem to work. When i create the game and let him join, i get less than 1 fps(about 1 frame every 3-10 seconds), but when i join him i get a bluescreen(the sky)before i even get to the launch screen. (cannot get out of it without CTRL+ALT+DEL/ALT+TAB)(turns to black screen with launch option "NOSOUND") Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. (We both have high end Gaming PC's running windows 10)(he has 50+ Mbps download and 30+ upload)(i have 100-120 download and 60 upload)
  8. Me and my friends were playing online, 3 total including me. We came to Tundra, where me and the host previously started establishing a base. But once we all got there the second time, we couldn't see the base, but the host could. Sometimes if you teraform in a certain area where there was change to the physical planet, it'll go back to how it was previously, but the planet, as a whole, was in the original setting. If that could be fixed, that would be great. A side note that I would love to see is that you could choose what planet you land on, if a base has been established there. That is the the people joining in on the hosts game. Maybe make it so the host has the approve of it if that's an issue? It's just so annoying because if you try to leave the game to reset the land to how it should be, you're sent back to Terran and you gotta fly back, which often doesn't help anything because it resets the planet back to being basic. Please fix this, I hate it so much.
  9. j.neckar2187


    I am playing on Window 10, but the game is so laggy I can't do anything. What should I do, or how can the developers fix this?
  10. Tried to build a conduit system around the planet and I didn't get very far before the game decided to start lagging and dropping the frame rate, I am assuming due to the amount of conduits I have built. Couple videos to show the performance drop. GameClip-Original.MP4 GameClip-Original2.MP4
  11. Summary: On Xbox One, even a relatively small/new base can cause massive drops in the game's frame-rate. Description: As of today, 2/19/17, I have a several worlds with relatively small bases. Some of these have only 5 modules and about 60 tethers in total. My frame-rate goes no higher than 12-15 fps with or without playing with friends, and I've done both. My Xbox friends also have this issue, which is why I ultimately decided to come to the forums. After creating about 2-3 modules, the frame-rate drops from an unstable 30 fps to about 20 and steadily decreases from there as more modules are added. This also occurs when exploring large areas and placing tethers while traveling in order to survive. I tested these both on separate, fresh worlds. The frame-rate will also drop below 10 fps when strong winds are present. The Xbox One has, by far, enough power to run this awesome game. It would be greatly appreciated if these issues of lag are fixed in the next upcoming patches. Platform: Xbox One Version: 125 Specifications: --
  12. Hi I am playing the Xbox one version and love the game the only thing I am having problems with is the lag as your environment gets bigger the more the lag sets in, also I am constantly dropping through the textures into the caves and stuff. Keep up the great work love the game
  13. MrChrisAugustin

    Exotic performance issues

    I've created and deleted many saves on both Steam and Windows/Xbox platform, but this is a first. Since the most recent update, when I made it to the exotic planet, I saw incredibly slow frame rates, only on that planet. The landing area I selected was surrounded by trees and there were resource items in most of them. The game became close to unplayable unless I kept the camera pointing down, so things in the distance wouldn't be rendered. I tried digging them up and dragging them off with the winch, but I didn't see much progress. Thoughts?!
  14. Fts damnatiom

    Xbox one FPS

    Please fix frame rate drops for Xbox one. Trying to build a very large base and the frames drop so low my game freezes for a few seconds before my character makes a move.
  15. Old Guy


    I have been playing on the Xbox One. I have 4 or 5 habitats on three different planets. I started a new file yesterday and was amazed at how well the terrain tool worked. Talking with my son, he says he never uses tethers unless he has to because he's found that this creates more lag. It seems the more I create, the slower the game gets. In my first file I move so slow its like watching a slow motion camera. I don't know of a way to adjust the graphics in this system and I don't want to spend another $20 to install this on my computer. It would be nice if I could purchase this game once for my household. The reason I bought this game was to find a platform where I could interact with my son. Right now I'm not sure this game is worth the $20 I paid for the pre alpha version on the Xbox. Will you be solving this problem soon?
  16. Hi! kZ here! I've been looking at the community, reddit, youtube, looking for answers to: "Is my computer too good why do I have lag in this game?" - I've found a way that can help you, if you use the Steam platform use the following steps: 1- Search for Astroneer in your game library. 2- Right click and go to properties. 3- When opening a screen you will see that there are some options right there in General, click "Set launch options" 4 - Now that it is open put "-nosound" (without the quotation marks) Unfortunately the game will be muted, but will run out of lag. In case you want to play with sound but without lag follow these options (Thanks reddit Jak2003 user): 1- Open any folder; 2- In the folder search place: %appdata%\local\astro\saved\config\windowsnoeditor\engine.ini 3. Press ENTER and it will open a notepad; 4- In this notepad there will be some notes, put the text that I'll put here in this notepad (Not to delete those words, just ignore them.) What exactly was done here? We tweak the render settings of the game, simply to remove "useless" properties that cause lag. Your game will now run out of lag and sound!
  17. When me and my friend created multiple bridges to the building limit and multiple bases near the building limit (all on Terran) My fps was greatly reduced and items fell slowly. My friend did not experienced fps issues but items still fell slowly. It seems that building or altering a lot of terrain causes the game to lag.
  18. i have sever low frame rate after building bases on 4 planets and moving to a 5 planet. i have a pretty good computer. this shouldnt happen?!?!
  19. Dante plantiko


    after building a certain amount of stuff in a world it will lag a lot and the frames drop like crazy and the only temporary solution is to make a new world until you make to many stuff again and the cycle goes and on. and also can we please be able to delete our old laggy crappy worlds. but yea please fix the lag it is annoying and I have had to make 1 too many worlds for this so please fix like right now
  20. The game is perfect. I like it how it is, and add some more stuff to make game better, but the game is amazing now. However, I'm far into the game. Colonizing new planets, building multi length trucks, and batteries, storage and solar panels are everywhere. Only problem I have it lag and bugs, mostly lag. Imagine playing a game with 900 ping, That's me. I have good connection and can play other multiplAyer games without lag. This, since I built my rover, it lags and it is SOOO annoying, it's like using a computer with a virus, so slow, can't move, always crashing. There are bugs, the most common and the worst bug in the game is you glitch and fall through map, this happens if you add dirt directly beneath you, then you go through it, and fall through the earth, like and x ray glitch, then you fal, to your death unable to ever recover your valuable loot. This is very common. You can also do it by just lag and jumping up hills combined, or if your seat or Rover or sit in object is upside down and you sit in it, then you will fall in the ground. Only two issues with the game, I have cool ideas to add to make game challengingredients When your Rover runs out of power, then you can't tether. So you need to carry some oxygen tank supply with you, so you don't die. Also, add better xbox one monuverablity, it's hard to move items around with precision and clicking things with a controller. Please read this and respond so I know people read it and take it into consideration. I love this game, really fun game, but the lag is ruining my experience. I want this game to progress and you guys to earn lots of money because you deserve it for such a great game, and so you can build more games and make this game better and release it as a full title. I will support this game and I hope more buy it, all my friends are buying it, so there is a couple hundred right there. I hope you get all the money you need to make this game great, it has soo much potential. Don't add guns, we have enough games with guns already, it will be the same thing as every other game, instead make this game unique like it is, this is why it is so popular right now, lots of bug you tubers are making videos on this game.
  21. Astroneer is the most awesome game I've ever seen. There is only one thing i hate: potatoes NO! NOT POTATOES, IT'S LAG My PC specs are: OS: Windows 10 Pro Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM: 32 GB System type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor Game installed from Steam The more I play and build on a world, the more it lags. Even tho this game is a potato, it requires a NASA computer to run.
  22. dkaltenberger


    Doesnt happen to me all the time but I have noticed sever lag after playing the game awhile. I checked the usage of my system and it was using over 98% of my ram. I also confirmed this with my buddy's computer and he has more ram than I.
  23. We should have the ability to customize the way our game handles and looks in greater detail/in a more advanced way.

    Turn OFF grass effect

    sorry for my bad english. hope you can understand this topic haha many grass give me a tons of laggy in exotic planet. can't I turn off this grass shaking effect? I don't want to shortering render distance.
  25. I have played this game for 40+ hours solo and have had no complaints. I truly love the game and I encouraged my friends to try it out. Being on Xbox I wasn't expecting much from the game in the multiplayer aspect, but I will say (though it is pre-alpha) if it wants to do well in the future please fix the multiplayer lag. I cannnot stress this enough and would love to see this game do well. Keep up the good work.