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Found 242 results

  1. Hello there here's the bug me and my friend found: 1) The central Base generates quite infinite oxygen lines and after a bit, the amount becomes so insane that makes you lag. A LOT. (see screenshot) NB Possible solution while this gets fixed: replace the module that has the oxygen lines, at least this work for us. 2)My friend (he's the host because he has fiber) apparently after a random time, can interact with anything, basically constricting us to start a new world. first with the open seat, then basically with anything from his inventory to the resources on the modules, while I can interact perfectly with everything. 3) last but not least, plants don't blow up nor get down by gravity after a dynamite has blown up
  2. Natty Jones

    Xbox Co-Op Lag

    Me and a friend are playing co-op on the Xbox one not x or s When mining and after a 2-3 hours of game play together the frames will drop to 10 and below which makes the game almost unplayable i totally understand that we are behind in the fact that we don't have the latest console and the game is in game preview and i understand there will be lag until the game is optimized however is there a way maybe to fix this such as turning of captures or changing the world?
  3. Rasmus Jonsson

    Lag in later game

    Dear devs there has been laggy when I play multiplayer mode and late game if there is enyway to make the game smoother on Xbox I will be very happy btw I love the game
  4. robby collazo

    The Tethers Oh God the Tethers

    OK so let start off by first saying I have been playing this game since it first released on the Xbox (day 1). So i have seen this game take a wonderful shape from where it first started. but there is one issue that I had at the beginning of the game that i am still experiencing now. and that is LAG! created by to many placed tethers. I am playing on an Xbox One X and the lag is still as bad as day 1 and switching to a more powerful console has not proven to be successful in this case. My question is; is this being worked on? do you guys have a plan in place to negate this issue? because it really applies in multiplayer as well as single because more then a normal amount tethers are being placed at a given time. So please just shoot me a reply that just lets me know hey we are aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it. because other then that the game is becoming a masterpiece from day 1 until now god its just oozing potential. please get back to me on the Tether issue. thanks. Hardcore Player, Robby
  5. Hey, I have a question. Should it lag/stutter so much in multiplayer when everybody is loading new areas or terraforming? It's really hard to play like that. Im playing on singleplayer normally without any issues, but here in multi, it stutters like hell.
  6. I have three computers on which my roommates and I all play Astroneer. All three copies of Astroneer were bought through Steam and all three computers are running Windows 10 with the latest updates and drivers. Here are the specs for the three systems: -Higher End- i7-4790K 16GB System Memory Nvidia GTX 970 4GB -Mid Range- i5-2400 8GB System Memory Nvidia GTX 770 2GB -Low End- i3-2100 6GB System Memory Nvidia GTX 750 1GB On the high and mid range systems, all of the graphics settings for Astroneer are set to high and the game is running at a resolution of 1920x1080. On the low end system, all of the settings are on low and at a resolution of 1600x900. When starting a new game in Astroneer, all three systems get a steady 60fps. The low end PC drops fast though followed closely by the mid range system and then the higher end system a little after that. After creating one small to mid size base on only one planet, the low end system becomes almost unplayable at around 17fps max. The mid range system will drop to around 27 to 40fps around this same point. The higher end system stays around 50fps at this point but after establishing another small to mid size base or making a vehicle or space craft it will drop to around 30 to 40fps. After this point, the higher end system drops its fps steadily as we continue to play the game. After making three bases or two vehicles, the higher end system is at 27fps or lower. The thing is, I cannot tell what the bottleneck is for this game. On the low end system it does not seem like changing the graphics settings or resolution effects the performance at all. It will get the same fps whether playing it at 1080p or 720p and whether playing on all high settings or all low settings. This is the same for the other two systems. In task manager and HWMonitor, none of the hardware in any of the systems is anywhere close to being maxed out. In the low end system when the game is at 17fps or less, there is only around 40% total CPU usage and only spikes around 60% usage for any given single thread. The GPU usage sits around 40% as well with less than half of its video memory being utilized. The system also has 2GB or more RAM free with the game using about 4GB or less. None of these usage statistics seem to change with any of the graphics or resolution settings. On the mid and high range systems, even less of their hardware is being utilized by the game so I'm really having a hard time finding the bottleneck... Something else to note is that we have been very conservative with how many tethers we place and how much we dig around. We also try our best to avoid building any unnecessary base modules and other things. It seems to help a little but barely. I understand this game is still in development but I haven't encountered performance this bad in a game before without being able to see an obvious bottleneck. What could it be?
  7. somebunni

    0.5.1 Graphics are laggy

    Summary: 0.5.1 Graphics are laggy, choppy, and crashed once. Description: Graphics have taken a performance hit in this patch.. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.5.1 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709 | Build 16299.192 CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4.00GHz GPU: EVGA 1080 FTW 8GB RAM: G. Skill 4x8GB DDR4 2666Hz Drive: Western Digital Black Series SATA 2TB I immediately noticed there is no longer support for 3440 x 1440. 2560x1440 is the highest supported res now. I began playing the new patch in full screen mode at that resolution. As I was playing maybe about 30 minutes, graphics started to slow down, there was lag, and then everything just stopped. I had to end it via task manager. I tried again in windowed mode, and the game wouldn't line up correctly. I shut it off at this point. The next night I tried again, playing in windowed mode from the start, and dropped everything to high instead of a mix of ultra & high. The game ran, but not smoothly, and I didn't crash. The same behavior occurred, laggy graphics after a while. This is the first time I've had any issue with the graphics in the game, and have been playing since last March. All my drivers are updated, and the only thing running aside from the game was Steam & Discord.
  8. steve m-g

    Too Many Tethers?

    Ok, so I may have overdone it with the tethers. I mean I have a lot of tethers, or at least it feels like it. I notice that when I place one, the game freezes for about 10-15 seconds. I'm on Xbox One X. Thanks!
  9. beepoisend_nr9

    Annoying frame drops

    Hello, I'm so glad I finally bought ASTRONEER and supported this developers by doing that. Now thing is, I'm having incredible big frame drops while playing, from the beginning while I arrived at the planet with my pod they began dropping. I optimized all settings (even with nvidea inspector) to performance. I've not build much in the world or gone exploring far. The game runs with 60fps but then while digging and sprinting I get drops down to 7fps for like a second but then multiple times. Is this a bug? Cuz my laptop can run bigger games. Is a video needed? Thnx! Seppe
  10. JustACuteWolf

    Poor Perofrmance at AMD CPUS

    I Use Keyboard / Mouse I Have very low performance on an 750 ti & AMD FX 6300 ive tried the lowest and the highest resolutions & graphics both have very poor performance sorry for my broken engisch
  11. i have reinstalled my game turned the settings down and everything but the world only generates anything in my direct area. just started having this problem. everything looks barren until i get directly on top of it then the resources will appear out of nowhere. any ideas or is this just a part of the alpha early release process.
  12. Obligatory "I searched, but couldn't find this in this forum." If I missed it, my apologies, I am sure I am not the first with this issue. When I am walking past structures, and that blue line that provides you with oxygen and power switches, it briefly freezes. I am not sure if it is a latency thing or a frame rate drop or what exactly, but it is a noticeable pause every time that blue line switches where it is connecting me to. The only solution I found on other/Steam forums was to remove all tethers, which I painstakingly did across the four planets I have 'bases' on, which did not resolve the problem. I am not surprised by this as it does not appear to be limited to tethers per se, it's that blue line connection in general. I can run freely over the horizon and back, but the moment I link up to a vehicle or building I get that pause that is slowly making me crazy. It isn't as bad, though still noticeable on new games. It is the worst on my longest running save, which makes me think it is linked to the size either of the empire or the save file. The long running save started on Steam, and then to be able to play multiplayer with Xbox/Win10 friends I had to repurchase on Win10, so I found a way to move my save file from Steam to the Win10 (a story for another time, not challenging, just takes some trial and error). It has colonies on Terran, Tundra, two on Exotic, and Barren is very developed with 3 bases and a network of modules/nodes that loop the planetoid and span out to connect other things. I have made every change I can think of to adjust graphics quality, including some of the modifications to Engine.ini in an attempt to prevent this little pause, without any success. Any ideas to try to keep my gameplay smooth are greatly appreciated, love the game, just need that sweet smoothness Thanks in advance!
  13. StOrM HyDrA DBS

    Laggy Save

    Hi ! I write this topic to have some help with my game, since I have bought the game ( December 2016 on Xbox ) every time I start a new game, my save start to become laggy when I progress in it ( base building ) and I don't why because other people who made clip of their save on Xbox don't have lag ! Thanks you for help ! Bye !
  14. Milko

    Xbox one lag

    When I invite my friends over to my world it’s extreamly laggy it’s unplayable so I’m just here watching my friends as I’m trying to move. When they leave it’s less laggy
  15. Hi, Whenever I walk to the edge of the render distance and it loads up more trees ext, I get a huge lag spike usually lasts a second or two but If I stay in the loaded area i'm a stable 60, i've managed to play through this for 9 hours having a blast but it's really putting me off playing anymore, any help would be appreciated. specs: 1050ti 4GB amd athlon 860k 3.7 gHz 16GB ram Thanks!
  16. So I recently built a new pc that is much better than my previous laptop which could run astroneer fairly well. Problem is thought my new pc doesn't want to run astroneer! The only thing that I could think of that would be a significant difference in the computers is that my new pc has an AMD processor the ryzen 7 1700x, rather than the intel i7 I had before. Any insight would be much appreciated I've been dying to try out the new updates!
  17. I did a walk/drive around my planet, placing tethers, and I think it kinda screwed my game over... the game is seriously laggy (I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, and quite the beast of a computer). So maybe you should consider doing something to fix the "Tether lag" :-) Thanks,
  18. Gilimad

    Heavy lag xbox one

    Getting very heavy lag on the xbone. Usually lag isn't really a problem on home planet. It usually doesn't start showing up until I have a base on the moon,(lag is tolerable). By the time I build a third base on another planet the lag gets pretty severe. But now the lag is horrible on the home planet to the point it hurts my eyes. I barely have anything built and maybe half the upgrades, and the lag gets pretty bad. On a side note a kind of funny bug, if I leave the vehicle while its still rolling, sometimes there's a animation that shows the tires coming off the vehicle and still going forward. It disappears when the vehicle stops, but its actually kind of funny.
  19. animaster

    Extreme lag

    okay, I really enjoy this game! but, I've found out that after going into the options menu, my game got extremely lagey (to the point that it took 3 gigabytes of ram) PS maybe add a sensitivity option, I couldn't find it if there is one
  20. the title says it. maybe the problem is that everything you saw once stays loaded and anything you've ever dropped stays where it was. So after you visit one or two more spots on your planet or another planet it's almost not playable. e.g. you need about 15sec till you sit in your rover or habitat after you pressed that button
  21. Brian Crivella

    Sandstorm joy ride

    196 Xbox One Not sure if this is intended, but i just had a fun joy ride inside a sandstorm while in my large rover. (I included a 30sec clip of it) I was 20 ft away from my base when it hit and it was like I weighed nothing as I blew me across the surface of terra hit some space junk and started to tumble. Plus it will do the same if you are deep underground in one of the massive caverns too. Second thing is, the white line that was below any beacon (including the home base one) does not show up. This is a problem when you have the clouds above the base and the home beacon is covered up by them, got lost for an hour yesterday because of it and I wasn't that far, I just didn't see it because of the clouds. Including screenshots Also the performance has dropped severely after the game crashed on me yesterday while I was out exploring in my large rover. Load in of objects take up to several seconds sometimes and the rover comes to a dead stop till it loads in. And walking around large clusters of objects makes it worse. Plus when moving the camera around to look lags pretty bad now too. Just a few things I am currently experiencing, still love the game though ? 7-24-2017_1-17-34_PM.mp4
  22. On Xbox One I've been getting tons of lag while playing solo and it is even worse when playing with multiple people. It was so bad to the point that the game almost froze because I could not move for around a minute. There is also a problem when connecting trucks with the large storage that it lags when you drive. I have one question about something. Will the freezing/lagging when you save or enter a vehicle be fixed?
  23. Hello, I have been playing Co-Op with my friend on this game, where I am playing on Xbox One and he is playing on the Windows 10 version. What I noticed is that before he joins my game (him joining me, so I host on Xbox One), I get very smooth frame rate. Once I invite him (and typically promptly as I send the invite) the frame rate on my game begins to deteriorate excessively and continuously. Once he is in the game, I have probably dropped 10-15 frames at this point, and this continues until we quit the game. I have also noticed that as I play, the frame rate will continue to deteriorate, sometimes to the point where it is almost unplayable without getting totally frustrated about the lag. As far as I know, my friend has not had any issues like this, but may be because his PC is more powerful than my Xbox One, or it may also be because I am hosting (I have not tried him as a host). That is all I have--a fix to this would make my co-op experience much more enjoyable, and I really appreciate your help!
  24. Hey I experience some problems after the newest update. It seems that the framerate keeps dropping after few hours of playing. My base isn't very big, i've got 3 vehicles and i avoid to use tethers... Still fps drops to under 20 and worse. Also my game crashes everytime i played about 15 minutes. Screen freezes and i have to close the game. Thats new...never happened before the update. I would love to play the game because it makes so much fun and i was very excited for the new update since they said it would be a performance update too...but now its even worse than before and it does make it unplayable for me I really hope this will get fixed soon...i think such problems would scare new players. Greets Pestiii
  25. Hello, I have noticed a slight issue in Co-Op regarding Saving Game by entering vehicles. First off, I was hosting on Xbox One and my friend joined be on Windows 10 version. My issue is that since the game is designed to save the game every time you enter a vehicle, and saving the game usually causes a big lag spike (for me on XBO at least), when you need to jump in and out of a vehicle this seems to cause some issues. For one, it causes a Save when either the host or the guest(s) enter a vehicle, so this causes an excessive amount of lag spikes--especially since the terrain seems to force you out of your vehicle very often, increasing number of Saves in a period of time. I posted another topic a few minutes ago where I also described my frame rate issues on Xbox One when hosting a game, so frequent lag spikes from saves plus continuous 10-15 frames per second, causes a lot of frustration. In one instance, it was occurring so often and my frame rate was so bad at that moment that the game literally crashed and I had to restart. Thanks for your help!