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Found 53 results

  1. So I started a new save file on the new patch, my inventory is completely full, and decided to try put a canister in the slot you use for inventory item creation and close the inventory. This will launch you into space, untill you reopen your inventory or remove the thing.
  2. Summary : 2051816 - Steam - Bug with dynamite Description : When you dead with dynamite's explosion, all dynamites in your bag is delete when you respawn. Version / Build number : 2051816 Specifications: OS : Windows 10 Home 64bits CPU : Ryzen 5 1600x 3,8GHz GPU : GeForce GTX 1070 8Go RAM : 2x8Go 2666MHz DDR4 HDD : Seagate Barracuda Gold 1To
  3. Andro

    Floating İtems

    If you press Tab(Shortcut to put items to inventory) while having a full inventory.The item you try to pick stays where it is even air.(if you swing while doing tab it can get stuck in objects,terrain) 1.Computer/Steam
  4. Nicko454g

    Broken Craft Inventory?

    I think i found a bug that i never encountered before ”Patch”. I wanted to craft some Tethers, so i can explore a cave. When i tried to craft those, the slot for the compound (where it should go if you craft) magically disappeared. Image below. Now, i can't craft Fix?
  5. narmobile

    2 shelf inventory

    i would like to see inventory with 2 shelf.second self can be opened after doing some quests etc.. it will allow astroneer to explore for a long time . like that
  6. Summary: If you try to access your inventory while driving your rover you get kicked out of it and it seems to disappears. Repro Steps: 1.Drive Rover (Only Single Seat attached) 2.Press "Q" to open inventory/backpack Actual Results: Inventory opens like it should / Rover has disappeared. Expected Results: Inventory opens / player stays in rover. I've made a short clip of what happened: Open Video Note: Manged to recreate the scenario. Same result. Platform: Steam [Keyboard/Mouse] Version / Build Number: 113 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i5-4590 3.3GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 RAM: 2x 4GB Samsung DDR3-1600 CL11 Drive: 2TB Seagate Baracuda 7200
  7. I'm sure I'm not the first one seeing this, but couldn't find a similar report from the 3 first One of my astronaut's backpack's inventory slot has become unusable. Nothing peculiar seen in the slot, it just won't accept any items anymore. So is one of my truck's storage slots. That shows a halfly consumed organics which I cannot remove, nor can the slot be used for anything else. Both have one thing in common: I have a generator on my backpack (it is on a different slot and working), also I have used a similar generator on my truck.
  8. Please input the ability to move partial stacks. Right now a partial stack of anything except Oxygen or Power is locked to wherever it was placed. This is mostly prevalent with the use of the drill, but I recently had a situation where I placed some malachite on the smelter while it was smelting and it produced a half ingot of copper that I can't move. The introduction of a Disposal Unit may also be a welcome feature to get rid of partial stacks that cannot be used for anything... except trading?
  9. PC Build - The classic strategy with tethers is to lay down a track of them towards some resources, especially in caves, deplete the area, collect up your trail of tethers, and re-lay them in some new tunnel branch or what have you. This no longer seems to work as of two days ago (2nd March 2017) - tethers can be collected and popped into your backpack, but they seem to vanish from inventory, and cannot be found or used thereafter. Seems to be an inventory bug as one can still make and lay down freshly manufactured tethers.
  10. Xbox One : Hi, I noticed that when I take a tether to put it in my inventory, I have to open the inventory and place the tether manually. If I use the X button to put it in my inventory, it doesn't and just disappears. It's the same when I take a tether and place it on my inventory player. The tether disappears but it's not in my inventory !! I didn't noticed if it's the same with or without tethers already in the inventory, but you really have to fix this quickly, it's like hell to loose tethers in caves because of a bug. Thanks !
  11. I got on my world and went eventually went to craft some tethers. Then I realized the compound would not automatically go in the bottom slot and even after trying to put it there, it would not go. So I went through the other things i could craft and sure enough every time requiring compound, I could not make. I could make things with Titanium and Copper or anything else but not Compound. This is a pretty annoying glitch as I cannot even make tethers to explore with, and I have put a lot of time into my world so far.
  12. I got half of lithium in my backpack. Couldn't drag him or replace with another thing. When died, It still was in backpack and half, and still couldn't select it.
  13. So i at some point ( i am not sure exactly when or how unfortunately so i cannot re-produce it) got a partial stack of compound into my backpack, it could not be added onto or removed safely. I decided to just move on and avoid it and i would report it later. I went to create a shuttle and it used the partial stack on the shuttle when i auto filled it (clicked on the ingredients on the vehicle bay) and it used the stack which didn't complete the recipe and can't be removed. Additional info: PC Steam keyboard and mouse screenshot: Thanks for all the work you do! Loving the game.
  14. Chris Augustin

    Item stuck in inventory

    So I have a partially filled stack of compound in my inventory, I can't create tethers or other items with it, nor can I drop it. If I add more compound to the top right spot, it can be used and I can create items - so one inventory slot is effectively unusable now.
  15. Grand Galactic Inquisitor


    Windows 10, i7, 16GB ram, 700GB disk Nvidia 980M video card. -Game does not always save my progress, only seems to regularly save when I return to the main capsule. Saving by entering a vehicle is not trustworthy -I'm a hoarder so I built up a great deal of inventory only to have all of my inventory racks, and all of the items I painstakingly mined and placed on those racks disappear. They were not floating, stuck, or in the ground, they were GONE. I lost about 12 full racks worth of stuff. -My Rover, that I had parked for 2 days in a garage I dug out for it, disappeared without a trace along with all of the equipment I created for it after I returned from a long voyage. -Multiplayer mode with my brother and friends is unusable. We can't travel in any vehicles together without them getting lost, or sticking one of us in the ground or the vehicle floating off into the sky like so many others have already reported. -I made a second habitat capsule, that tipped over in a storm with me in it, and was unable to tab out of the capsule (seemingly because it was rolled door facing down towards the ground). Even when I had friends join my game they were unable to bring it right side up via digging or ramming it with various vehicles. -Research station sometimes does not show when it's finished. You have to click it when you think it's done and then it behaves properly. -If you Alt reverse fire the your Extractor gun it can burry you and actually trap you under ground in a state that does not allow you to dig yourself out ultimately suffocating you. Jump blocking dirt can do the very same thing... if you get your legs caught in it... you can be pulled under ground and suffocated. -Logging into a multiplayer mode spawns me under ground on my brother's computer and I have to walk around underground for a few minutes before it allows me to surface. Very cool concept, great game, good Alpha effort, but I'm not spending more time on it until you guys are in beta. :-) God bless
  16. Yolanter


    Pretty much I made this post with the entire idea of "Jetpack" Now that I am actually writing this, I have gotten a few more ideas. The backpack is amazing as it already is and it doesn't need much improving except for an upgrade slot. There would be a machine called an upgrade machine and it would make like speed upgrades for vehicles or jetpack upgrades for the backpack. Of course the jetpack would just use power so it wouldn't be broken. There should be a strength upgrade to the Astroneer that allows him to jump while holding large items like research capsules. The vehicles should also have battery upgrades where you use lithium. (A little bit like the actual battery in game except it doesn't take up any slots). There are so many cool an interesting upgrades things could have. You could add a "Automatic trail" upgrade so when you make rover caravans you aren't constantly annoyed by the fact that it just sits there and you have to get in moving before it works. The shuttle and spaceship should also have some upgrades like an upgrade that increases its fuel capacity or an upgrade that is like a chest on a rocket so you can take stuff with you. Just ideas. Please Consider! So just a recap on upgrade ideas: Astroneer: Jetpack Strength Upgrade Vehicles: Battery Auto-Trail Specifically Rocket: Storage Upgrades If anyone has ideas to add to these lists then please comment down below and I will add them to the list!
  17. Владимир Иванов

    resource inventory full bug

    i take items use TAB
  18. Tethers can be placed but then can't be put back in the player's backpack. A waste of Compound.
  19. Bug: Tethers which are picked up and placed into the player's inventory without having it open are destroyed when there is an item in the first slot. Specs: Astroneer ver Windows 10 x64 via Steam Keyboard and Mouse Additional: Having the inventory open is defined as the state where the player's backpack is enlarged and the player has the ability to place an item into a specific slot. (i.e. pressing q) This bug prevails when a non-full stack of tethers exists in the inventory but is not in the first slot. An item besides tethers must be in the first (top-left, non-shoulder) inventory slot. Reproduction: Launch game Begin new game (tested under orange astroneer) Exit habitat and collect both 1 compound and 1 non-tether item (tested with 1 titanium found in a crashed spaceship) Craft tethers from the compound. Place down all 11 tethers onto the ground. Move the non-tether item into the top-left inventory slot. Close your inventory, pickup a tether from off the ground and place it into your inventory without opening your inventory. The tether which was placed into your inventory is destroyed. Extraneous: First post here, hello all. \(o___o,,)
  20. As the game will grow, so will the inventory. I'm OCD with item management and organization. Here's a few ideas that could help. 1) Lock key items option - Items like the Tank/Battery sometimes hold a permanent spot on my backpack and while managing my items, I tend to pick them up often by mistake. Same goes for items attached to the pads like the Storage, which can be selected while organizing the items it holds. 2) Items only pad - A pad with 8 item slots that you can attach up to 4 locked Storages. They also have a Zoom option, just like the backpack, allowing swifter transactions to and from your personal inventory or tethered vehicle. Also, Auto Sort is definitely necessary (Maybe even allow an upgrade that will auto receive refined items from tethered Smelter) 3) Backpack Upgrades - Two upgrades that I would like to have are a Resourse Proximity Radar with On/Off option, and Rocket Boosters. I asphyxiated a few feet away from my tether because I couldn't jump an inch higher . But seriously, I wanna FLY!!! I'm really loving Astroneer and cannot wait what you guys have in store for us. Thank you for such a dope game.
  21. xxsteven69xx

    Shift clicking

    There should be a shift click that moves items from the ground or other inventories directly to your back pack
  22. The backpack inventory system is pretty fantastic, but it would be easier to transfer to and from the backpack if it was kept to the far left or right. Right now it tends to get in the way.
  23. Rinox

    Inventory bug

    Hello, I was playing normally, but my game crashed suddenly (i reported the crash). When I restarted the game, my inventory was like in the picture But we can "fix it" : you have to replace one by one your items. (sorry if my english is bad, this is not my mother tongue. By the way, this game is already awsome even in alpha ). Rinox.
  24. I think Hydrazine should be changed to Raw Hydrazine and Refined Hydrazine. Put Raw Hydrazine in a refinery and you get Refined Hydrazine, which is much more efficient - represented by either refueling much more per canister, or producing multiple canisters of Refined Hydrazine. The Hydrazine Condenser could still exist to create Artificial Hydrazine, which is worth nothing on the market, take something ridiculous like 3 minutes 45 seconds to produce per tank (60 minutes for 16 tanks), and use up much more power per cycle. On the flip side, it runs continuously until it runs out of space to deposit the fuel. While the 8 backpack, and one crafting slots are adequate, I feel like we could stand to have more upgrade slots. Limit them to non resource items, and make them function with batteries/air tanks. I think 4 (2 more than before) upgrade slots are great, but 6 would be super wonderful as a research. Driving. Please allow for Absolute and Relative driving controls as a toggle in the options. Not all of us like the Halo Warthog / Borderlands Runner controls. It would be great if there were some form toggle for automatic tether laying, either as a toggle button that automatically places tethers as you walk, or one that places tethers at a distance in the direction relative from the nearest one. Make the distance placed 75-80% of maximum, so if you wanted to be super efficient, you place them manually. Thanks in advance!
  25. Asconoid

    Inventory display bug

    Hello, Here is a new little issue : I started the game and my resources in my inventory weren't sticked to the backpack, but there was a gap, just like on the screenshot shown. This wasn't a gameplay issue because I simply had to take the resources out of my inventory and put them in again, so no real trouble, it happened though ! Good luck guys, I'm starting to really love your game, Asconoid