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Found 142 results

  1. Whenever I go into my Habitat I can not get out. Restarting the world does not help.
  2. NJProffitt15

    About habitats...

    Hello. I recently just picked up Astroneer for the first time in a long time; I love the new base-building system, and I was amazed when I saw how cool the new habitat looked. However, when attempting to settle on other planets with the habitat built using the printer, I seem to be stuck with the standard drop-pod sort of habitat. Is it supposed to be like this? Is there any way I can make it bigger? I'm not gonna let it bother me too much, but the bigger one is much more aesthetically pleasing and it's also nice having four connections. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Summary: My Habitat flew into the sky and stucks now in an invisble wall. Description: The Habitat stood on the ground after it was made by the printer. I entered the Habitat and it began to jump around. So I left the habitat and it made a high jump. I entered it again and then it flew about 100m into the sky. I left the Habitat (bad idea) and the Habitat is now hanging in the sky. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad Core Processor 3.20 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForec GTX 1700 RAM: 8 Gb Drive: WesternDigital WD Blue WD30EZRZ 3TB I hope this post will help you to improve the game a bit more
  4. dickyravis

    Broken Habitat

    Found a pretty game breaking bug with the habitat, though the chances of it happening are pretty rare I'd say. Character was walking through dust storm to get back to habitat, and was hit and killed by debris, while also holding the E key to board the Habitat at the same time. Death animation played, character boarded the habitat. New character spawned from drop ship, could view previous character in doorway. Dead character's pack could not be accessed in any way, no highlights appeared around items. Boarded the Habitat with new character, causing dead character's body and pack to disappear. When exiting the Habitat, normal animation plays, then character falls into the floor in the doorway and cannot move from one place. Characters running animation plays as normal, jump animation is cut short. Camera shifts to inside character, can only catch glimpses of outside by playing waving animation, which causes the character to jump slightly. Can still interact with semi-broken materials like Compound and Copper, presumably from dead character's pack. Character can still "enter" and "exit" the Habitat, but cannot get free. I will try with my little sister to see if trying to enter a vehicle from the open doorway will allow character to get free, and if the problem with getting stuck persists. Not sure how helpful screen shots will be, camera is pretty messed up. If it can't be fixed, will just start again. Adore this game too much give up! Keep at it System Era, you guys rock!!
  5. Summary: - Steam - Cannot Leave Habitat Description: When outside of the habitat on PC (mouse and keyboard if that helps) a storm was coming and my character got hit with the "rock" and died but I was able to get into the habitat before the death animation. As I died and the character collapsed his torso fell through the door. Upon returning there was no body displayed but I could not leave the habitat and the camera was stuck inside my new body. It doesn't cause crashing just makes my save unplayable. I also attached my save file in the event that it helps to recreate the issue. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Version 1709 OS Build 16299.125 CPU: i5 - 6500 GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X RAM: 16 GB HyperX Drive: Seagate Hybrid Drive 2TB AUTOSAVE_0_2018.02.28-22.00.50.sav
  6. I had just landed on the Radiated world, ready to set up a new home, and I set my habitat down (not planting it permanently) and entered it. Once I entered the habitat, it essentially tumbled into the air, and then into orbit, and beyond. At one point I hopped out of the habitat and began floating forever. I'm not sure if this is repeatable, since it has over taken my save. Screenshot includes a planet that didn't seem to set right. Mouse/keyboard? Steam Otherwise, love the game and can't wait to see what else is new!
  7. If you build a large shuttle you cannot pilot it if you build two large storage modules on it. You can no longer use the habitat to pilot a shuttle with a full load of stuff on it. So if that cannot be done anymore, can the game put up a warning that if you build the second large storage it will not take off? Remind players that they need a closed seat somewhere on it? Or else they have a very large very pretty storage paperweight that now can't be moved or dismantled.
  8. Baelnes

    Stuck in Habitat

    Basically a storm hit and just as I was about to load into the habitat, the system recorded a death. Once I came back down, I exited the lander and could not retrieve my gear off the body still inside the habitat. The next time I entered the habitat and tried to exit, you see an image of the character falls through the floor as the door opens, then you just see the inside of the character but cannot leave the habitat. Steps taken to try and correct the bug: exited to main menu - fail exited to desktop - fail started a new game, created a new save point - fail So at this point this effort to test out all the current objects is a wash
  9. Moonunit

    Habitat Bug

    if a player is in the habitat and another player tries to use the cables from the habitat, they lock up and wont work till the player inside leaves, then you can connect the cables. (Steam Version)
  10. MrLister420

    Cant get out of Habitat

    I was playing with my friends on a world yesterday and everything worked. Today i wanted to play again, but when i started the game, I couldnt leave the habitat. When i press "E" to leave... Im like INSIDE the Astroneer Model. Im playing the game on steam and yesterday, I dont had this bug. I think Im fallin in the ground and my body of the astroneer is inside the habitat and my legs are stuck in the ground. Pls fix Video: (I had to cut it cause of the size) AstroneerBugReportHabitatVid2.mp4
  11. Hello there, I just went in the habitat when the sand storm arrived and i died inside it. When i try to enter it again it just bugs out. I tried to die again so my body would disapear, but i still bugs up when I'm in the habitat and It's difficult to get out. Anyone had this problem before? any way to solve it, or do I have to make a new habitat ?
  12. So I was playing with a friend recently and while building a base, a storm came. We had recently figured out that both of us can now take shelter in the hab during the storms. However, we noticed that if my friend entered the hab first, it wouldn’t let me in. But if he got out, and I entered first, we could both get in. I was the host when I noticed the bug, my friend had joined my game.
  13. James M

    Deleting a branch

    I have not played since January so most of the updates are new had to figure them out but I forgot you needed like ABSOLUTLY needed a printer and I ended up making everything else forgetting a printer wasted time trying to research another habitat when I needed a printer to make it so me and my friend had to start a new world it was frustrating. So it would make the game better and prevent these if you could somehow make it let us delete machines and branches since we're only allowed 4. Thanks.
  14. Grant Gillespie

    Habitat flying away

    When I try to build a second base on the same planet, the habitat I printed flys away when I try stepping into it.
  15. Hi, I started the game few days ago and I'm very frustated because the habitats don't set spawn points and it's really annoying when you die so far from the last habitat you have created. So my idea is to make this feature. Thank you and sorry for my english, I'm french
  16. Hi there! Right to the first point: a storm was approaching and caught me by surprise. I rushed to the habitat, but just when I clicked TAB, a rock hit and killed me. My character's body was in front of the open door, as if it was inside the habitat but the sequence made it get out. When I respawned, it wasn't there nor anywhere. I am a little sad since I just had built myself my first oxygen tank and of course I lost it. Here's a screencap, in which now I notice the items* in my backpack are missing (except the ones on top). *Items were only some Organics, Tethers and a Tank. Second one: I am not sure it is a bug or just works that way. I dug holes to keep my nuts and materials from flying away. So, making the nuts' hole bigger, I realized it was too deep and added some ground to the bottom, burying one nut by accident. I quickly dug it but it wasn't there anymore. It was in a matter of seconds, but left me confused. Both happened within a couple minutes, on Steam.
  17. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 XB1 - Can't launch shuttle from within a habitat attached to it Description: Formerly you could place a habitat on the shuttle (large or small) and launch from there. Since the latest patch(s), I am unable to access the launch icon. I had to build a 1-seat enclosed to be able to access the launch icon. You can (X) to enter/leave the habitat, but you can't get a pointer (using controller) to click on the icon. However, from within the 1-seat, you can. I don't know if this change is on purpose or accident. I am unsure if it changed in the latest hotfix (referenced in this bug) or in the prior patch. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0
  18. Auron The Unicorn

    My Personal Vision For Astroneer

    I have been thinking about what would be nice to have in this game... Of course, since its still pre-alpha, there are a lot of things, ignoring confirmed/not confirmed that havn't been implemented YET. So, I decided to compile my own view on what Astroneer should be. Commenting on the document is enabled and encouraged!! Check the document for updates, too. THIS WILL CONTAIN FEATURES ALREADY ADDED OR CONFIRMED TO BE ADDED. I AM FULLY AWARE, JUST COVERING BASES. Astroneer Document
  19. Well, this is a funny story. I ws so exited to live my main planet so at some point i crafted an habitat and shuttle. I thought put the habitat on the shuttle right. Dont do that without bringing yourself a lot of compound ... because at some point you'll put your habitat down on exotic "a planet without compounds" and then you'll live there ever after ... I search the entire planet with 3 oxygen pack. I made a tunnel almost through the planet and a path from my base to space " impossible". yes, it is but you wont fly. You'll just block the clouds to keep going ... ? If someone can think of something, I need some help here !! ?? Thanks
  20. So right now I don't really care that much for the available spaceships, they're both the same except for size. What I'm envisioning for a while now, is how cool it would be for there to be an actual rocket type space ship, much like the SpaceX BFR in the game, for interplenetary/interstellar travel. The Habitat Capsule already looks a lot like the (now abandoned) SpaceX Dragon capsule: And how cool would it be for there to be a rocket which carries the dropship on top, like the SpaceX BFR:
  21. When the habitat is not yet deployed to the ground, user cannot go in to the habitat. So, the habitat can be accessed only when it is already deployed to the ground.
  22. Hi, I use keybord with mouse and i'm playing on steam. I want to make an area for energy storage with batteries but i have 2 modules that they don't connect to each other Here a screenshot and I'm very sorry for my bad english (I'm Italian).
  23. Summary: EXPERIMENTAL - Steam - Stuck in habitat Description: I traveled to the Tundra planet, placed a habitat on the ground, but did not "plant" it. I saved and exited the game. Later, I loaded up the game file, pressed tab, and entered the habitat. It is still not planted and now I cannot leave the habitat. When I load the game, I am always stuck inside of the habitat. In the picture you can also see that I can pick up and move items. They do not fall, they just float in the air. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.3.10158.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) CPU: Intel i7 4771 3.5GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 970 4GB
  24. Hello everybody, I'm very sad and somewhat frustrated because I got stuck in a habitat after making a badass space station. [Fig. 1] I was working on expanding the station and fell off. Normaly that wouldn't be a problem but ... as I was falling, I saw a habitat on the ground and decided to enter it to see if I'd survive the fall. Good news: I did. Bad news: I've been stuck in there for the past month. I've tried having a friend join my party and blow me up or dig me out of it but no matter what we do it all fails. I love this game but that bug has mostly ruined the fun for me. I'd love it if you can help me get it fixed. I've attached my savefile so you can take a look at it, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. AUTOSAVE_5_2017.04.18-23.53.45.sav
  25. I'm in a game where another player is hosting. I print a new Habitat and place it on a base platform to store it temporarily. Only I now can't remove it, only the host can. Also happens if I immediately put it onto a Spaceship to transport to another planet. Can't remove it from the ship, but the host can. Once it's not on anything but ground, I can SOMETIMES move it, other times can't. Xbox One, Patch 158.