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Found 400 results

  1. AquaticD3VIL

    Glitches on radiated planet

    I have been on radiated for a bit now. I think there might be too many animated items on planet. The pit mouths, the same storms, and the rotation of the planet (how fast the sun rotates and space) the suction too is very glitchy and hard to get it to where you want it.
  2. AquaticD3VIL

    Glitches on radiated planet

    I have been on radiated for a bit now. I think there might be too many animated items on planet. The pit mouths, the same storms, and the rotation of the planet (how fast the sun rotates and space) the suction too is very glitchy and hard to get it to where you want it.
  3. Summary: of the rover spawned in the ground Description: 2 days ago I made a big trench next to my base to park my 3 rover train into so the storm dos not flip it. Today when I opened the save everything was fine, then I built some Research chambers and I turn around to go to my rover and half of it is in the ground and a minute ago it was fine. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot of it being spawned like that, but I have drawn a picture of how it was. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3 Drive: Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142
  4. Sometimes my tethers will separate into two different stacks. So what I do is place all the down and pick them back up to simply put them all together. But this one time I did it I thought what if I spammed this action really fast? I did this and ended up with far more stacks then what I first had. Thanks for reading.
  5. fadron


    I was playing on my laptop on steam, and I was underground and could not find the way out, and I was almost out of oxygen. then I was digging a tunnel op to the surface, but then I just was flying through the stone or what it is, and then I was on top of the surface.
  6. Found a minor bug but potentially game breaking if not addressed. I don't know if its just me but after I've played a while, (sometimes), when I open the backpack to craft small items and I hover the cursor down to the craft section it overlays a circle around it which spins, kinda like the connectors on the nodes in base. It spins around the bottom part of my backpack and doesn't let me craft. Have to restart to get rid of it. Hope this helps.
  7. Archiel Arrofo

    The Terran and Barren

    Summary: 5.0.0 - Steam - Truck in Terran and Barren float Description: Everytime I'm gone exploring the surroundings, the Trucks is always floating going into the outer space, even the cords are connected. Both in Terran and Barren, all trucks are fully loaded, 1 seat, crane, drill head, large cargo, medium cargo, solar panel etc., 2 to 3 Rovers are connected. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 5.0.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.786 CPU: Intel i3 4160 3.60GHz GPU: Radeon R7 260X 2GB DDR5 RAM: 2x Micron 4GB DDR4 1600Hz | 1x Transcend 4GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010-2EP102 1TB
  8. when starting any save gives a gray screen, with the game something happens and you can move. Start a new game and everything is fine, got into the graphics settings, again grey screen. computer maximum settings, all drivers updated,nothing has changed!
  9. zerotheheroe

    1 seat glitch

    Sorry if it's been reported already - the game still has the bug in it. If you go to a 1-seater and press TAB and click it to move it at the same time, it allows you to virtually fly anywhere you want without taking damage or losing oxygen. Please fix
  10. Summary: [Research Update] - Steam - Research machine stops making sound Description: After venturing into a cave to grab a research and some malachite while my research machine was researching a space-barbecue, when I came out, I noticed that the machine was researching, but making no sound. That's really it. After the research machine lost power and then later started up again, it was making the sound again. Version/Build: Research Update (so, it's got the cool bytes and stuff) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10.0, Build 16299 CPU: Intel i5 7600 3.50GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Advantage 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Seagate Barracuda something-something 4TB HDD
  11. I assume you gave up on fixing this bug right?
  12. [] I had a resin dropped by a platform by accident, and completed the two-resin-for-a-big-platform recipe. The loose resin just kinda disappeared. Edit: I found it! It was mostly overlapped with the platform cord.
  13. Tó/\/\

    Another Vehicle Issue

    Today I had to expierence that if a Rover is turned around You can't get out of the rover so the flip function is with this (maybe its a bug) Completly useless and you have to restart the game Or ask somebody to help you solving this problem but its Hard to do that too ... And the save is from the version 0.4.10223.0 ( the newest) Please fix that ... (PC)
  14. Hey System Era team! Your game Astroneer is amazing; in fact, I've played 15.2 hours in 2 days! Once when I made a small shuttle, I placed it out of the way of the vehicle bay. Then, I made a large shuttle and filled it to the brim with goodies. I launched it into the air, sending the small shuttle flying. Once I came back to the station, however, the small shuttle was still in the air. Luckily I still had my large shuttle, but I'd like to get that other one back. Thanks for your time, and what an awesome game!
  15. Fearkillerjelly

    rover falls through ground

    So I have noticed that randomly there are lots of spots in the ground where the surface has not loaded correctly and you can plumit into the earth. When this happens with your astronaut is seems to force the astronaut back onto the surface BUT with a rover you will be driving along and boom fall through the earth. I took i video of me and my rover having plumitted to the center of the planet and just kept falling up and down in the middle of the planet. Once I exited the vehicle my astronaut (but not my rover, it is still stuck in the center of the planet never to be heard from again) was slowly raised magically from the ground and into a deep cavern that i barely was able to dig out of before I died. Literally died as i got out. Still can't find where my body is lol anyway. Was playing on an Xbox one s with an Xbox one controller. Thisin some fashion or another has happened multple times. Hopefully I will figure out how to get the pictures of my Xbox and upload um onto here.
  16. Is anyone else having an issue where the inhibitor mod won't work when you pick it up after you die with it on your terrain tool?
  17. Idk if this is for all planets and/or everyone but for me when I am on the moon, The tethers do not work what so ever. If I hit "T" they place but are black as if they have no oxygen. If I move them by hand they are blue but supply no oxygen to me. Many time tethers would change between black and blue depending on where and how many tethers were placed off of them. Also the only tethers that did "work" were the first and only ones touching my base. that being said I had to be no more than 1-2 meters from the tether for it to give me oxygen/power. A video showing this bug is below:
  18. LightAseril

    Screen of bug

    Here. This is what i see about the game. Can you resolve it? I can't move the NPC or do anything. Just5 a black screen
  19. So I've been playing this game for about a week or so. Made some good progress and recently established a base on the arid planet. After the recent Xbox update earlier today (June 20), I went to start my game. The game loads fine to the menu, and I go to load my save. The game crashes. Have not been able to successfully load, and have tried 10+ times. I'm able to start a new game no problem from the menu. However after I exit the game (saves just fine) im unable to load the new save. I've tried reinstalling the game, no luck. Hopefully this is fixed, because at the moment I've paid $20 for a game I cannot play.
  20. There're two weird glitches, one won't let me die to those weird "Barnacles", the other lets me see minerals that aren't there. Here's the video:
  21. I was just working on a new base so I leveled out the ground and got everything nice and smooth and then I build a smelter..and got my astroneer stuck in it. In an attempt to jog him free I quit the game to the main menu when I logged back in he was still stuck and the ground around my base has risen up around it. It still looks pretty smooth but it now covers the nodes.. You can just make out my head poking out the smelter in the screen shot and the subsidence is really obvious. Does anyone know a way to kill yourself and respawn at base?
  22. So I updated the game to patch 199 and when I opened the game and got in, there was no sound at all. When I checked the settings I saw the sound effects and music were turned all the way down to 0. But when I turned them up all the way (very meticulously I might add because all though I like the look of the new settings tab, there is no slider for audio and stuff so I had to click individually to turn it up.) there was still no sound. This is probably a bug, so I'm just letting people know about it.
  23. Started up the game, loaded in, and walked away from habitat load in (did not enter/leave habitat) and my deform tool circle would not appear although the animation would occur and the tool would be out. I also could not enter into the habitat afterwards(press X), until I used the selection reticle (left trigger) to select the habitat, which fixed both problems. Took video but too large to upload.
  24. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted has been changed? Does System Era know anything about game design? I can understand a lack of tutorials for pre alpha games but the communication of the games mechanics to the player is nonexistent. There at a minimum should be a visual menu that accompanies the tiers of research and what has and has not been researched in each tier. I have researched countless parts/rocks/plants and still cannot build a small tank or small battery. There was even a time on my current save (7/10/2017) that I could build small batteries and the ability has since been removed. The research system is disgustingly broken. The fact that I can get anything from a single compound to the research behind a habitat from research components is just flat out terrible game design. Spending half an hour excavating and bringing back a research part only for it to yield compound is nothing short of insulting. How come when I scroll through the vehicle bay options sometimes a large rover will show up even though I have not researched it? What can I do to actually get the large rover researched so it will show up in the vehicle bay every time and not just when the game bugs in my favor? Still cannot build a large rover/truck after hours of researching. Co-op How come when I join another host I can only see structures built on Terran? Structures built on literally every other terrestrial object (moons and other planets) can only be seen by the host. The cooperative tag should be removed from this game on the steam store because co-op in this game is disgraceful and simply cannot work if what is being built is invisible to me…how lame Review Maybe this game is a huge mess of physics and making changes is harder than I could ever imagine so not fixing things like the rover handling or seems in the map can be understood but structure visibility is another story. I do not know what could be so complex about making all structures visible for all players across the whole solar system. Is this something as simple as changing a visibility Boolean? What complex unsolvable algorithms could be behind something as simple as making a skin/texture visible to all the players? I know people are working on the game and it looks like System Era is a growing company but this game feels unchanged from its December release? Are the people working on the game too busy to finish it? What a pathetic display for game development industry as a hole. I apologize for my terrible attitude but my friends and I feel like we wasted our money on a half-baked game that will not see completion within any relevant time frame.