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Found 58 results

  1. DA RULES~ must be actual words be civil ill start -------------------------------- once upon a time in
  2. Basic rule: Be civil but original. How to play!: The user above you was banned because he likes pepe. HAVE FUN~
  3. question FR : pouvez-vous mettre une option pour baissé la qualité du jeu pour les joueurs qui on un basse configue car s'est injouable pour les joueurs qui on une une mauvaise carte graphique comme moi . merci de me répondre par mail si vous pouvez faire sa ou non et le dire quand sa sera disponible pour que je rejoue au jeux . Question EN : Can you put an option for lowered the quality of the game for players who have a bass configue because was unplayable for the players who have a bad graphics card like me. Thank you to reply by email if you can make it sound or not and say it when its available for me to replay the games.
  4. itslaek

    Crash multiplayer

    Hello I have bug since I bought the game. Friends invite me to play and arrive in the game my game brings me home without there is a house logo ItsLaek
  5. 1: JET PACK!!! Late game item hard to make uses hydrazine to fuel it, it would help for travel and getting down or up a cliff. 2: Better Base!!! A base that you can go inside and eat, drink and sleep in (more on that in next point) 3: Sleeping!!! Solar panels only work in the day and wind turbines are rubbish so a feature that would let the player sleep away the night would help make crafting more efficient and game play more fun with no need to afk. 4: Sleeping can be used to farm electricity in a bad way so a sleep meter would be good it will SLOWLY decrease as you run around ad build stuff If you do add these feature thanks, but if you don't i will still love the game
  6. Gepatto

    Survival Methods

    I feel that Astroneer is a wonderful way to chart completely unexplored terrains and worlds. Not only because of it's settings but because of the atmosphere and stylistic qualities of the game. For instance, aside from the remotely human form of the Astroneer and the need for Oxygen to survive, there is nothing else indicating that they are fully human, or at least as we are. You could play around with materials giving your Astroneer physical properties (Higher run speed, lower/no reliance on oxygen) or distinct personalized characteristics. Astroneer's terrain offers a tremendous amount of potential in terms of flora you encounter and weather climates, so have that impact how your Astroneer adapts to the environment. There are obvious suggestions in the way of upgrading your Astroneers armor to withstand longer times without oxygen, have greater physical properties, etc. however I feel Astroneer as a game has greater potential for more unique features and takes on the survival/exploration genre. Possibly, by testing more extreme effects of gravity on planets, regrowing flora after tree structures are cut down (as is the seeds on the barren planets). Terrains like quicksand, ice or swamps are also examples of existing settings which could at least influence possible settings for future planet types.
  7. Gepatto

    Material Radar

    I really like the idea of a device you create using rare materials which can locate or at least show the nearest source of a particular material such as resin or compound. A lot of the time throughout playing the game I find myself tracking the same areas looking for simple things like compound. Especially on the moon planets where these materials seem particularly scarce this would be very beneficial. This could attach as a frontal vehicle attachment which could use an arrow to point in the direction of nearby materials and a menu to select which material you are looking for. Just a suggestion but I would love to see and hear what additions or changes you could make to this sort of concept if you haven't made one similar already.
  8. So I logged into Experimental Astroneer for the first time. When I was taken to where I should be able to launch, it did not show me any of my savegames. I checked the Astro\Saved\SaveGames folder, and sure enough, all my save folders are intact. Is anyone else having this problem or am I just doing something wrong?
  9. Hello Astroneers Devs! I'm sure that you have your hands full and a lot of ideas on where to take this game. One thing i've learned from open world games is that many people love them for their sandbox content and within the confinds of the games boundaries, can create anything they dream. However there are some that don't like this because they are goal driven. Why not include a basic list of goals in the game that a player can choose to, follow? Call it a "challenge" mode. I was thinking up what a fun end game idea would be and I would have to say building a satellite station that warps off to earth would be a great climatic end for this game. Of course, no player has to follow this scenario, but I think it would be a fun challenge. My immediate thought of a fun challenge list would be this... 1. There is one part per planet you can visit in the game. 2. Parts found must be sent to the space station via trade platform. 3. Parts suggestion: Habitat cabin, Fuel tanks, solar panels, Food lab, Thrusters. 4. Once all of the parts are found and sent to the space station, the player must then fly to the space station via rocket pod to activate the end game cut scene. Another suggestion is to make the space station a permanent, self sustating, home. 1. Players must build a number of parts to send to the space station. 2. Each part requires a special "Material" located on each planet. 3. Once constructed, a player must place the part on a rocket pod base which automatically sends it to the space station via one way ride. 4. Parts to be constructed are: Habitat Cabin, Food Lab, Science Center, Vehicle Bay, and Power Station. 5. Once all of the parts have been constructed, the player must take a rocket to the space station to activate the end game cutscene. 6. Post cut scene, the player should be allowed to roam about the space station. Each location would contain a "fabrication" bay similar to those you build on each planet. In addition, a NEW planet should be randomly generated in the solar system. This planet should be very difficult to build anything on and require the use of the space station to do so. The goal of the player would be to terraform this NEW planet to create "life". This is the ultimate end goal of the game. Example of how it could look (not my image, artist unknown)
  10. Jiri Kriz

    More tips to improve

    I play this game for two days plus demo one hour, on Xbox ONE. I enjoy the game, however, the game has a few things to say shortcomings. And that: After the death of a character often spawn in texture, texture and flips when you hit the area where it is possible movements and hits the ground and dies, and again spawn. Another thing the game has a very poor performance optimization. Another idea that I had is that the in-game compass. Another thing is that you could give everyone Beacon name. I played the game and I was driving a heavy vehicle to explore the planet, but I lost, then I have five hours looking for a base, but in vain. It would be good to have a map where the charted path already explored. With the counting so that in the later stages of the game will be even more buildings and machinery. It would also fit a device to search for metals and raw materials. I play the game yesterday and always game for some 10-20 minutes freezes, which I consider very important thing to repair. Another idea what I would have is that it would be good to give extended backpack. Furthermore, it would be good if you could create some space for flying module to give generate additional vehicle. Another type is that when playing multiplayer, the game goes to a small number of FPS. Another type, when you create a heavy vehicle, are only two places for storing large found modules, these sites then restrict the movement of the car, for example downhill or uphill, it would be worth thinking create this vehicle so that the storage space in a resealable cargo space in the chassis. Thus even the size of the vehicle or vehicles slightly increased. Another type. Weapon / tool for surface treatment and the exploitation of raw materials is sensitive and when modifying the surface, it often happens that the surface does not need as a tool that removes the surface too quickly.
  11. And if so what is it?
  12. Ultimofear119


    So I went out to find research balls so I can get more stuff with my truck I went far out and house is no longer viable I'm stuck in the middle of no we're please please please add a map so I can find my way home thank you
  13. Exile Child


    So I've noticed that the XBOX ONE Astroneer Game Preview crashes a lot when you have lets say 3 or more vehicles, or just 4 players. The game needs to be updated to where it can handle its own components if possible. The PC game works just fine so far.
  14. [>--TraZoOs--<][CHL]

    I dont have sound

    help me plss I have a headphones USB and i dont have sounds in the SO is w7
  15. Velocity_9

    Help me

    my main world won't open.please help me me my main world won't open when i am on the game menu with my save games i click on my main shows the text of the forum and stuff but it keeps loading won't let me in my saved other worlds work fine but this one doesn't.does someone have a fix for it i really don't wanna start another game i have way too much progress on this here are the 2 files.the 2 files are of the same world can someone please help me??? admin,moderator,owner,,???????? AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.17-22.12.28.sav AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.17-22.12.33.sav
  16. I have been playing with friends for a good couple hours now... But when even playing alone the game runs like crap on the xbox one when you get even a 6 mod base in place... Just stating an opinion But optimization on the one is a must
  17. Hi, We're French students from the university of Blois (programming and design university), we currently have to work and present the level designer job. We create a topic here because it's difficult to contact the team. Then we have a questionnary ready we just wait for a answer of a member of the team of astroneer, thanks.
  18. sparker3d

    Game Breaking Oxygen bug

    My teathers have gone black and only the first one works. please fix fast, i really want to contue playing! (Yes, i'm addictied)
  19. DemonBro9

    first version

    when will the first version of the game come out
  20. Research is currently a pretty simple task: 1. collect "unknown" objects 2. plug into research station 3. hit the button and voila! stuff! The "unknown" objects themselves seem pretty cool at first but I quickly realized that there are just a few versions of them and despite being organic, mechanical or mineral-esque they all do the same thing. The repetition of the simple steps above becomes a little dry, especially after a few play-throughs when you know what's coming. To make the task of researching things a little more engaging and rewarding I had the ideaz of (1) randomizing separate parts of the "unknown's" geometry and of (2) having each unknown/research object unlock a slightly different puzzle or mini-game. A random stack or collection of a few different template geometries (or ideally a whole procedurally generated system for the geometry) could make sure that each unknown looks and feels unique. As for making it interactive: we've seen that finding a specific satellite unlocks a mini-game at your home base and I think it would be fun if each unknown/research object had it's own challenge to solve. This could make it feel like you were conducting the research yourself (could also potentially tie-in with what the result of the research will be, i.e. a spinning puzzle unlocks the drill). Thoughts?
  21. This game is very good!! I hope you have more updates for this incredible game, it would be cool to place enemies and be able to make a base in space: D thanks for the game
  22. Game crashed as I exit a truck I had loaded as much as I possible could: Solar panel on the front 1 single-seat & 3 research...blopbs... on the top 1 resarch blob on the back Drove the truck out from the cave I had dug out and as soon as i exited the truck, the game crashed. I collected some logs and dumps, as well as my save. It's all attached zipped with 7zip in the 7z-format. Also attached is the HWinfo from dxdiag. Sent an e-mail as well, referring to this thread. I tried to repeat what happened but with no success, but when I logged in after the crash the truck was underground... I had to tear up the floor (and what a pain stuff like that is to repair...) to get it out. Good luck. Love the game so far! Merry Christmas! :-) System info: AstroSaved.7z DxDiag.txt
  23. Hello! I bought your game recently and I was very excited to play it. Unfortunatly my game can't make it past the startup screen. If anyone could help me, no crash errors appear and there's only one log (Pretty weird) in the log folder. Here's the log and my specs. DxDiag.txt Astro-backup-2016.12.23-18.09.08 - Copie.log Thank you for your time and consideration. Cheers. -Skyflox
  24. TheGamer290

    to the game devs

    hello game devs my name is Joshua reilly im 16 years old im a male im here from seeing a video of the game it looks so good im in love with it and im just asking can i get a copy of the game pls to review i wood love to help yous by finding bugs and ect and to also make videos of this game this game looks like its going to be the best game this year well in my eyes it will my youtube is thegamer290 i wood love to get this games name out there more for yous and test the gameplay/bugs mybe help fixing them? im just asking for a copy of this game yous dont have to i wood under stend that, but i wood love to help with eneyting for yous. from videos i wood rate this game atm a 10 out of 10 pls reply when yous can i cant wait lol i cant sleep lol by joshua Reilly