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Found 19 results

  1. PTHON⚡

    how fly in Astroneer

    You need connect winch to chair and sit to chair, your friend need move winch. Video:
  2. LordKillZone

    Random flying bug

    Sometimes when I play I get very high in air and die
  3. Scaramanga

    Discovery of Flight

    I couldn't find this suggestion, but a way to move about the planet with a balloon of gas and some propulsion. This may help with some of the dis-satisfaction of losing stuff, dying and then only being able to get back 'close' to it with a shuttle, which isn't always useful. Balloons may have other uses like antennas for radar, reconnaissance, etc.
  4. bigessess


    Rocket wings for personal relocation on the same planet. Say it uses up so many of the backpack slots and requires a fuel Lands you back at the takeoff point and simply allows a few minutes of overhead exploration Perhaps the next level version provides additional fuel slots for longer flights. Or even land them at other habitats on the planet
  5. pionaiki


    Hovercraft - new vehicle They could fly at about 1 astroneer hight. They could be very fast but slide on turns. (drift) They should rather be for exploration or fast journeys between the bases. They should slow down, if too much cargo is onboard They shurely should to be resistant to small and medium holes I think that there could be two versions: -small - two fans (or some sci-fi things) and 4 dots (for example 1 seat and 1 unknown) -medium - four fans and 6 to 8 dots Maybe seats should be builded in for more aerodynamic look (the oryginal seats are massive) If you like the idea, share comments and give more ideas!!!
  6. Xbox one Patch: 197 3 rover train rover -rover-large rover found thruster not made just attached to side of large storage. (no hydrazine on storage) First the game crashed while getting in rover for the millionth time. Then at login when I exited rover it immediately flew away/clipped out. It however left the 3rd rover the only large in the 3 rover train.
  7. Gregory Bass

    Jet pack as a parachute

    It'd be great to make jetpack. It'll work for gidrazin and soften the fall from any altitude. Then the player can jump from anywhere and stay alive.
  8. Sushi VII

    Bug: Seat Launching

    This is a bug that I can recreate anytime. If you place a Seat on the ground it will inflate on the bottom. When you sit on it it will launch in whichever direction off the ground with you in it. When you press X to get out, the Seat launches itself very high or far away in the air and you have to chase after it to get it back. One time the Seat placed on a base platform launched itself and me in it like i was taking off in a ship and i got out and fell from way up in the sky. I havent been able to do this part again, but the one where the Seat launches itself once dismounted happens every time. Dismounting the Seat while attached to the Rover may also be why the Rover jumps up in the air. ***This Seat launching bug may be the issue itself as to why it affects the Rover sometimes from being able to move forward or backwards, and just slide in a small radius*** 20170317_110604_s01.mp4
  9. When you get back to a previously visited point that has items or vehicles laying on the ground, those items will spawn back in as soon as you enter the render distance. This causes you to see for example a truck or researchable material that was standing/laying on the ground pop in on your screen and jump up and fall back down. The annoying thing is that when I got back to my base, I saw my spaceship jumping up on its own because of this. It flew for a couple of seconds to then crash into the ground head first. It was still stationed at my vehicle bay but now I can't do anything with it anymore. This issue can also be annoying when objects are laying still on a slope/ not a flat surface, because after the popping they will roll down and you might lose track of where they are. Reloading game objects in a different way or saving more parameters in memory may solve this issue. I am playing the Steam version.
  10. Hi everyone! Bug: Players can fly on their armchairs without shuttle etc. Precondition: Vehicle with two separate armchairs needed. STR: 1. Both players sit in their armchairs on some vehicle. 2. Player 1 unplug armchair with Player 2. (armchair with player 2 hangs in air) 2.1. If player unplugs themselves armchair he can fly around the planet more comfortable and faster. 3. Player 2 unplug armchair with Player 1. (armchair with player 1 hangs in air too) Result: Both players can fly around the planet and almost in space. astro_fly.mp4
  11. this is the video where it shows the glitch- It's just that Just wanted to alert the community...
  12. Hi dears at first, i'm really sorry for my bad english Here my problem: i start with my shuttle off to a new planet. on my shuttle, i have a seat, a habitat, and a storageplatform with some things. now i land on a new planet and set the habitat. beacause i haven't enough reisin, i would like to go back to my first habitat, to bring more things to my new habitat. but now i have the problem, that i can't start with my shuttle. i have enough fuel and also a seat on the shuttle. i also can see the red button to launch, but when i click on the button nothing happen. why i can't fly off this planet? i really need the habitat to fly away even tought i have a seat on the shuttle? thanks in advance for your help Cheers Swiss-cow
  13. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a vehicle that has the ability to fly. This vehicle could have the name, VTOL ( vertical take-off and landing ). Since it would be nice to have such mobility, it would probably be best to trade it with a challenge. Which is, researching the vehicle (VTOL) from the "unknown" objects that are scattered in Terran or other planets. during the exploration, players will have the ability to store their items in the 4-slots storage that is placed behind the 1-seat. The VTOL is going to require 4 Aluminum(s) to build it in the Vehicle Bay. This vehicle is going to be powered by Hydrazine, a fuel that is used to power the shuttle/spaceship. 3 Hydrazine should fully fill the fuel tank. Now, this is where players would probably find their self stuck. They have many options to use the Hydrazine. The first option is to use it on shuttle/spaceship to explore other planets for resources or they could use the Hydrazine to use it on the VTOL to explore the planet they are in. Hydrazine may be common, but eventually, they will run out. But on the good side, the VTOL would have a very efficient engine, which means it is not needed to constantly refuel. If the VTOL runs out of fuel, it would glide down by its own wing (I did not included in the drawing). The wings that I forgot to draw would be on the sides of the fuel tank. The controls and its speeds are up to the developers. This new vehicle could give players the ability to explore a land with ease. Anyways, why work so hard driving your rover or truck up the mountain, when you can take flight (possible achievement name) Note to developers: If this is possible to be in the game, feel free to change the design. The point of this Vehicle is to give players extreme mobility! Oh and, sorry for the horrific drawing... -Vitamin C
  14. MsGunBunny

    Anti-Gravity rod?

    Sooo.. I had just made my first truck (was super excited!) and went exploring... I found a crashed space ship (I've found several) and started digging around it. I found this rod, and was able to pick it up. No idea what it was... so I decided to put it on my truck and take it back... then something weird happened. My truck sprang into the air and started spinning around. I wasn't able to get it down, and eventually it dissapeared... then I suffocated because well... I was out in the middle of nowhere and couldn't find any oxygen. So was just curious if anyone else found one of these rods. I"m not sure if it was meant to be an anti-gravity thing, or if it was just a glitch. Anyone else find this? lol. It was pretty funny even though I am mourning my first truck.... now to find more ****ing aluminum.
  15. If you're playing co-op, and you put 2 seats on a rover the passenger can take off their own seat and drag it around wherever they want causing them to fly around at super high speeds for as long as you want. But afterwards you cannot get out of your seat, so you have to kill yourself (leave) to get off of it. So DO NOT do this if you're the host of the world. You will not be able to get out of your seat, ever.
  16. Hello there, this is my first bug report here so feel free to ask for additional information. To stick with the rules, first up some basic info: I'm playing on Steam with mouse/keyboard on max. range view. Now, what is my concern? After my first successful moon flight I came back home for some resin. My homebase is usually surrounded by plenty of vehicles. What I saw, when I landed was rather amusing. All vehicles were ether gone or glitching half way through the ground, meaning that the two front wheels were underground and the whole truck was jumping around half way in the floor. Only two vehicles of around six were left in that state. I am assuming the rest is glitching around underground somewhere. I had the same problem when filling in some land around me and i accidentally filled the spot directly under me. My feet sank into the ground and I found me flying/glitching around two meters underground. I solved the problem by taking the fill/extracting tool and found a small hole in the ground. By staying near it I was able to dig myself back up and out. Same method worked on one of the two remaining trucks. by first digging deep near the truck I then dug free the lower two wheels. It popped right out. The second truck is to close to a basepart, to be dug out. Hope, you are aware of this bug or now after knowing it will soon find a way to fix it! Great game, keep it up!! HornyToe
  17. Hi! I found a bug through wich you can "fly" through the soil and go to many caves without even moving from place (i don't know it you could eventually get to the other side of the planet if the game is programmed like that). It happens when you get "buried" under the soil and the game doesn't know how to react and you end up trespassing the soil. 1. Mouse/Keyboard 2. Playing on Steam, Win10x64 = Game ver.: Pre-Alpha.v0.2.108.0 3. I was modelling the floor 4. Steps to reproduce: Dig a hole and dig a little more horizontally to get a mini-cave with soil over it "Close" the cave with you inside Use the terraforming tool (E) to elevate the terrain (ALT) with you inside the cave Fly through the soil Collision_Bug_-_Moving_Through_soil.mp4
  18. Sorry, the game is in dutch. I can't get it to be english As I was driving my Truck with a large storage component every slot for the large storage has a small storage there is 1 generator in the small storage. it has a 1 seater a researchable token I was just driving when the truck started flying and acting like a deflating balloon. It started after I added the research box to the front. I own and play via Steam, play with keyboard and mouse. 2016-12-17-1338-08.flv
  19. therussiangui101

    New worlds

    Will there be water planets(completely covered with water and a bit of land)? It would be interesting to explore the depths of the unknown. Those submarines, I think, a terrific idea!