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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to introduce you to my idea.... (I doodled it in school) The Saber,"(this name is a joke, so call it whatever) Its a bike designed for cave crawling.. Now let me explain.... I found myself annoyed every second I had to take trying to make roads for the rovers, its an absolute waist of time and no fun," because you can't move well and its just faster to walk at that point... However as you can tell I love exploration and that's exactly what this vehicle would prompt... Seeing as it doesn't need to have a road paved (still needs some digging help) and its fast.... Very fast.... Now let's expand this picture and show you exactly what I had in mind for this.... 1. This bike takes 2 titanium and one compound.... Mainly because of what I will explain next, and because this is a personal vehicle with speed around 2x The rovers speeds... 2.this bike as shown in the concept art has 2 placement slots for two items..... Canisters, but full of what?.... Canisters filled with fuel, why?... Because this vehicle can use that fuel as a boost, or overdrive, Causing the exhaust (also shown in concept art) to light a flame and gives the Saber," a large boost of speed for 2 seconds per container.... This is what I have in mind for this bike as far as it being a motorcycle... 3. As I have stated this is a cave diving vehicle, but its uses are not limited there, for I have boasted its speed, well that speed is used for quick transportation to and from point A to B.....faster than the rovers and easier to use, but it comes with its faults... Because its not perfect.... 4.this vehicle has a fairly large battery, but can not provide oxygen.... In exchange for the large battery....Thus as shown in the concept art there is a little platform, or bike rack so to say, that when needed you could store your Saber on a rover and let it recharge, Although it does have cables on either left or right side of the bike... 5. As you can see I drew up 3 different front bumpers and one back bumpers... These were just ideas I had that I had thought may fit, but of course if you use this vehicle idea it is for you to name and for you to fully model.... I thought that this would be a very practical idea, and would be handy in game... This is just a transport vehicle... And to be honest I drew all of this either half asleep or in school.... So, my doodles are all yours....
  2. The EMSB, or electro magnetic support not.... "For the most part I was just thinking in line of things we as humans could possibly make in the near 2030.... Now what this is, is a Small robot, that uses a magnet of sorts to float, as well as move around... This Originally came from my idea that you guys should release some sort of guide to the game, Well that's just what this guy is and more.... Not only does EMSB (little buddy for naming reasons) have the ability to be a Glossary in the future, but .... I had the idea that he could be something more like a helper, picking up objects and bringing them to you, scouting areas, warning you of danger, telling you your oxygen percentage, waving to you from far away(shown in concept art).... But general stuff you could have him do as an assistant to your journeys on new planets..... Now to explain both concepts, the disk was my first idea but then the thought hit me that its looked less like it was in a space game but more like it was from starwars it's self.... The sphere looked alien, that's all I have to say about it......
  3. A thread of all your ASTRONEER creations! Fan art,drawings,doodles, beautiful screenshots,edits and all around just creative things you made for the love of the game! i think it will be fun to see what people share and come up with. i'll start it off with a little something i made earlier today. i sure hope this is the right place to put this? if not, please let me know.