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Found 31 results

  1. Just some videos of me falling through the planet, mainly after the most recent update. I use to think it was just terrain that I had shaped using the flattening tool, but now i'm thinking it's all terrain I shape. There's also a video of me riding in my truck only to have it flip over and drive me through the ground, on terrain that I don't think I shaped. That video happened before the update, but since the update, falling through has become a lot more frequent.
  2. The damage related to the falling physics is too sensitive and happens too frequently. If my horizontal motion is 10 mph or even less and I "fall" 2 feet, it causes damage to the player. It doesn't feel like how a low gravity environment would feel if I was bounding from spot to spot. It makes the game less fun. I'm not saying to somehow nullify a momentum penalty. I understand low gravity can be dangerous in the real world, but the current system just doesn't feel quite right. In low gravity, horizontal motion can cause injury as your sort of "dragged" across and down obstacles. If you want players to be penalized for horizontal motion, how about allowing them to fall and tumble if they carry too much momentum. Then reduce the gravity damage multiplier as well so you don't hurt yourself falling one foot as you're going as little as 10 mph horizontally. Sliding bug - when sliding down a surface, the player gets stuck in this sliding animation and it just stays that way until you press jump. Looks odd. Overall, movements needs to be more intuitive.
  3. On a second voyage to the planet, I landed at a bluey area with a black path, with my pod slap in the centre of the black. After a few moments of collecting materials, I fell. Like Fell Fell. Like really far into a cave and died. Then I respawned. And did it again... Besides that I love it but yeah...
  4. I have been falling inside of the planet after trying to use the vacuum tool to build directly beneath my feet. First off i reccomend just not building directly beneath yourself. this helps prevent yourself from falling into the planet. If however you do get stuck under the planets crust. I normally can get out by button mashing the jump button but yoy want to react fast because you will drift away from where you fell in. and if you were like me the first time this happened you suffucated to death cause you were just to far from any structure to live.
  5. Astroneer

    Ground Bug

    I have found a bug, and I don't know if anyone else has seen this one. I didn't see it in a quick scan of the forums. When I was replacing ground, I fell through the world all the way down into the underground caves. I died, and couldn't get out.
  6. Playing Xbox one, I chose another spot on the first planet of the game, I have a habitat and two pieces of resin attached to the habitat. When I jumped off I fell through the ground and eventually ended up in a cave. Also once you lift off from somewhere any materials that arent stuck to a slot on something are gone.!Avpe6d7lU5KrvkX1yJXfe9Ev1dWp