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Found 3 results

  1. I mad another mad dash to scan all the probes.(got lost on Glacio for awhile ) But I finally did em all! It was a pretty cool quest, but I still don't wanna go to Atrox again. Neat suit too! Update: IT DABS WHEN YOU JUMP FOR JOY! WHAT ON EARTH DEVS!?!?!?!
  2. Basically, game need to provide player a reason to actually leave your first planet and land on another one, except just for checking them out for the first time. Currently, you have no reason to leave terran start planet - it has all resources (well, maybe except titanium and lithium in natural form, however I had so much of them from wrecks and researchables, that I didn't feel any need in them), and other planets basically have less, especially compound and resin. Researchables (what's the common name for them among Astroneer community, btw? Artefacts?) are providing same resources and blueprints, actually I researched all the blueprints pretty fast on my first planet in both starts. So they need tiers. Surely you have your own ideas about new particular content like blueprints or resources, but idea is to implement a straight rules for them: - "Fruit" organic researchables - lowest tier, because can be found on trees, basically can provide simple resources or blueprints which logically can came out of researching alien fruit - like filters or something organic-related, like solar oxygen farm perhaps; - Spikey organic researchables - second tier, a little bit more harder to get since you must usually excavate them from poisonous fungus, can give better resources like alumium or copper ore and better organic-related blueprints, like anti-poison filters; - Crystalic researchables - third tier, kinda look similar to "alien fruit" thingy, but I believe it's model is actually different? Anyway, can be found in deserts submerged into some kind of rock monuments, can give good metals and good blueprints for new large and small modules; - Stone cube researchables - fourth tier, usually can be found half-buried in sands, feels like artefacts from ancient alien civilization, so maybe good blueprints will fit it; - Cargo containers or some kind of modules from wreckages - highest tier, since it's basically human's stuff, that contain best reward such as vehicle blueprints and other top stuff. Idea here is simple - don't expect to get more than super basic blueprints and few compound/resin stacks from organic blueprints, if you'll find module near wreckage - then it's your main treasure, providing you best blueprints. I also feel that you should find a solution for the moment when you research all blueprints, since researchables can't suggest you anything good at this moment. Other than that, I feel that planets themselves should be tiered properly to create player's interest in exploring them all one by one, for that they can have passive environmental hazard like high or low temperature and player will need to upgrade his suit first, before he'll be able to go there. Yeah, basically as in Starbound. Obviously, if you can't visit planet without upgrades, that should mean that it holds much better loot/secrets to find. For example, lethal radiation levels on, ehm, radiated planet, obviouslt, which you can't visit until you'll get some sort of radiation protection. Passive temperature danger for tundra and arid planets as well. No doubts you're full of ideas how to fill other types of content, but overall, tiering should be given high priority, since it'll make players spend much more time in game, that is obviously good for ratings and sales
  3. Khazek

    Endgame idea

    Hi, first, my English is not the best, just a warning. A thing i miss with this kind of game is an endgame. I thought about it for a minute and came up with a goal i would like to have and be able to complete. this would be to return to Earth! could look something like this; So you are stranded in an unknown solarsystem in an unknown part of the univere and wants to go home, but how? 1. The first step-goal would be to leave the planet and maby send up a satelite to scout for rare minerals on your starting planet / research about Cosmic radiation / make a starmap etc. . 1.2 Building a monster rocket to escape gravity and lift your spacecraft to explore your solarsystem, or build a moonbase to ease the lift-of of your spacecraft, or build an orbiting space station and build it in space. To have multiple ways to complete the goal is nice. somewhere here a big scale automated mining / producing base would be requied ( I love factorio =) ) 1.5 Find debries from your old ship and figure out where the nearest outpost is 1.7 Go around in the solar-system to collect rare minerals that you need for your Deep-space station. Doing it with thousands of drones collecting on planets or a big ass mining station that eats asteroids. 1.9 Colect energy from the sun, from planets cores, Fision power or fusion Power. all would have their different pros and cons. 2. Leave the solar system heading for an outpost. different ways to leave: - With a big self-substaining station that can make it to the next solar system (Focus on building it big). - With an unmaned drone ship carrying a teleporter, requires a shitload of energy (Focus on science) etc. etc. Contact me if you would like discuss more ideas, can give you a ton more Best regards Khazek